$6.5 for a healthy bowl of thunder tea rice. Although meat alternatives from other shops in fortune center cost about the same, this is a really refreshing change: meat eaters perspective.

wld return.. not that cheap but very authentic flavour! pork is beautifully done. Only gripe is that the location “gatao taiwan breakfast” is not publicised on a big sign so it’s hard to find.. it’s hidden away in another bar, so that’s pretty weird. food was super delish tho :)))

Yummy and affordable

Yummy and affordable

$20 with no gst! Delightful meal. Finished every morsel. Very crispy bacon :-)

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$25 for M size. egg was ACTUALLY perfect I think this might be the best egg I’ve ever come across. Beef is soooo tender and good. Definitely a reasonable portion.. seems a lot more than 100 g in my opinion. Perfect amount of vegetables. The rice was a little bit heavily drenched in some sort of sweet Demi glaced sauce but it balances out when it is eaten with everything else :)

Rotisserie chicken, roasted vege, potato, cumin aioli
Meatloaf, roasted vege, signature rosti, sour cream
Sauces were great. Portion size was also great. Paid $18.40 in total for these two items. Highly enjoyable! Chicken was tender. Roasted vegetables and potato were kind of oily but I’m not really sure if it’s oil or water.. rosti was also not too oily and was adequately crispy!
However the staff are not too polite, which can be overlooked because of the cheap price with the burpple subscription.

$6.80 for small. not as nice as an acai affair. Unfortunately there are no options to add on any sort of nut butter (that I can remember). payment is only by grabpay(???). Pumpkin seed overload and not enough fruit. Place is literally shrouded in darkness bcs the adjacent shop is permanently closed. Will not be returning even though it serves decent acai.

Studded with sweet potato and white chocolate chips. Sweet potato flavour is not prominent. Matcha flavour is DIVINE. Bitterness was well balanced with white chocolate. Must get while it’s still in stores

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I miss this bread so much but it hasn’t been in stock forever... 🍞🍠 it tastes really good though

Just get the fried pierogi dumplings bc those were DAMN good 😵 but quite oily. Pierogi: 9️⃣/🔟

We ordered: sichuan pork noodles, the other pork noodle that we forgot the name of, normal dumplings, fried pierogi, grapefruit drink and a sparkling passion fruit drink. tbh everything was quite nice but also mediocre at the same time. 😵 rly rly rly crowded. the better of the noodles was the Sichuan pork noodles. drinks.....weren’t that good. idk. BURPPLE 1 for 1 made this $16 set meal worth it but otherwise...:/ I wld only pay full price for the FRIED PIEROGI (3rd pic) SIDE NOTE: their appetiser is RLY nice. 7️⃣/🔟