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Whether you are team hor fun or chicken rice, count on this no-frills restaurant to do both justice. Pro tip: The sweet-savoury prawn soup is refillable here, so slurp away!
Photo by Burppler Venus Lee

For a healthy lunch in Avenue K, search the Concourse for La Juiceria’s new outpost. Admittedly, I like my healthy food not so healthy. Enter the Bangkok Salad (RM17.90). Featuring a delicious Thai red curry dressing with grilled chicken thigh and a bed of greens, this is the meal to order! I for one, wiped the plate clean feeling a little less guilty than I would elsewhere. Also found the addition of broccoli a crunchy pleasure!

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They were out of Fish Balls by the time I got there!

In the bowl: Pork Balls and Fu Chuk (Bean Curd Skin).

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Weekends at KL city's foremost Hainanese kopitiam come with a clause: a 30-minute wait, minimum. But what fuels the unceasing crowds is the promise of Yut Kee's weekends-only Roast Pork (RM19.90). The elusive dish yields a yummy, crackling roast pork with apple sauce, alongside potatoes and vegetables. Since you've already made the trawl, make the most out of your experience. Order also the Roti Babi (RM9), a wonderfully greasy deep-fried bread with pork and onion filling. For a lighter breakfast, the Kaya Butter Toast (RM3) stars a fantastic homemade kaya that is, to our delight, also available in a take-home jar at RM4.80. End your meal with a classic local cake — either the soft, fluffy Kaya Roll (RM1) or the buttery Marble Cake (RM1).
Avg price per person: RM15

It is located at the Row KL and might slightly take time to discover the spot since the cafe is at level 1 and there is no huge signboard. To be accurate, the cafe is above Wheel_Love Skate Shop and the main entrance is just beside of it. The place is less crowded and their background music is awesome and relaxing. However, they didn't provide any wifi connection or plugs in the cafe. Food in frame: Creamy Chicken Pasta (RM29) serve with a bowl of salad. No doubt that the portion of the pasta and salad are very generous and tasty. Due to my own preference, the pasta is delicious and not too creamy, just the chicken meat is kinda less tender. Overall is okay. They also serve some pastries and quiches. For the beverage part, they serve freshly brewed coffee (Hot coffee RM6), soft drinks and bottled water.

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Lovely taste of the nyonya style cooked mee siam. This is a Tuesday and Thursday special and comes with a lunch set . One of the go to place if you have nyonya food cravings

The horror of their parking situation stops none of Betel Leaf's regulars from showing up religiously, and it shouldn't stop you either. For a (comfortable) spot at this Chettinad stalwart, come either during off-meal hours or make a trip on the weekends. Their broad menu encompasses many things, from the standard Butter Chicken (RM15) to the unusual tiffin offering of Prawn Dosai (RM18). But making the most out of your perilous journey here means focusing on the simpler stuff done well — no doubt thanks to the use of fresh produce sourced from its proprietor's farm. Heed Burpple Tastemaker Alyssia Yu's recommendation for North Indian Vegetarian Thali (RM16), inclusive of three sabzi (vegetables), dhal, raita (yogurt), payasam (sweet rice curd), naan, rice and papadam. Apart from the sheer variety, the thali exceeds expectations when it comes to pronounced flavour. What's more, rice is refillable so none of those delicious dips go to waste. Here, we also found one of our favourite renditions of Gobi Manchurian (RM11), deep-fried cauliflower glazed in a sweet, tangy gravy done Indian-Chinese style. Chances are, you won't notice you're missing a meat dish but in case you do, we recommend the expertly-marinated Rabbit Masala (RM18), another positively delicious result from the farm!
Avg price per person: RM20
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Alyssia Yu

This restaurant tucked far north to the city centre is worth the trek, especially if you enjoy your North Indian food. Black marble tables and cushioned chairs give the interior an almost classy feel, but it is mostly homely vibes we feel in here next to the many groups of families dining in. Unlike what its name suggests, Tasty Chapathi's best trait is not its chapati, but rather their Special Dum Biryani (from RM17.90). Only available for lunch, we advise having this on the holidays — the impending food coma does not bode well with work days. Basmati rice is cooked in an earthen pot with spices and meat (chicken, fish, mutton or prawns), emerging flavour bombs that balance the spice-savoury and meaty profiles. Try the mutton for deeply flavoured, melt-in-your-mouth chunks! For add-ons, get some gravy-laden sides, great for sopping up rice and bread (if you're ordering any, it should be the Onion Kulcha or onion-stuffed, layered bread at RM6.50). The Chana Masala (RM11.90) sees perfectly tender chickpeas swirled in decadent masala sauce — the same for their Bhindi Masala (okra, RM13.90), so it really depends if you prefer beans or greens. The sweets counter sports colourful variety but after that feast, it's safest to go with a light, sweet tea. The restaurant serves a specialty Punjabi Tea (RM3.50), a slightly spicier version of the usual Masala Tea (RM3.50).
Avg price per person: RM25

Sliced beef and beef balls are ok but I really enjoyed the texture and taste of the dry Hakka noodles.

Pork noodle (small) + egg, the pork is quite deliciously marinated. Not bad. RM7


Grilled chicken, broccoli and roasted ratatouille with fiber sauce, lovely place, nice and personable staff, good ingredients and reasonable price, my go-to place for healthy options. RM14