Slightly higher priced but the roasted aroma of coffee beans were strong and it was overall smooth. Brilliant for a cooling coffee fix!

East meets West Western cuisines with an extensive menu including pork schnitzel, stuffed pork loin and many more less found Western dishes.

I had a simple cajun chicken chop, but it was definitely better than 80-90% of your regular western stalls out there.. The sauce was predictable but the fries and spaghetti were cooked well and fried well..

A truly unique western option at a coffeeshop

Slightly high price point of $6.

But well worth the price, char Siew was well charred and tender, roast pork skin was crispy and not tough.

A brilliant combination on and all.
20mins wait for it.

Didn't feel like perspiring so I got the non spicy version today.

I've been a fan since they were at Marina Square food court, making it 20 years of following them.

I have to say that standards have dropped but its still my go to BCM craving when I'm in the area.

The liver and wantons are always well cooked and the fried flat fish are definitely my highlights, along with the huge dollops of vinegar each time!

Nasi Lemak chicken looked dry at first but it was actually crispy and moist. Rice was fluffy, except in small quantity. Sambal chilli was decently spicy.

Kaya toast was good, came with a nice blend of lemony and light Kaya taste.

Music was brilliant, great place to chill and do work.

We had the bundle set.

Mee Pok came well cooked, springy and laden with chilli and lots of vinegar, the way I like it.
Bits of ikan bilis and slices of abalone mushroom gives this BCM a different punch from others.

Liver and minced pork soup was delicious with no hint of Msg, the highlight has to be the liver which was cooked to perfection.

The yuan yang bowl of mixed meatball and fishball was adorable and tasty, meatballs were definitely home made.

Worth the hype indeed!

Bangers n Mash comes with 4 well grilled sausages in different flavours including chorizo and frankfurters. It's my usual must have side dish.

Fish n Chips does not use the usual dory, instead going with snapper which is brilliant.. Moist and flaky, comes with Wedges.

Salmon Cheese Baked Rice is rich, creamy.. with decent chunks of salmon and comes piping hot..

A favorite hangout for my wife and I!

SOD Café started out specialising in bubble tea before branching out as a cafe with food.

We can see why, tan milk tea is a signature drink, wholesome milk tea with a nice hint of charcoal-smokiness. Ice lemonade comes in pretty colours, refreshing and Zesty, leaving you wanting for more sips!

It's already my 3rd time here in a month.

Decided to give this beautifully furnished Hub and Spoke Cafe a try.

It's a rest stop for cyclists and those heading to the jurassic mile.

We ordered 2 nasi Lemaks, 1 eggs Ben, garlic wings and 2 drinks for only 37.80,so prices here are reasonable.

The nasi Lemak was generous with a huge well grilled chicken leg, omelette, ikan bilis and a dollop of sambal chilli.

Eggs Benedict was reasonably priced but nothing special about it, Eggs slightly overcooked, served with chicken ham and bread dry, but for the cheap pricing I ain't complaining.

Garlic Wings came in 5 pcs, were still hot and crispy when served and were moist inside.

Tea here is on par with Ya kun and toast box.

I'll be back again.

Utilised my Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Mixed Grill.

Presented on a nice wooden piece and charcoal-like platter, 2 nicely grilled pieces of chicken and pork, pork sausage, baked gratin and some stir fried veggies.
Came with black pepper and cream sauce.

Could not resist the fried squid tempura and fries as a side dish. Collin's delivers consistent food each time.

Beef noodle soup was decent for the price.

The draw here has to be the value for money wantons and chicken wanton soup.

You get 12 pcs for 8.50, and they are all cute and pleasantly filled.

An economic option if you want to treat yourself slightly on a Friday night

Wide selection of Western mains that comes with 2 sides

Great pasta and rice bowl choices such as Ribeye and Grilled pork.

Beverage prices are reasonable and they have a decent selection too.

Ambience is fantastic and Chill, great place to clear some work.

Our yakiniku Ribeye was juicy, tender and with a nice hint of pepper. Mentaiko Carbonara was just nicely creamy and pasta well cooked.
Truffle chicken croissant was well balanced, nicely fragrant and chicken was well blended in.

I'll definitely be back!