An umami bomb - the salted-egg sauce bursts forth with salt, spice and cream, rich oils that melt into an aromatic mess in your mouth. Layer that with the crustacean complexity of two crab flavours and textures. Perfect for sharing - a little too rich for just one person unless you are absolutely starved for the day.

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Coconut-lemak chili padi laced sauce, goes fusion with Italian earthy mushrooms, arugula and cherry tomatoes. Topped with a generous full breast of smoked duck with sweet unagi sauce. The robust flavours of Malay cooking - the sweet, the salty, the spiced and the hot/spicy has all come to the fore in this dish. A crowd pleaser.

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Creamy cheesy buttery lemony sauce drowning some ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach, and a badass 350gm piece of seared salmon, with a tribute of rocket leaves to make it almost seem healthy. The lemon cuts through to lighten the going, but you must really love cream and cheese to order this - and you might then find yourself in your food heaven.

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Portion was huge!!! Easily meant for two with an estimated 400-500gm of meat. The Rendang was extremely lemak, not overly pedas. The kuar was aromatic, with a blend of herb and roasted spices that was umami to the Max. The meat itself, while tender, was too coarse, and unfortunately, could do with a lot more marination and preparation rather than to solely depend on the kuar. Roti Jala, or Roti Kirai, had the right texture, but any hint of coconut fragrance was completely overshadowed by the kuar. Came with a side salad and two quail eggs with sambal. With all the dense jelatness, it really needed a citrus or higher note to balance it out - a salad with citrus dressing or achar would have done the job.

For durian fans! I would have prefer some bitter sweetness (why doesn’t someone use durian with mandarin rinds). This is a sweetness of 9/10 on the sugar Richter scale. Pengat is creamy and further drizzled with gula Melaka. The cream is fragrant with durian, and layers of soft sponge are further laced with Durian Pengat and durian cream. The ice cream again is forgettable. It’s better to forego the ice cream.

But someone give a shoutout to the wonderful service staff at the Council!!

The red velvet is probably the healthiest part of the cake. Moist sweet sponge, with nutty speculoos ganache and sinfully sweet cream cheese. Makes the vanilla ice cream feel like a walk in the park. The ice cream was a cheap frothy brand that was almost like walls - quite a let down. Good textural mix but only for those with a sweet tooth!

Wonderful birthday cake from the Fabulous Juwanda of the Fabulous Baker Boy. The generous fresh berries were a delightful surprise. The mixture comforting Cashew and coconut oils, slightly tart berries and (peanut?), and the textural Almond and Date Crust was an absolute winner. Needs to be served very chilled to feel the nut oils melting in your mouth. A customized cake from a very talented baker.

Four cakes in one. The base, a butter layer with slight caramel notes, the second? The most intense with maple and caramel. The third starts to get a little milk chocolatey. The final top layer is the cocoa-laden prelude to the dark chocolate Valhorna buttercream. Separated by layers of hazelnut and almond praline crunch. Fabulous Ju the baker boy is definitely one of Singapore’s best cakery.

Good fusion mix of sashimi grade scallop, flying fish roe / tobiko, caviar and strong Bonito taste from the furikake and Dashi. Pasta is al dente but I was really looking for something more intriguing.

I dare you to call me out on a better burger. I love my burgers with textures and bite. Sandwiched between buttered and toasted brioche sesame bun are
1. A morale boosting fried egg
2. A thick and juicy ~200-250g beef patty, coarse mince
3. coated in a robust raclette with nutty and bitter depth of taste,
4. Girded with pickled vinegary beetroot
5. Thinly sliced gherkins
6. Crunchy Zoodles
7. Two grilled pineapple slices
8. Onion Jam hidden somewhere under the zoodles

Usually comes with wedges and coleslaw but there’s way more than enough carbs in there! I usually opt only for the vinegary freshly-made coleslaw as it clears the palate for extended enjoyment of the burger.

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The best brownie around town with a texture of a fudgy flourless dark chocolate cake. Boldly 1.5 inches thick, perfectly crusted, with a thin layer of molten sauce in the middle. Further drizzled with dark chocolate sauce and a sprinkling of nuts (crushed Sunflower, pepita, peanuts, cashew, dried goji) . It’s sweet but it’s desserts. Only dressed up with condiments at dinner, plain at other times. Nicely warmed up for all the feels. Add $3 for 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream. I prefer mine seriously chocolate. Beats many $10 choc cakes hands down.

Two huge skewers of tandoori chicken east, quinoa, mesclun, freshly chopped tomatoes, raita and yoghurt dressing. The breast is very dry, typical of tandoori meats. Generous portions for this crowd favorite. Time for a protein pump up!