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Wei Ping Ang
Wei Ping Ang

The pasta that came with this was actually pretty spicy! We picked "Less Spicy", and I'd say the spice level is slightly higher than expected considering we picked "less". For spice lovers who want a good spice kick, go for the regular/ more!

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Add-on: Truffle Mushroom Soup (+$4.50) to Tuna Steak

Mushroom soup was pretty thick with some small mushroom bits, making it pretty comforting to have!

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Choice of 2 sides: French fries & Garden greens

Honestly quite interesting because it's my first time trying a tuna steak? Also because it's my first time so I'm not sure what to expect/ what to compare to but I think it's an interesting dish overall.

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Mac and Cheese ($20)
This was pretty disappointing sadly, because it was actually really quite dry, and the cheese wasn't as creamy as expected - so I'd probably skip this.

Sizzling Blue Crab Cakes ($35)
2 crabcakes with sizzling lemon butter - which indeed were sizzling for quite some time as they were served on a really hot plate, and you got to wait for to cool before eating because it would be piping hot. There are real crab meat chunks within, and there's a slight fishy/ seafood taste from this.

Ribeye (340g/ 12oz) ($80)
USDA prime is used here too, and I'd say it's pretty well-cooked to Medium Rare. There are some really fatty parts, as expected from a Ribeye, but fans of fatty meat would love this. Seasoning was pretty much the same as the Petite Fillet, so the difference would be the cut of meat you're gonna get.

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Located in PARKROYAL Marina Bay Level 4, @rcshsingapore is known for their steaks and their signature style of serving them on plates heated to 260°c, so you'll still have them when it's hot.

Petite Fillet (170g/ 6oz) ($68) 📸 2
Decided to try the best cut since it's not often that I visit a steakhouse - and I liked watching how they cut the USDA fillet in front of us. But because it's 170g, it's essentially 4 slices of beef. You could really tell the difference from their Ribeye - this was way softer and more tender, and pretty well-seasoned with salt and pepper.

Burnt Honey Meringue & Malted Milk Chocolate
Tart was actually not bad, Milk Chocolate was decent in texture and not too heavy on the palette. Particularly liked pairing with the honey meringue.

Sudachi lime & white choc ($18)
It's layers of White Choc which actually wasn't too sweet, and topped with bits of zesty lime.

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🌟 Whole Roast Chicken & Smoked Leeks ($80)
The sauce had a slight mushroom flavour (?), and together with Winter truffle, went well with the chicken. The chicken was pretty tender, but it's the sauce that makes it memorable. Definitely worth a try, with portion that's good for sharing.

Chitose Farm Strawberry & Heirloom Beetroot ($18)
Honestly the Beetroot sorbet isn't really my thing - didn't enjoy the "Vege"/ earthy taste from the icecream, but it could just be not to my palette.

Swordtip Squid & Mussel ($27)
Sauce was made with green chilli harissa. Squid was a little too chewy for my liking and flavourwise isn't exactly to my palette tho 🙈.

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