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had the signature combo with pork slice + pork ball + shrimp ball at $5 (soup/dry)

soup version: thick soup, noodles still maintain a slightly charred taste and had great texture, egg was dIVINE!! Cooked just right with flowing yolk.

dry version: comes with bowl of soup as pictured, the soup taste is a little different from the soup version as it’s more eggy with the egg swirled in

personally, i liked how the shrimp ball tasted with the chilli!!

while the overall taste is unique, we felt like older people might prefer traditional mee hoon kway because of the flavour. nevertheless its worth queueing to try!

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got the carbonara & french toast with burpple beyond! the carbonara texture was just nice! Sauce was not too cloying and it was quickly finished without feeling jelat!

French toast had an interesting sauce that I couldn’t identify initially - it’s salted caramel!! interesting combination but it worked :~)

first time trying cold brew (white), which was included in the 1 for 1 deal. I’m definitely not a coffee expert but i did enjoy this coffee.

tried the pear high mountain oolong ($6.30) and the grape oolong ($6.60) on burpple one for one!!

the pear high mountain oolong was slightly cloudy and you can taste the pulpiness of the pear. very refreshing!! The grape oolong reminded me of a soft drink or like grape soda, without fizziness. was definitely sweeter than the pear oolong. flavour of the tea was subtle but very enjoyable 😗

lOVED the interior and the ambience :—) came on a late afternoon on friday!

Visited Sunday Folks because we really wanted to have the Waffles with ice cream!! Unfortunately, it wasn’t available on their new menu but we did order the Chuffles ($7) + additional ($1) for a sauce of choice. This was a waffle deconstructed?? 2 waffles cut into strips. It looked a bit like churros and was dusted with sugar. To be described in 1 word: Crispy

got the 40% off deal with this purchase (mi so sexy, a miso-sesame based pasta with shimeiji mushrooms, angel hair pasta & an onsen egg + tomayto-tomato, a tomato based linguine pasta with your choice of smoked beef sausage or chorizos) using burpple beyond but tried the green eyed monster (thai green curry penne with zucchini and chicken breast) with burpple 1-for-1 before.
The miso pasta was satisfying as usual!! found the taste really interesting because i’m so used to seeing olive oil/cream/tomato/pesto based pastas. Not to mention the slight awkwardness when you make your order... bold claim!! tomayto-tomato was a little underwhelming as i felt that the sausage slices, though generous, were thin, but you can’t win at everything in life la..

pasta was not bad!! nice place to chill and grab dessert after (the charcoal waffles are yum!!), and the pasta flavours are really interesting. I’ll definitely come back to try more :—) i do find the portion a little small though,, but when it comes to pasta i consume 1.5 portions by default...

got pastas at d’Good because they were having 50% off the second main! this pasta came with quail eggs, cherry tomatoes and pork shabu shabu slices. i was surprised that the dish came in this bOwl-plate like hybrid but i should have known!! Not particularly fancy, but i appreciated that the serving of cherry tomatoes were generous. The soup was not too thick, with just enough flavour. Enjoyed this because it was linguine + tomato based pasta + soup! You get to choose the noodle type for the pasta available here. We had a choice between linguine and another type that starts with c but i cant... rEmember the name...

sOoOoo!! Good!!! chanced upon this place because of the burpple app :~) Ordered the original egg fried rice with pork chop while my friend got the xo fried rice with pork chop. Flavour wise, the xo was quite subtle.. the pork chop really was amazing though!! meat was tender and not too dry. was really pleasantly surprised bc this was very delicious! Dare i say comparable to dtf egg fried rice.....??? Hmmm. I didn’t manage to finish it but it was really worth the portion.

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came here because of a friend’s recommendation and of course, for the one-for-one. got the 141 main + drink option with the pork ribs and nashville chicken. pork ribs were delicious!!!

got the set for 2 with a selection of seafood - scallops, prawns, sotong & crabmeat as well as a few types of normal meat (pork, chicken) + veggies. got extra cheese tofu, thai maggi noodles, king oyster mushroom and beef! This was actually too much for 3 (girls) and unfortunately we couldn’t finish everything... but it was really comforting on a cold day :~) would definitely recommend if eating with family/a group of friends.

you will smell like bbq afterwards for sure though!!!

got the lemon mint tea as i wanted to have a milk-free drink option! the lemon and mint combination was delicious! pineapple passionfruit tea had really nice texture and was refreshing & unique :—)