Baby back ribs, sausages, wings!
Fulfilling platter shared between 2
(promo item also works without platter)

Kurobuta sausage, nutty maple bacon, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, hazelnut butter, brioche toast

Sinful and sweet dish!
- sautéed banana, hazelnut butter, salted caramel, almond praline crumble and nutty maple bacon

Pretty yummy! Strong and not stingy with the wine

Curry was thick and nice.
It was filling even tho it didn’t look much.
Patty was good, crispy and cheesy!

Burpple 1 for 1
Soup was more herbaly than peppery! Reasonable tasty and You Tiao was good!

Non Burpple 1 for 1
This was surprisingly good and quite addictive! The taste of otah is authentic and the texture although not like real fish, is quite good. Almost like a softer fish cake.

Yumsssssss one of the nicest in Sg! Noodles are so chewy and alot of bite!