Pretty good except a little oily! Chutney and sambar clearly made fresh.

Huge serving of egg mayo - - defo freshly made, though eggs could certainly have been chopped a little more chunky. But overall a decent egg sandwich, still prefer their ploughman tho!

I don't know who is going to have the misfortune of ending up here after a nice walk in the botanic Gardens, but do yourself a favour and get out for better food. Unless there happens to be this tomato egg rice 番茄炒蛋盖饭 from the China stall next to the mala. Then get that. It is the best thing The Summit can offer you, trust me - - while not amazing, the portion is huge for the price, and altogether a really comforting dish.

Prosciutto di parma and frutti de mare half and half. This was delightful! Came here three years ago and the pizzas are even better than I remembered. One of the best you can find in SG for sure.

Got this on foodpanda bc I had a discount code and was really craving fried rice and this was the cheapest option.... But WOW THIS WAS SO GOOD. I've walked past this restaurant countless times and always thought it looked a bit shady/wasn't sure how it carried on operations bc its really so decrepit-looking, but the fried rice blew me away. Fragrant with a nice bite and generous with ingredients! Would order again even at full price.

I don't know what this place is called but it's near the central at a coffeeshop which also sells spinach soup and mee chiang kueh. We got a gigantic bowl for $18 and it fed 3 very comfortably. Seasoning was very well done!

So good and worth it! Utown food is generally pretty pricey, but I must say this beats deck ytf any day (don't really get the hype over that). Nice clear soup boiled to perfection and fresh ingredients. All this for $4.20!

Loved the quorn patty! If you want to eat light and yet still have your carbs, swap out half of it for the lettuce (they allow you to mix the bases!)

This was so good! I really liked the cream cheese. The sea salt bagel wasn't too salty either. Overall a very good pick if you're feeling like having something light for brunch.

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YUM. Really really good burger (and guilt free too!) sans the vegan mayo, though I think the broccoli side was a little yellow and off-putting. Get the fries instead.

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I heard a lot of good reviews about this place, but my dad and I came here on a Sun afternoon around 1.30pm and waited for a good 40 min even though most tables got their orders settled within 15 min. Also, both jaffles (beef cheek and fun guy) were waaaay too salty and the salt lingers on your tongue. BRB time to wash it all out with coconut water. Would not come here again.