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5 reasons to say no: 1. We tried 4 kinds of broth, including their signature pork bone broth, there's really nothing to rave about and not even near delicious. 2. Pricey, but overall standard of the restaurant does not justify the price tag. Each individual broth is charged approximately $8, our 4 slices of wagyu beef cost approx $56, a plate of low quality beef tripe was $15, so on and so forth, you judge. 3. Their wild bamboo which was not handled correctly, it was merely soaking of dried wild bamboo and serve. It should not be done this way. It looks gross. 4. Service is mediocre, some of them were helpful and smiley, there was one that used eye power when we were struggling to refill drinks for one another across the table. Some of us were down with flu, hence we wanted to have steamboat with separated pots but when the server walked around to help us cook the meatballs and shrimp paste, the same utensils were used for all pots. Sigh. 5. The restaurant can be reaaaaaallllyyyyy noisy and uncomfortable to dine at when there are noisy crowds seated beside you. The restaurant space is too small and perhaps the ceiling is not high enough, and there's not sufficient "space" given for the sound to travel. It was piercing seated next to two tables that were having loud discussions and laughters. I had to raise my voice in order to get communication going on my table. Horrifying. And if you need one more reason not to go, here it is: Location is inconvenient unless you drive, which I did and thankfully there was a free valet service.

Situated at Marina Bay Sands, this steamboat could easily be more pricey than HDL, but its broth and ingredients varieties, needless to say their service is nowhere on par. So it's a No.

Needless to say, pricey, and supposedly comes with a package of: good and EXTRA service, fresh ingredients, long queues, and great broths. I have come to a point whereby im sick of HDL, maybe too much of it, but this is still a good place for steamboat if I couldn't find a seat at Beauty in the Pot or if the mentioned suffered a fall in standards. Tomato soup, and shrimp paste is recommended.


Generally, nothing in Lei Garden you’ll find yucky (at least I haven’t ordered any dish from the dim sum to dinner menu that is deemed to be yucky), they are all at least passable and if not, phenomenal. Now, nobody has got any time for any just passable dish, there’s only time for food that is so sexy, nobody can or wish to find faults in.

The crab roe soup dumplings certainly stood out of all dishes in Lei Garden. These sexy pops explodes in your mouth and as though there’s an musical orchestra performing inside your mouth. Mmmmm…~

The dough-soup-filling ratio is perfect. The skin of the dumpling was thin, but was able to hold the soup, and filling. It won’t break easily when you try to lift it up with your chopsticks (though, you got to remember you pick up from the tip of the dumpling). Their service is just as phenomenal as their food, so if you think you may break it involuntarily, just let them put the soup dumpling on to your serving spoon for you and all you have to do is just send it into your mouth.

The filling and soup were incredibly flavorful, packed with immense crabbery-sweetness, light but creamy (how is that even possible!), and definitely, fresh, fresh, fresh! Nothing like frozen crabs or some canned pasteurized crab-meats.

This is certainly an epitome of sexy food. These are not available all year long though, it’s a seasonal dish, so please give Lei Garden a call before you visit.

Try also: Roasted pork, lobster porridge (龙虾泡饭), and Gou Bu Li Buns (狗不理包子)


Too much of over-fried chicken, dry chicken breasts, thick batter that was not cooked through or so much so that it ridiculously wraps around the chicken like a dough in a dough, in a dough, in a dough…there’s this lil chicken – crap! No such nonsense in Chicken Up.

Perfect golden brown crispy fried chicken, slightly spicy, sweet, juicy, and not heavily coated with batter.

Be prepared to set a whole new expectations for fried chicken, so evenly coated, crispy and juicy in every part of the chicken! Yes! Even the chicken breasts are cooked through evenly and still moist. They also only fry upon order, so be prepared to wait awhile while they carefully prepare your order.

I love fried chicken with a hint of spiciness and this had been done so damn right. Nothing too spicy that it starts to burn you and stops you from eating further while it’s still piping hot especially. You just keep going on, and on, and on…until you realised it’s wiped clean to the bones. You’ll be sucking your fingers to get just a lil bit more of those chicken juices or even licking your plates……but then, now, fret not! They serve buffet now and c’mon, just order another piece of chicken – you know it’s gonna worth every count of calorie.

They are pretty packed now, unlike years ago when I visit, there’s usually only perhaps two tables occupied on a normal weekday dinner/supper time, so make your reservations!

Fresh, quality, and slightly pricier than the ordinary Japanese restaurants, but for its quality I believe it is reasonable. Set lunches and set dinners are very affordable and reasonable though! This is where i frequent for my comfort Japanese sushi cravings.

I can settle with prawn soup noodles any time, any day, but, only delicious ones. I am such a fan of prawn soup noodles that I would take a plane to Penang just to satisfy my Penang prawn soup noodles cravings, and would cook my own broth from scratch, fry my own lards, and shallots when I really need a tasty bowl of prawn soup noodles. Or else, conveniently, I can have delicious prawn soup noodles from Da Dong at Joo Chiat!

They have been selling prawn soup noodles for decades but had moved from places to places interrupting their business, hence, maybe losing a bit of the crowd ’cause some old regulars haven’t find them yet!

I dare say it is by far the best prawn soup noodles in Singapore I’ve tried, at least it is consistent, suits my palate and never once disappointed me.

Was an avid fan of HDL, visits at least 8 times a month, and there was once, 3 times in a day. Have thousands of HDL points and was already a fan even before they introduced the points system. Beauty in the pot surely had a lot to offer in order to make me completely stop visiting HDL and turned to its fan. Their broth is amazing, and I meant both. There are only two broths available but it is good enough to win my heart, cause both of them are the best steamboat broth I have tried everywhere. For a steamboat place to win anybody's heart, you need freshest ingredients, good service, reasonable pricing, and delicious broth; Welcome to Beauty in the Pot. Few must-order items are: shrimp paste, wagyu beef, la mien, corn, fried beancurd roll, and, wild bamboo(zhu sheng). Please try both their soup broth!


Authentic stuff. You know this isn't some instant soup base. Pretty flavorful.

Cockles were fresh and sweet. Brings you back to thailand the first bite with all the spices used for this dish.

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