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Wei Ping Ang
Wei Ping Ang

Especially love cracking the top layer of caramelised sugar everytime, and the chocolate here is more towards milky and slightly malty, yet smooth and creamy in texture.

This crab cake was densely packed, and you can defo taste the crab/ seafood flavour.

This was pretty spicy, with the spaghetti cooked al-dente, although I'd pick their fried rice over the aglio olio.

Their fried rice was pretty flavourful, with a strong beefy flavour, albeit a little greasy for my liking. Still enjoyed the dish overall, especially when paired with the crispy garlic flakes.

Previously known as Black Pearl Steakhouse, @pnrestobar is located at Holland Village, and known for their signature cuts of steak!

Grass-fed Ribeye Steak ($36.90)
All beef cuts are served with potato salad, mesclun leaves and Housemade sauce, which in this case was Shitake Mushroom. Their beef was too chewy for my liking, as it's quite obvious it's overcooked, but the sauce was decent as a pairing.

BBQ Baby Pork Ribs ($19.90)
The ribs were surprisingly really tender, and there was actually not need for knife because it falls apart so easily. Their pork ribs were made with homemade BBQ marination, and I particularly liked the curly fries which were crispy!

Almond Roca Latte ($9.90++)
They actually offer decaf coffee, so that's defo good news for someone who can't drink coffee yet like the flavour of coffee ūü§≠. This latte had that taste you'd usually get from almond paste, which I'm not a fan of, but it's fortunately pretty light so I could still take this.

NGL the steak's tenderness really got me ūüėć, and prob one of the best ones I've tried in Singapore, altho the price might be a concern for some. (Do reco some steakhouses if you feel there's good/ better ones in Sg!)

Total was $201 for 2 pax, but we had 50% off so it's just $100 for 2, making it extremely worth it!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

You first get hit by a scent of truffle, and then yo ugrt to enjoy crunchy fries with strong truffle flavour, whilst enhancing the flavour with their truffle mayo dip!! Defo a full-on truffle experience for those who love truffle, and it's a huge basket for sure.

When you have a friend who constantly raves about their steak, you got to put this in your list of steakhouses to visit ūü§≠.

Lawry's Cut ($142++)
Each cut comes with a salad, mash potato, and Yorkshire pudding. Lawry's cut is a pretty huge cut (285g) that's shareable with 2, unless you have a really huge appetite.

We opted for medium rare, and the steak, despite the thickness, was surprisingly really tender! ūü§§ Each rib roast is aged for at least 21 days and slowly roasted, which is no wonder they're so tender!

The Yorkshire pudding was really interesting, it was crispy, and meant to be paired with the sauce on the steak plate. It's really crispy, and slightly reminds of french toast with its light eggy flavour. It also soaks up the sauce really well, which made it a pretty good combination.

You get to pair this fried squid with a side of their sauce, and it's chewy altho you have to eat it quickly as the batter loses its crunchiness after some time.

The truffle scent was stronger than its taste, and would prefer if the soup was even thicker in terms of texture!

This is such a local flavour, and this was definitely spicy! Quite a saucey one here, and would be for spice lovers. Only recalled it had a slightly alkaline flavour which I didn't particularly enjoy.

Eat Well, Travel Often.

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