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Breakfast Sammy ($10) Where has Korio been all my life! Hot damn, was this Breakfast Sammy one of the best morning pick-me-up I’ve ever had. Brioche toasted perfectly, meaty slabs of luncheon meat, and don’t get me started on that amazingly addictive and eggy sauce gribiche. The menu might be small, but these sandwiches got SOUL. 🙌
Grilled Haloumi Sandwich ($13) For those CBD folks who are still working in office and not on WFH, check out Korio at Far East Square! They do good grilled toasties and doughnuts 🥪🍩 ! They have a few staples and have a special sandwich every day of the week. On Tuesdays, it’s haloumi sandwich ($13). I have a soft spot for haloumi and was immediately sold by the daily special. Grilled haloumi, rockets, tomatoes and caramelised onions, smouldered with a homemade sauce are enclosed within two toasted slices of sesame sourdough. It’s hard to get a good haloumi in Singapore. The haloumi was chewy and not rubbery but it could’ve been a bit softer and springier. What made this sandwich shine were the caramelised onions and the homemade sauce which tasted akin to a special blend of mayonnaise. This helped to mask any tinge it smell although the haloumi smell is fairly mild. I’ll be back to try the rest of the sandwiches and the doughnuts.
Definitely one of the cheapest Grilled Cheese ($8) sandwiches around — with quality, that is. Korio’s take sees nutty slices of really good whole-wheat sourdough, holding together some oozy cheddar, American cheese, and caramelised onions. They’ve got the stringy, melty cheese part down pat, I love their sourdough as well, and that’s basically the makings of a really great grilled cheese sandwich already. I do wish there was a little more oomph in the caramelised onions though: either an intense savouriness (think French onion soup), or a slight touch of acidity and sugar (balsamic caramelised onions maybe?). Would’ve added a lot more complexity to this!
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