I'm a huge fan of mango sticky rice, and it's actly rarer to find durian sticky rice! The durian puree here is pretty strong in durian flavour, altho the mango could be much sweeter. Sticky rice was soft and paired well with the coconut milk.

@jinhor.sg is located at Paya Lebar Square, offering a huge variety of desserts, including chendol, orh nee and black sesame paste, so you can check them out if you're in the area 😉.

Premium Coconut ($12.90)
Coconut Jelly, Coconut Icecream, Ruby, Chin Chow, Mango Cubes, Crystal Konjac, Mango Stick Balls. Really liked how they're so generous with the different variety of ingredients, and they also gave a cup of sweet coconut water at the side! The coconut Icecream was defo my favourite, with it providing strong coconut flavour 🤤, altho would prefer if the ruby could be chewier/ have more flavour.

This is definitely a must-get, because how better to soak up all the sauce from the crab than to pair with crispy mantou 🤤.

Definitely not affordable food but it's worth a try with the quality and interesting fusion dishes they have to offer here! Would totally come back for their crab cooked in other sauces! Also, do remember to reserve else you'd prob not be able to get in since they are full-house most of the time!

Overall Rating: 8/10

They have a smaller portion for $18, and these charred noodles come with prawn, squids, pork belly, eggs, chaipoh. Thought this was a decent altho not amazing one. There's definitely crispier and better ones I've tried.

Definitely a must-order, these lightly battered corn kernels were really crispy, and coated with a thick layer of strong salted egg yolk I loved it. Extremely addictive and great for sharing.

Lite cream buttermilk sauce with curry leaves infusion. Really enjoyed the sauce here, which was creamy and went extremely well with the fried mantou we ordered as add-on. Crab was also fresh and gloves were given so you can eat with less mess or just wash your hands after!

Traditional otak-inspired coconut curry, sambal coconut milk, eggs. This was a pretty interesting one - you do get strong cocont flavour, and there's definitely enough kick to make you perspire.

Berry sauce was quite sour, but purposely made that way, so fans of sour food would love this!

NGL I'm not usually an apple pie fan, but this certainly won me over. Thin layers of sweet apple slices atop crispy tart crust, paired with really good vanilla gelato I actually couldn't get enough of it!

This tiramisu was HUGEE - the mascarpone was pretty light and I loved the strong coffee flavour here.

"Seafood stew" consisting of prawns, mussels, fish, lobster tail & scallops - was pretty hearty and flavourful, and you could pair with the bread too!

Duck breast w/ truffle mash, asparagus & baby carrots. Duck was a little tough for my liking, but truffle was slightly evident in the mash, and veg were enjoyable!