Really good coffee in the hole in the wall. Too bad it doesn't seem like much of a secret though

Coffee is decent, mixed berries cheesecake was good! Nice place to sit and rest after walking around in central/sheung wan area

#bakerandcook #breakfast #worldcupblues

Pretty good for $11. Except my poached egg was overlooked! Coffee was good though.

Ordering system consisted of a hidden iPad in the table. Same thing for the utensils. Very packed and bustling. The soup was addictive. Only problem was that getting them to refill the soup took countless of requests.

Not exactly in Tokyo, but near enough. And should definitely go if u happen to go ski at gala yuzawa! 500¥ for 5 cups of sake of your choice. 😱



#happinessinrandomfinds #happyalone #sconesandhomemadejams

#happinessinrandomfinds #happyalone #sconesandhomemadejams