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Got the tofu bibim salad which had a rather heavy sweet chilli sauce (so maybe not health in a bowl after all?) and really fresh ingredients. Tofu was so firm and meaty that I didn't regret choosing this over the options w meat. Yummy!!!

Fishballs were exceptionally good! The noodles were not bad either esp with the generous serving of red chilli, which went really well with the dish.

This was your usual kopitiam dessert bowl size, and for $8.90. I was highly confused, as it was nowhere stated in the menu that there were kids' meals available.

$4 (cheapest option)
Errrrr I don't get the hype over this. It was super average, queue was ridiculously long, noodles were mediocre at best and had 0 wok hei???

This was really good! Came with lots of fresh fruits and granola.

The udon was okay but the service was a real turn off. Basically, the staff were super unclear (might even say deliberately so) as to the T&Cs of the burpple beyond deal here. First, we were told that we could get the dinner set though it was only 2.30pm, and that it applied to all udon dishes on the menu. on that basis I proceeded to order a kitsune oden udon. The guy who put together my bowl of udon didn't serve the oden, but I thought it would be served later. Alas this was not to be. After taking the tempura and proceeding to the cashier, I was told that firstly, we could not get the dinner set (ie that there was no 1 for 1 tempura); second, the 1 for 1 was only for kitsune udon and not kitsune oden udon. This in itself was super suspect because kitsune udon as an ala carte dish is not even on the menu?? Anyway we then put our tempura back and requested to have the kitsune udon changed to egg udon instead (the whole point of me ordering it was for the oden) but were declined on the basis that the egg udon would take 18 min to prepare??? I'm not sure even an ostrich egg takes the same amount of time to cook, so the lack of effort in coming up with a believable excuse and cold service really spoils this place for me. Will not be back.

Black pepper beef and rice $5
Even if you are desperate, you can do better.

Tell your stomach to chill a little so your mouth doesn't suffer on its behalf. Maybe it was bc I had this at 5am while frustrated and running on severe sleep deprivation, but no one should ever have to eat this. Give me an onigiri from 7-11 any other day.

Wow this surprised me. Thought it was gna be just another boring old avocado toast but the NORI JAM, cleverly hidden beneath the blanket of crispy kale, made this a clear winner in my books. Its that kind of brunch food you order when you want to feel relatively guiltless yet not have a salad..... all in all, I really enjoyed a good catch up with a friend over brunch here. Staff are obv new and might require a little patience though - - sometimes they appeared hurried and flustered, but I foresee myself coming back often if have the $$$ to spare :-)


Added $0.60 for soy milk. This was surprisingly super creamy (despite containing no dairy) and well-balanced! They said they didn't use oatly when I asked, didn't share which brand they do use either - - guess we'll never know. All in all, defo one of the better coffees I've had recently.

$38.80++ with truffle chirashi don and miso soup


Everything here, including this chirashi don, was fresh, decently portioned and excellently presented. Prices werent too steep either, considering the quality. Really enjoyed my meal here, courtesy of my brother.

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So I stay nearby, and my dad and I were meant to go to lola's for a late lunch. In view of the overwhelming queue we had to find an alternative, and stumbled upon this gem of a place just a stone's throw away. I got the Skinny (scrambled eggs and sautéed mushrooms on rye bread, served with arugula, yogurt with maple syrup and berries, and a fruit juice) while my dad got the lunch set at $12.90 which came with his main (a generous serving of fish and chips), garlic bread, soup of the day AND a drink. Was super impressed not just w the prices but also the quality of food, service and ambience!! No service charge nor gst either. So glad we decided to stop by today after AGES of just walking past without a second glance. Honestly I'd rather go here now than Lola's and will defo be back for more things on the menu - - do give this place a try if you're in the area!