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Greater KL

Greater KL

Featuring all the places I’ve managed to eat my way through and write a review about (applause) in Klang Valley.
Rueann Dass
Rueann Dass
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Can never resist grilled eggplant, but this was a tad disappointing no doubt due to the overly sweet and creamy miso glaze. Would’ve much preferred a lighter glaze on those deliciously tender cuts.

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Citrusy sake cocktail, done pretty well and potent too. Order two sake cocktails to get the second at 50%!


This new Japanese tapas-meets-Korean BBQ joint along Jalan Mesui doles out a pretty good deal. This platter comes with lamb char siew, chicken, squid and wagyu striploin, all at sizeable portions good to feed two to three. Liked the sweet barbecued lamb char siew and the fatty wagyu striploin best!

Ordering from the BBQ menu also comes with all the KBBQ perks — banchan, lettuce wraps and sauces. You can also choose to grill your own, or have the guys do the work; I chose the latter of course.

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Love! This is super rich and gao, and because it’s made from high grade green tea, the bitterness is not jarring but perfectly balanced with sweetness. Gobble it up fast, cos it doesn’t sit well in heat.


Made with a smoked Japanese tea, this drink was all kinds of mindblowing. The savoury-smoky flavour is almost meat-like, and blends with milk for a nicely balanced sip. Fork out the extra RM2 for sweet bites of molasses jelly too!

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Made with grass-fed lamb, the kofte’s delicious — tender and thoroughly spiced. It sits on a bed of parsley cauliflower rice, which is great along the creamy, garlicky hummus and a side of zesty spiced beetroot. A very satisfying dish, despite its slightly heftier price tag.


Can always use a bottle of nice and fizzy kefir to refresh and help you feel good about gobbling down lunch! This one spiked with ginger and lime was on the tangier, not-so-sweet side.

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Apt start to a healthier 2019. It’s all homely, hearty goodness at this soup house. Sets go from RM18, and packs value with a big bowl of soup, either chicken or pork with veggies, a staple of your choice, plus pickled guava!

The dang gui soup is light (despite its dark looks) and thoroughly flavoured with the Chinese herbs. I enjoyed the slippery mee sua most, lightly tossed in soy and topped with minced mushrooms and meat.


This dessert pie has gone on many feeds to both scare and intrigue. I can’t really decide which camp I’m in, but definitely leaning towards the ‘you shouldn’t be putting boba on everything’ one.

That said, this was... surprisingly tasty. The condensed milk has an intense sweetness that plays well with the soft, almost melting pearls. The thin layer of cheese is the balance, offsetting the sweetness with a touch of salt.

I recommend sharing this with many, so you only end up having a slice or two, cos while tasty, it can get quite jelak towards the end.

Still in R & D but open to public for dry runs, myPizzaLab (yes from burger guys) is quite a contender for good pies in town.

The Huat The Duck riffs on smoked duck and juicy mandarin oranges, a sweet-umami combination that works so well it almost reminds me of a really good salad. Meanwhile that smoky, nicely charred crust makes a wonderful vessel to transport all that cheesy goodness. It’s not quite as thick as Proof’s real deal, but not thin-crust thin just yet. Instead, expect medium thickness, which is great for when you want to stuff your face with lots of different pies.

Formidable slab of sticky, slow-cooked pork ribs, served with spring onions, shallots and chillies. It’s got a nice and fragrant flavour, and is cooked to beautifully tender texture in the centre. The best part, however, has to be the side of sticky plum bbq sauce that likens kicap manis — sweet, zesty and packed with heat!

The meat around corners can be a tad dry, but nothing a good dip in the sauce can’t fix.


I’m a local desserts kind of girl, so this bubur chacha absolutely won me over. It has a nice, creamy consistency and rich coconut-y flavour, with tender sweet potato and yam cubes for bite.

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Fried chicken life. IG: @rueanncd

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