Dinner with Drinks Casual Dining Fusion? Brunchish? Your good mix of casual dining restaurants
Hawker/Kopitiam Hidden Hawker Gems Anything related to hawker
Noodles Hokkien mee, Bak chor mee.. Any mee la
Hawker/Kopitiam Bak Chor Mee The Singaporean classic
Dinner with Drinks, Burpple Beyond Deals 💰 Western Cuisine Swensens, Collin's or even your neighbourhood Western Stall
Chinese Chinese Cuisine Wantons and guotie? Mala hotpot.. Or a nice bowl of noodles? Sichuan cuisine or my favorite haunts at Chinatowns cooked dishes.
Cafe Cafes There's just so many.. How to choose.
Chinese Chicken Rice Chicken rice is iconic to Singaporea, but where can we find the best chicken rice here?