Favourite part is definitely the garlic butter! Broiche one was well toasted and buttery and there are lots of lobster meat!!

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Enjoyed this a lot more than the rose one !! Personally think that this is better than Violet Oon's oops 🤭 We love everything in this set (maybe except the kale pesto crab sandwich cause it was unfamiliar) The ngoh hiang is a 11/10 omg i love the water chestnut (?) In it and the mango salsa woWZa too many no free flow or we will keep taking it


Had this back in Feb but putting this here because this is hands down one of the best high tea I ever had 😭 although i cant rmb their names and ingredients, all the mini savories were impressionable!! like i think all the flavours within a tart complements each other. the collage doesn't show the other mains and sides they have but they were also vvv good

$28 for 4 dimsum choices (out of 12), a premium tea and reusable bamboo steamers is quite a steal?? I tried to choose items that were more unique so i got the crab meat siew mai, shredded duck spring roll, hedgehog meat and prawn bun and fried pumpkin!! the hedgehog bun is really cute ;-; its basically a mantou will filling HAHAH i really love the pumpkin one (theres a real smooth and sweet lotus filling inside) yum!!!!

Good experience!! Something new since i usually prefer western flavours. I really enjoyed their scones with the guava jam and the cheese based tartlets 😋A surprisingly heavy meal since it didnt look much

Thank you burpple 1 for 1 for letting me enjoy such a delightful floral high tea!! The addition of floral tones into each dish really made them tastier hehe can't wait to try the peranakan high tea!

first vegan food experience!! really enjoyed this dish with the cashew nut cream cheese and spinach 😋 not jelat and very satisfying

Really affordable at $36 for 2!! May not look like much but its super filling. The standard of their cakes is good too (better than some bakeries/hotel buffet)

We clearly over-ordered but all the food tasted so good!! Like I loved everything i ate. Steamed and airfried the food before eating for maximal satisfaction 😋 favourite is definitely the crispy red bean paste and banana!!

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Very filling!! 1 main + 1 meat + 1 veg + 2 dimsums + 1 drink + 2 desserts for 9.90 is seriously worth it and very fun to customize your meal

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