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Despite the stoppage of operations for several essential services, that did not stop brands such as Milksha from innovating their business model. In partnership with Yum Cha, you can now order Milksha’s handcrafted beverages together with Yum Cha’s Express’ dim sum items via Yum Cha’s delivery website. Now, you can have your piping hot dim sum while sipping on a well-beloved beverage at the comfort of your own home. Available for island-wide delivery, some of the drinks available include their signature Fresh Taro Milk, Brown Sugar Milk with Honey Pearls, Earl Grey Latte and Refreshing Orange Green Tea. The pure joy of being able to chomp down on those Salted Egg Custard Bao and Fish Roe Siew Mai while slurping on the crowd favourite Earl Grey Latte might have just lifted our spirits in this gloomy circuit breaker. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to to order up some dim sum and bubble tea. •••••••••••••••••••• 📍Yum Cha Express x Milksha
Dim Sum Dinner 😋 Have been craving dim sum for a while now and finally got to have it after work! (Have been working from home the past week so good to be back in office for a bit and eat the good food in town xD) We ordered about 8 dishes (only 6 are featured here).. Highly recommended items: - Coriander prawn dumplings ($4.00++) : these are filled with prawn AND meat! The fillings are super plump and juicy. Must-order! - Meat dumplings in spicy oil ($6.00++) : the sauce is the bomb... The black vinegar + chilli oil coats the silky dumpling extremely well and it just glides down your throat. Mmm 😋 - Crispy Red Bean w Banana ($4.00++) : This is really well made and both ingredients compliments each other well. I think the fact that Yum Cha fry this upon order (it still taste fresh) makes this dish from good to awesome Still okayish items: - Xiao Long Bao ($4.80++) : decent xlb, better than DTF one imo because they used rice wine which give it a bit of a sweeter taste but still pale in comparison to the one at 大上海 - Scallop Pea-Shoot Dumpling ($4.80++): the filling is nice but the skin doesn't really have much taste. The texture of the skin is also a bit off (too gummy/sticky for my liking) - Paper Chicken Wings ($5.00++) : although it's in the fried section, the wings were not fried fried so the skin still remain soft. I found it okay but it seems the bf likes it Give it a miss: - Sesame BBQ Pork Pastry ($4.50++) : this was the first to come and it is cold and hard. The pastry taste very flat (not fragrant) and the BBQ pork is also not sweet/savory enough. - Abalone Siew Mai ($5.80++) : we tried to be bougie and ordered this but the abalone is too fishy 🐟 would recommend to save the few $ and go for their normal Siew Mai instead (it's good! Just that the abalone did nothing for this dish) There is a promotion for 30% dim sum items after 6pm on weekdays so do give this place a try! :)
Baked Mini Egg Tart $3.20 This fares better compared to pamelo Sago with mango. Crunchy pastry with nice eggy center. 😋 💡Tips: go for their weekday dim sum buffet ($26.80 Per px).
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One of the Better, More Affordable Ramen Out There! Priced at $10.90, this bowl of shoyu ramen came with 2 slices of pork cheek and half of an onsen egg. Simply delicious - I was polishing off this entire bowl. Bamboo shoots didn’t have to usual chemical scent to it unlike most stores, and they added raw onion as garnishing which gave the dish a depth. Swapped my noodles out from thick wavy ones, to thin and straight ones. Noodles were springy. Pork cheek was well marinated and tender, with a slight charring on its surface. Not bad. Service staff were attentive and friendly. It’s no wonder this place has a never ending queue during peak period!
a good bowl of ramen $10.90 for a bowl of Spicy Tonkotsu w/ Tamago. The egg texture and the softness of the Cha Shu just melts in your mouth. SO Ramen is alSO very genrous with the amount of meat.
Grand Tonkotsu Ramen ($13.90++) What is jealousy? Some might simply say that it is an emotion. Others might think it is an uncontrollable philosophy. When one perceives a feeling or a thought that appears to threaten the very fabric of their reality, often times jealousy would come to precede agitation. And that ladies and gentlemen, is how I feel towards my second favourite ramen restaurant only being available in the East and North while my waking desire for a warm bowl of ramen brews with envy for days on end. Sō Ramen prides itself on its affordable bowls of hot piping ramen served with simplicity in mind. Walking in to the restaurant alone presents you with an air of refinement and aptitude while still maintaining a depth of homeliness. From watching the chefs tirelessly cooking up a pot of broth that will then go on to serve hundreds of customers a day, one could truly experience their ramen first-hand from the very beginning. Their Grand Tonkotsu Ramen ($13.90++) is truly a remarkable bowl of ramen, hailing from a pristine silver place in my heart. The tonkotsu broth fused beautifully with their aromatic black garlic sauce, achieving a refined and effervescent soup that is both flavourful and light all at once. What’s even more incredible has to be the generous trifecta of luscious melt in your mouth various pork cuts. The holy trinity features a sublime Toroniku (braised pork cheek), Cha Shu (braised pork belly in cha shu) and my personal favourite, a thick and hearty slab of Buta Kakuni (braised pork belly in special sauce). Don’t even think about leaving the establishment without trying their Mustard Chicken ($3.80), a serving of golden-brown fried chicken drizzled with a playfully tangy vinaigrette and mustard seeds for a mild acidity that helps to cut through any greasy goodness from the chicken.
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Lunch Set Throwback Lunch Set at @therefinerysg Served with appetizer, miso soup and drink Mentaiko Pasta (S$18++) Evenly coated pasta. Only the scallops was kind of over cooked. Topup S$7.50++ for Ice Coffee Ball The Refinery Address 🏡 : 115 King George’s Avenue, # 01-02 Singapore 🇸🇬 208 561 Tel ☎️ : 6293 1204 Website 🌐 :
Not worth the price! 🥴 Was honestly looking forward to trying this place but was utterly disappointed by their most famous dish the ‘Epic’ Beef Gyudon ($25++) it lacked flavour in the entire dish and its only saving grace was the foie gras. when we spoke to the waiter to ask if there was anything that could be done, he came back saying that “it is supposed to taste like that” and proceeded with a tub of truffle oil (LITERALLY THE OIL) on the side with a sauce that was meant for another dish. i was utterly disappointed not just with the quality of food i was paying at a steep price but also with the professionalism and customer service they provided!!! The Nanban ($9) was very average, the batter was heavy and thus it didn’t leave the fried chicken with a crisp airy feel. overall would rate it a 6.5/10. i was rather interested to try their other dishes such as the tempura kangkong and chicken bones. The best dish of the day was the Salmon Belly don ($18) which was on the seasonal menu. the salmon portions were huge and due to the cut of the salmon being the belly, it was extremely tender and flavourful. the flavours used were extremely well balanced & i was extremely satisfied with the dish. overall experience: service: 3/10 ambience: 7/10 quality of food: 6.5/10 would i go back? NOPE. especially because the only good dish is on a seasonal menu which will be gone soon.
✨The Refinery 🇸🇬✨⁣ ⁣ How about some Wagyu Tartare ($15) and a bowl of grilled salmon don ($12) for you? 😍⁣ ⁣ I was pleasantly surprised with the wagyu tartare as they added satay sauce to the tartare. Interesting choice of sauce and it elevated the flavor of the beef. 😌😌 However, my lunch buddy didn’t like the satay sauce so it really depends on your taste preferences. 🤪🤪⁣ ⁣ As for the grilled salmon don, no complaints about the grilled salmon and rice but would prefer more sauce/seasoning on the rice. ☺️☺️ ⁣ ⁣ 🍽 is at 115 King George's Ave, 02, 208561⁣ ⁣ 🕰 Mon-Thurs 12-3pm / 6-11pm ⁣ 🕰 Fri 12-3pm / 6-1am ⁣ 🕰 Sat 11-4pm / 6-1am ⁣ 🕰 Sun 11-4pm ⁣ ⁣ Overall Rating: 3.5/5⁣ Things that I loved: The ambience & pocket friendly prices. 😌🤩⁣ ⁣ #burpple ⁣
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Neighbourhood Gem Was looking for a place to chill after a hike at macritchie with my friend and chanced upon this place! Turns out to be such a great choice because we were also looking for a spacious/quiet place with free wifi so we could do some trip planning 😛 And this place fits all our criteria! A lovely, cozy neighbourhood cafe. The service was very friendly too. Food was pretty delicious though nothing too spectacular. Tried the ondeh-ondeh latte which was so pretty and delish! Love the wooden cups and delicate mini spoons (I have a thing for cutlery hahaha)✨ Wouldn’t mind coming back here to hang out / for a cuppa if I’m around the area.
Nook And Cranny •🍵Matcha Fans Rejoice🍵• . . Revisited Nook and Cranny🏡, which is nestled along the corridors of Thomson V one! This time, they introduced two [New Drinks] namely Hojicha and Genmaicha Latte at only [$6.50/Cup]. Providing more alternatives to Matcha lovers! Experience a more distinctive taste while sipping your Genmaicha / Hojicha! Also, If you're in for some Wholesome Cafe food, You should give their Mains / Brunch items a try too🍽! . . Cozy atmosphere and Free Wifi adds on as a bonus especially if you're short of Data and Feelin' lazy on a Sunday! . . Nice warmth hospitality and conversation earlier on with the team behind @nookandcrannycafe ! Would definitely be back for more coffee again! . . Alright, Matcha / Genmaicha / Hojicha fans, Tag your like-minded friends below!👫
Portobello Beef Burger ($18.90) As a new entrant to the already competitive Thomson café scene, I’d say they have much to work on. This was a painfully mediocre dish. Slightly dry patty, cheap Kraft cheese, and a perplexing side of Lays (straight out turn-off). Whoever said potato crisps were tolerable substitutes for fries in a “burger and chips”?! That’s literalism of a criminal degree. Saving graces: sunny side up, black pepper seared portobello. But they’re just not enough!!! I’m struggling to find justifications for the frankly extortionate price. 🏅 3/10 💭 Just forget it
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72% Venezuela Hot Chocolate $8.5. Ok might not have gotten this without the 1 for 1 because it’s above my budget but glad I got to try this! They let you choose which % / origin you want. This 72% one was about just nice for me - not too sweet or bitter. The seats aren’t the most comfortable but they kind souls let us sit there and do our work :”)
chocolate Tasting Platter (1 For 1) Different chocolate Ice creams ($14) And Brownie and coffee ($14) For the price of $14, the brownie is slightly too small, however the coffee is decent. The ice cream is quite interesting, considering there are 3 different flavours of 70% of varying types of chocolate. For non chocolate lovers I wouldn’t think you would be able to tell the difference though. Overall would say it’s decent but not the best/ most impressive but worth the try! Presentation could be improved
Single Origin Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Platter With the Single Origin Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Platter ($14), I was presented three different 70% Single Origin Dark Chocolates to sample - CUBA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC and COSTA RICA. The former with notes of red berries and wood, my favourite was the one from Dominican Republic with refreshing floral spiced profile and lastly from Costa Rica came a pleasant combination of roasted nuts and coffee. A tad of an overdose, the creamy scoops were surprisingly distinct in flavour with mostly bitter undertones that chocolate lovers will surely enjoy.
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