Pampered with my fav! 😍😍

Chilled mango coulis and hashima accompanied with red bean pancake ($18++) in the background

A taste of Hong Kong In Singapore!
Love the melt in the mouth winter melon filling but the pastry was a bit harder than I remembered it to be. Amazed that it is still warm after the journey home. 1 for $2.80, 6 for $15.

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Finally tried the egg tarts as there were no queue!
It comes in 2 option of skin-pastry or cookie. Pastry is flaky but not as flaky as i thought it would be but it is the more popular option of the 2.
Thankful that they helped to cut into half so that we can easily share them immediately after buying.

Love that bacon! Enjoyable and very filling breakfast!
* sausage hidden under the sourdough toast!

I like it that the curry is separated from the rice when the food is taken away. Just shows that they take pride in ensuring that the customers get to eat the food in the “best condition”. Got this at shopback deal of $5.90, original price $8.20
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Opted for the signature mee pok dry today and finally tasted the fish dumplings! Love it! The soup was so comforting I could go on and on drinking it!
#02-47: 俩兄弟Teochew Fishball Noodles

Very aromatic, tender, juicy and nicely grilled lamp chop!
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Lucky to get the last few plates of Wantan mee with little queue before they close for the day. Day time queue is crazy...

Looking for a quick meal and I saw Eng’s Wantan Noodles in AMK Hub Basement! No longer do I have to travel to the east to eat it!
Noodles has a nice bite, is fragrant and great with the crispy pork lard, and good without any extra sauce but if u must have something spicy, u can add on the chilli sauce. BE WARNED! It is really SPICY. I added just a bit and was on fire! Haha.. amount of char siew was a bit pathetic though

Big and fresh prawns with Chinese ramen in a shrimp broth. The pork rib was a little tough though

Al dente ramen in mala like sauce. Nice!
Only grouse was dry noodles should come with a small bowl of soup and not having to pay for one.