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For That Hotpot Craving You get your individual pots of soup here and you can select the levels of mala too! The medium level was just right - not overpoweringly numb or oily. Definitely could have gone for the highest level 😂 There was also an extremely wide variety of ingredients such as the assorted meat balls - we especially liked the one with the prawn paste inside! Plus point - free ice cream!!
Excellent location in Chinatown and it is just outside of Chinatown MRT Exit A. Can't help but to notice the large red banner indicating 50% discount off a la carte menu (excluding drinks) for a limited time period. Expect fish maw at S$6 (UP S$12), ocean platter at S$13 (UP S$26), sliced pork belly at S$6 (UP S$12) and more. . . The two storeys Chinese hotpot restaurant specialises in hot mala soup in 3 levels, Signature sour fish broth and 5 other soup bases starting from S$3. Unlike the conventional hotpot restaurant, Yue Long Men serves single hotpot such that everyone gets their own individual pot of soup. . . Where to dine? Yue Long Men Hotpot 75/77 Pagoda Street Singapore 059234 (Beside Chinatown MRT Exit A, turn right)
| D I N N E R | | $10-30 per pax (depends) | ... ... ... After spending a bomb 💣 due to 11/11, 12/12, Christmas, Boxing Day etc💸💸💸it’s time to hunt for cheap food deals again😂 confound @yuelongmenhotpot on @eatigo_sg at 50%!!!! They serve soups in individual pots which is cute and good for sharing if friends and yourself have different tastes or food preferences😊 we tried the classic tomato soup and sour fish base. For the price and location ( right next to Chinatown mrt exit!!!) I will say it’s a good deal for hotpot. The service and environment was great and conducive for group gatherings💕 they have sauce counter and complementary ice cream as well! 👍 however, don’t expect high-quality soups and ingredients like haidiliao ( their tomato is lacking in comparison) the recommended sour fish is unique and easy to match various ingredients🙃 ingredients are generous and they do the prawn paste service as well ( I been to a place way more expensive that ask you to separate the prawn paste yourself🙄) hence, for the price I really think it’s a great spot for people/groups on a tight budget yet still want to have an extra gathering experience😊🤩 ... ... ... #burrple #burrplesg #foodiesg #foodgramsg #sgfood #sgfoodies #foodsg #eatsg #sgeats #foodblogsg #singaporeeats #foodinsing #nomninjas #straitstimesfood #instafood_sg #goodthingsmustshare #toprestaurants #foreverhungrysg #sgfoodblogger #foodbloggersg #whattoeatsg #wheretoeatsg #foodhuntsg #topcitybites #foodie #eatigo #eatigosg #whati8today
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Nagoya Style Mazesoba 💸: $12.80++ 📈: 7/10 💬: Pretty much a more japanese-inspired version of ba chor mee. Loved the noodles texture as it was chewy and smooth, yet held on to the sauce well. The egg added an extra creaminess to the dish, whilst the minced meat gave it extra flavour. If you love chives, this bowl of noodles will definitely be it for you because it is loaded with it! Full review on my Instagram @euniceeatseverything https://www.instagram.com/euniceeatseverything/
Soft Boil Egg Mazesoba Ordered this as I wanted to eat something non spicy and non fried. I had this in regular size and could not finish the food as the portion was big. The sauce tasted good, however noodles get jelat after a while. The meat was dry, nothing to shout about. As mentioned by other reviewers, bamboo shoots tasted weird. Good place to visit if you are very hungry and wants to pay less than $10 per person. We paid $14+ for 2 bowls of this.
Mazesoba Nagoya Style (3/5⭐) Mazesoba Nagoya Style ($12.8 Beyond 1-for-1) If you hate chives you're gonna have a baadd time because this food is packed with it! It goes along great with the minced meat that packed with spicy sauce that I assume is their nagoya sauce. It's spicy but not so much, tastes okay for me. But the onsen egg is perfect! Another downside of this place is the smell, right after I enter the place it smells like cockroach/dust. Maybe it's the fan but it makes my appetite goes away. The food is fresh tho so I still eat it.
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Swahili Fish Curry This traditional fish curry with red snapper and coconut rice was pretty good - I really liked how rich and well-flavoured the curry was, and it packed a significant amount of spice (not complaining here, I love spicy food - but those who can’t tolerate spice, maybe you can consider other options). My only gripe is that the fish wasn’t in a large enough portion to match the price tag ($29) and the fish wasn’t mindblowingly soft or fresh either. Overall, a pretty good dish for sharing, but maybe not the most value for money.
Sunset Cauliflower We got this as a starter to share and it was pretty well done and also satisfactorily portioned. I really appreciated the unique dining concept here and the authentic recipes passed down by the owner’s mother from his time in Africa. It was refreshing having lunch in town that wasn’t a run of the mill brunch situation, along with attentive service and three floors of great ambience and decor.
Marinated Goat Cheese ($7) 1. I’d been wanting to visit Kafe Utu for MONTHS now but only managed to drop by over the weekend as we had to wait for their renovations to complete! 2. Personally not a fan of bad reviews but I am also not a fan of fake BS reviews some food bloggers post in order to score sponsored meals 😂🙅🏻‍♀️ We don’t do that here. 3. So here’s my honest, unfiltered, #notsponsored food review of Kafe Utu (and maybe my friend’s as well). Side note: I’ve only seen and heard positive reviews of this place prior to my visit. 4. My friend ordered a latte (I heard the coffee is good but she said it’s not amazing) and we ordered three food items: Caribbean Goat Curry ($28), scrambled eggs ($4) and marinated goat cheese ($7). Because of the price, we decided to share a main and order some sides. 5. First off, the goat curry comes with coconut rice (not a big fan). The portion size is not a lot, and for what it is, this main is pretty expensive. I wouldn’t recommend travelling all the way to 12 Jiak Chuan Road for this food that tastes like SQ airplane food. It tastes like the kind of curry you order on a flight to London. I’ve never had actual Caribbean goat curry so can’t comment on the authenticity of this dish but this is what it tasted like to me: airplane food. 6. Second, the scrambled eggs at $4 is affordably priced. However, definitely not the best scrambled eggs I’ve had, the eggs were quite thin, like the kind of egg you get in fried rice. 7. Thirdly, according to my friend, the tiny goat cheese tasted like it came from a deli. It really didn’t look or taste marinated to us. At $7, we definitely don’t recommend ordering this small, overpriced goat cheese. 8. Would I come back and visit Kafe Utu again? No, it’s kind of out of the way and the food and service isn’t amazing. I’m also unsure as to how authentically African this place is 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also they are not GST registered and there’s no service charge so the prices are as per the menu. 9. All views expressed here are my own personal opinions based on my own experience I paid for and is not meant or intended to be defamatory, slanderous and/or libellous in any way towards Kafe Utu and/or anyone connected with it.
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Crab Steamboat Crab Steamboat ($55) . After facing rejection countless times due to the need to brave the heat eating at a hawker centre, I finally managed to grab a companion to join me at Wen Wen Pork Rib Prawn Noodle to try their Crab Steamboat on a rainy evening. According to the stall, it is best that this steamboat be had after 6pm as that’s when the stock has developed enough flavour after simmering for the entire day. He was right! Most prawn mee stock I’ve had is usually murky from all the pork being cooked. Instead, Wen Wen’s was a clear broth that packed mainly the sweet umami goodness of all the seafood. So for the price, we get pork ribs, pig’s tail, pig intestines, big prawns, clams, and the crab full of roe. With so much seafood simmering over a slow fire during the meal, the prize really is the taste of the soup towards the end of our meal. Do note that you are also allowed to bring your own ingredients to add to the steamboat and I would strongly recommend bring more vegetables as it’ll cost $5/bowl from the stall.
Wen Wen Hotpot ($55~$80) Wen Wen Big Prawn Mee is now back at the newly renovated Geylang Bahru Market & Food Centre! All I can is that soup is just as shiok, uncle Richard is just as friendly and the experience just as fun as before (sadly, no more lala). He even has his own add-ons now like veg and fresh pork shabu shabu so you don’t have to bring your own (though you still can).
Large Steamboat ($80) Back to Wen Wen (in Geylang Bahru) ‧⁺◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ ) Love the seafood flavors and the super generous ingredients; it came loaded with crab, prawns, pork ribs, intestines (also you can order their prawn noodles FOC), and you can always bring your own ingredients to add! Also uncle is seriously the nicest hawker ever. Only downside is the hawker setting, but this is really worth the sweat.
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