OK. Don't ask. Just order this if its on the menu. At 35 it's helluva steal cos its one of the best I've ever had and comes close to the one at Osteria Art. So my non foodie husband solemnly remarks that he should have had a plate to himself and that should be testament to this dish because all he's known to say is, yep it's good or its okay.

This dish is pretty much guaranteed to induce a food coma but is worth every bite. The thick braising sauce coats each strand of noodle and the crispy shark meat nuggets are fried to perfection. This allows for some textural excitement so you don't get bored too quick. It's good and has been for many years. Still a gold old favourite in Tiong Bahru Market.

This dish is my must have when here. Its like tempura sinfulness with the soft texture of eggplant in one perfect combination. The honey for dipping is the perfect contrast to round off this perfect trip. Try it. You won't regret, unless you hate eggplant.

So good! Crispy exterior with a gorgeously juicy interior. Still a favourite comfort food!

If your idea of shiok is some buttery melt in your mouth foie gras torched over sushi rice and coating it, this little bomb at $6 is worth every penny. It's like heaven in your mouth.

This is the best chawanmushi I've ever had. The buttery ankimo elevates the silky smooth chawanmushi with a savoury umami that delights. I would come back just for this...

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Foie gras, duck breast combine in a medallion that is tender, juicy and sinfully good. Balanced out by heirloom carrots and Brussel sprouts, its the perfect comforting lunch this celebratory season. Only till 3rd Jan. 55 for main course, tea, dessert and a mocktail.

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Dill & Lemon Pasta. Damn that sounds good. And it tastes darn good too. Done Al dente, the sour tang of the lemon cuts through the dough nicely ensuring it doesn't become too much too quickly. The beef ragu is the perfect complement which I topped with a runny egg and caramelised cherry tomatoes. Pastas here are made fresh and it clearly shows the heart that's gone into till it feels like I've gone back to Italy. Its comfort, robust, tangy and textured all rolled into one power packed plate. First time at this joint but it for sure won't be my last. Pasta selections rotate every 5 days so we learnt.

All meatballs should be slathered with this much cheese to be good. OK that aside, the meat was incredibly tender and each bite was juicy with bursting flavour. I don't know what's in them but man these are some magic balls. At under 10 a bowl, no reason not to try. So good lah!

Yet another of these healthy raw bowls to add to the list. At $35, this one comes with a nice chunk of uni and today was topped with alaskan crab for a bonus. The niigata rice perfectly balances everything out and I absolutely will be back for another

I love anything and everything eggplant. Cheese, eggplant and breadcrumbs, this combination sounds like a winner and taste wise it is but unfortunately the skin left on the top layer makes it rough to chew and ruins the experience. Loved the bottom most layer though and for an under $10 I can't really complain.

To the regulars at this little cosy joint, there's something which blows your mind even more than the pasta does. It's extra ordinary how toasted bruchetta loaded with uni and scampi could send me to foodie heaven. But it sure does every single time. Pretty sure this one is hidden from the menu. But be sure to request it the next time. It costs a pretty penny at about 20plus a pop but is well worth it indulgence is what you're looking for!

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