Crispy pastry with creamy coconut filling and Nata de coco bits, at $1.6 per pie. It was medium sweet and I could taste the mild coconut-y. What I enjoyed the most was the Nata de coco within. You cannot see it but you cannot miss it as you bite into it!

Thank you @lohnoms for making me go coco-Nuts LOL!

Came across in the basement of 313 Somerset. They sell croissants, danishes and bubble milk tea. It was their croissants with fillings that got me curious. And look what curiousity got me into LOL!

Apple Cinnamon
Oolong Milk tea

The buttery flaky layers and fillings were the real deal! Please don't ask me for a favourite. The same reason why I could not πŸ₯Ί buy just one croissant.

PROMO: If you buy 4 croissants, you get a free raisin roll (not in photo).

Moonlight Hor Fun - on my wanted list for a long time. Love the char and lots of seafood!

Mingzhu Roll - another signature which is crispy beancurd stuffed with salted egg yolk, ham, mushrooms and prawns. Very nice!

Salted Egg Fried Rice with Pork Chop - the salted egg aroma was distinct even before I open the takeaway box! Mouth-watering even without adding the salted egg sauce! Thank you @feliciaaeatss for the recommendation.

Marmite Fried Chicken Chop Rice - this is an interesting one which I felt it taste more sweet than savory.

These were ordered through @grabfoodsg.

You are looking at @mdmlingbakery Salted Yolk Lava Custard Bun ζ΅ζ²™εŒ….

You may check out @mdmlingbakery link in bio for menu and online delivery. Free SG delivery available $45 (usual $88).

So excited to discover they are available for delivery. Lunch and dinner sorted!

Check out my Hokkaido Ikura Hitsumabushi. It comes with the condiments, freshly grated wasabi paste and dashi soup.

The key highlight for me is the juicy salmon roe that pops as I bite! I really like their freshly grated wasabi paste which made my rice mix taste so good!

Apparently, this dish is only at their Keong Saik outlet. Islandwide delivery is available on @grabfoodsg.

Inspired by the simple recipe by YouTuber @ohnino2 using 2 ingredients with no steaming and pounding.

How to❓
1️⃣ Mix 130g of rice flour with 100ml of hot water.
2️⃣ Mix them both well together. For my case, I had more of a wet mix so I added another 30g more to form a dough.
3️⃣ Cut the dough into cylindrical shape to your preference. I have it about the size and length of my thumb.
4️⃣ Cook it in boiling water for approximately 15 minutes.
5️⃣ Place your cooked rice cake into a bowl of cold water.

Prepared a no fuss super easy tteokbokki version by using 🀫 ready made tteobokki sauce.

Stirred fry the rice cakes with shallot (because I don't have onion), mixed fish cakes and homegrown spring onions. Adding an egg to the final dish is entirely optional. I've gotten too egg-cited taking the photos so I could get it into my belly until ... the egg was forgotten on the side πŸ˜‚

Here's my Fudge Brownie using @bettycrocker Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix. It only require 3 ingredients to add to the mix.

1⃣ Water
2⃣ Vegetable Oil
3⃣ Egg

I did all the mixing with a spatula. I decided to give my mini 4 inch springform pan the first experience. All in all, it took 20-30 min to bake using my @mayerspore Air Fryer, depending on the batter thickness. After that, leave it to cool overnight at room temperature.

It was dense, moist and most importantly - very chocolatey. The chocolate chunk in the batter mix was a bonus 😘 !

savory: Which team are you on?

Photo by: @chocolatetbasil
Location: @bakerybrera

Bakery Brera offers freshly baked artisan breads as well as pastries, tarts and cakes. They encourage online orders (link on their bio) or a quick pop-in to buy and go. Unfortunately, they do not offer delivery services currently.
πŸ“Their store is at Empress market (5 minute walk from Farrer road MRT).

I craved for chicken rice and ngoi hiang and so ordered @sinnjithomsonroad the following yummies!
πŸ₯’ Half Chicken Mix (Poached and Roasted Chicken)
πŸ₯’ Homemade 5 Spiced Chicken Roll (Ngoi Hiang)
πŸ₯’ Fu Rong Egg
πŸ₯’ Braised Eggs (Add on)
πŸ₯’ Chicken Rice (Add on)

I am more of a roast chicken person but I must say their poached chicken was really moist, tender and so slippery that put my chopstick skills on test! Their fu rong egg had a lot of juicy prawns inside. My personal favourite was their 5-Spiced Chicken Roll. Usually this would have been filled with pork. Chicken Roll tasted just as awesome and yummilicious! Total cost was $36.2 with free contactless delivery!

Swipe left for their delivery menu. Free islandwide delivery available for orders above $30. Whatsapp 9096 0974 or call 6258 0855 for your order.

And they use natural colouring to dye their dough.

Photo by: @foodiegoh
Location: @justdoughsg

Check out @justdoughsg for their delivery menu.