I was today years old when I knew about white curry. The curry is not spicy at all but there’s still the curry taste. It looks like the cream sauce which many might mistaken by just looking at the picture. However, I prefer the usual Japanese curry as it is spicy and has more flavour to it.

Rating: 7/10
Price: $16.80

[ACAI BEACH CLUB] Been wanting to try @acaibeachclub for the longest time and I finally did yesterday! Was surprised at the size of the bowl as well as the portion. This, in the pic, is a medium bowl 😲 The toppings are not only filled to the brim but it’s mountainous! 🏔

Got the Hawaiian Bowl in Medium ($9.90 - Small, $11.90 - Medium) which ingredients are: The Acai blend, topped with basil seed pudding, banana, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, Almond flakes, Walnuts, Grapes, Kiwi and Seasonal fruits! 🥝🍌🍓🍇 with a choice of sauce either Honey or Almond butter (free) or other sauces (+$1). I got the Almond butter.

To compare, I would say Acai beach club’s medium bowl is about Project Acai’s large and there’s much more fruits. However, I would prefer the consistency of Project Acai’s Acai blend as it’s smoother and less icy.

Also, Acai Beach Club is on @burpple membership 1 for 1!

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[CHI CHA SAN CHEN] Featuring 2 of @chichasanchen.sg popular items, High Mountain Pouchong Tea with Lemon juice [$4.20] and Fresh Milk with brown sugar bubble [$5].

The pouchongtea with lemon juice is really sour and refreshing (great for a hot and humid day). I’ve also noticed a salty after taste which was surprising but pleasant.

The fresh milk with brown sugar bubble has been a craze in Singapore for awhile now and this is definitely a strong competitor to other brands out there selling the same drink. The bubbles are really not overly sweet and is soft and chewy too.

Really wanted a pic with their string carrier but it was oos 🤭

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$4.70 @ chateraisé

Not too sweet, love the many layers filled with cream in between each layer.

Really flavourful! However the portion was smaller than I expected. Nevertheless, the salad and fries on the side are a plus point. $24

Really flavourful and crispy.

Reminds me of OCK’s but the more atas version HAHA

$8 (after 50% off - any small bites)

First up for the mains, to celebrate the sakura season, the Spicy Sakura Ebi ($13.80). Next, for the Beef lovers out there, Tokyo Beef Maze Soba ($15.80) and Curry Maze Beef Don ($15.80)! As for the side dishes, Mentai Tamagoyaki ($4.80) and Japanese Oden ($4.80). Great for sharing ... or maybe all for yourself🤭

PROMO: Now till 13June, if you order any one of the above mentioned, 50% off your 2nd bowl of Maze-soba or Maze-don during dinner (5:30-9pm) from Monday - Thursday only! *50% applies to the lower-priced bowl. Not valid on eve of PH or PH.

📍Suntec City #03-313 S038983
Operating hours 11-10pm daily

Thank you @kenpgl for letting me cover for you and @menyakokorosg @brandcellar for the warm hospitality.

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-Prawn soup
-Thick beehoon (除米粉)
-Kang Kong (veg)
-Pork Ribs

Want to know where everyone is heading to this weekends? That’s right, Resorts World Sentosa’s first-ever Summer Matsuri! With over 38 types of Japanese food and desserts, 55 types of sake, beer and spirits, and over 40 types of imported snacks from 11 different prefectures of Japan, you are surely in for a Japan feast. Happening on 6-9June RWS THE FORUM B1!

Featuring: Stall 1 - Matcha Parfait
If you’re a matcha fan like me, you’ll definitely love this!

Craving for something to munch on? Check out 4 Fingers Calamari! It was my first time having it and to my surprise, it’s SOOOO GOOD 🤤 The batter is really thin hence I do not feel like I’m eating mostly flour and the Squid is really chewy and soft 🦑 The portion is really huge too so it’s great for sharing with a friend... or you can just eat them all by yourself 🤭

Have you tried Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice Cream? •

Taking ice cream very seriously, Azabu Sabo has bought their own Japanese Ice cream specialist to Singapore to introduce a special technique of making Hokkaido ice cream! The ice cream is made from fragrant and rich Hokkaido milk with no chemical additives. Also, it is low in sugar and fats!

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Fred not! I am here to introduce to you all a Taiwanese Bubble tea — @Hollin_sg ‼️

Hollin 赫里 is famous for their unique pearl flavours which alternates weekly! Other than their fixed flavour - Honey White Pearls, Mon - Matcha, Tues - Cocoa, Wed - Coconut, Thurs - Coffee, Fri - Peanut , Sat - Black Sesame and Sun - Rock Salt 🍵🌰🥥☕️🙀 ($0.70 for both M and L cups)

Went there for the first time on a Saturday and managed to try their Matcha Latte 🔖$4.20 and their signature — Black Tea Latte 🔖$3.20, both with Honey white pearls add 🔖$0.70/cup

Loved the matcha 🍵 as it is bitter and has a powdery texture to it. Get Their signature Black Tea latte ☕️ for a simpler drink as it tasted like normal Iced Tea with Milk. As for the pearls, I can really taste the honey without feeling that its overpowering the drink👍🏻

📍Blk 190 Toa Poyoh Central #01-538 S310190 (opp. HDB hub)
📍Suntec City East Wing #02-605 (recently opened)

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