Here at Albert Food Centre, Guan Kee makes home-made and excellent Black/white carrot cake. Take your pick from $3/4/5.

Carrot cake is fresh and generous, so are the huge chunks of egg you get with your plate.

Wanna Cuppa is a quaint and beautiful venue with reasonable prices nett.

Iced Long Black was smooth and Lemon tea was not overly sweet or sour.

The ice-cream on the brownie (pun intended)
was an awesome end to the date for us.

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First time trying the famous Tian Tian.

It has an old school taste to it and the rice is nicely textured.

Generally still overhyped, I would rank it as nice and decent.

Alacarte hotpot with a number of sets to choose from.

The soup choices here are pretty brilliant and all soups we tried were good.

The headache you might find is which soup and which set to choose, but portions are definitely generous!

Drinks here are very affordable and the Korean lady boss is super friendly and will give recommendations.

My Iced Long Black $4 was smooth and had a nice hint of Ethiopian coffee beans. Its a nice place to do your work, but there's no WiFi so be sure to tether.

Utilised my Burpple Beyond 1-for-1!

Carbonara has always been consistent here with a generous portion of bacon and nicely topped egg.

I decided to give the fusion Bak Chor Foie Gras Pasta a try. Personally, I liked the crispy pork belly and the idea behind it but you might not like it if you fear the 'porky' smell. The Foie Gras itself was grilled well.

Popcorn chicken was also something I tried the first time, best thing with it being boneless, juicy and 2 dips (spicy and salted egg)

Where can u find Peranakan food at a hawker centre? Chinatown complex!

Grilled chicken drumstick
Fried prawns
Chap chye and curry

Only $6

Portions are generous, chicken was grilled perfectly and fried prawns were tastier than expected. The only thing lacking was a punch in the chap chye but the curry made up for it.

The lady behind me and I got a shock when we received a huge portion for $5 worth. For light eaters this might feed 2 of you.

The stock has a light umami taste of seafood and pork, noodles are well cooked and I got 3 deshelled prawns for $5 (for the lazy ones)

Chilli is not too spicy with a mild sour taste. Hokkien mee fans, do give this a try

For only $8 nett this was a real steal!

You get a hearty bowl of 卤肉饭 drenched in a balanced amount of meat, fat and sauce.

Paired with half runny eggs and Cabbage, there's variety in your meal. If you are a big eater, consider getting another main.

The wait took us about 20mins, we will be back again.

Rosti was fantastic, fresh and crispy, topped up with a sunny side up.

For $4 top up, you get 1 choice of sides (smoked salmon, veal bratwurst or mushrooms).

A nice place to chill for lunch and escape the heat!

Had a celebratory meal here and had the must order beef platter that came with 'heart-attack' fried rice and wedges.

The beef comes medium rare which is awesome, including salt, pepper, mustard and ketchup.

Portions are generally small, but decent. Only issue is the white rice took ages to come.

Have always wanted to visit this place.

We had the Oxtail stew, Pork combi and Chap chye. (the food here is superb! So much so that I forgot to take photos and started feasting..hainanese pork chop was fantastically fried with a sauce of balanced consistency.

Oxtail stew will make a non oxtail eater an oxtail eater! I'll be back to try others items!

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