The Ondeh Ondeh ($16++) Soufflé Pancake was covered in lashings of pandan-flavoured custard and a good drizzle of gula melaka syrup. Each mouthful like a kueh-flavoured fluff.


Croque Monsieur $9.90
The melted cheese top toasted multigrain bread filled with layers of honey baked ham and bechamel, was nicely complimented with the flowing soft boiled egg yolk and greens.
+ soft boiled egg $1.60

Apple Cinnamon Waffles 14.90
The waffles were topped with cubed apple compote. Goes yummilicious with the salted caramel, dried cranberries, pistachio n Greek yogurt.

Seven Spiced Chai Latte hot $5.8
Best chai latte I’ve had so far in a cafe!

Mocha $5.80
Good like the usual.

We love this Banana Chocolate Prata ($4) which reminds us of the French banana chocolate crepe; but this one with extra crispiness and sprinkle of colourful chocolate rice!
Never missed this as our dessert for the meal!

The Eggs Cheese Floss Prata (approx. $5) was a unique combination filled with a generous portion of cheese and floss. Definitely order it again.

The Masala Chicken set with 5 Coin Prata (approx. $8) is another order not to miss if you like your prata thick crispy n crusty, and do not mind a different kind of Indian spice flavour chicken.

This signature pandan-infused butter cake slathered with Gula Melaka & sprinkled with desiccated coconut was like a heavenly indulgence.
I was a bit hesitant with the coconut as I do not like coconuts but this one was nicely blended into the Gula Melaka.
Couple it with a cup of Lemongrass Detox Caffeine-free Tea to make a afternoon tea.

Coffee set at $7.80

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Charcoal toasted bun with thick slab of butter and fragrant kaya that is not sweet and butter.
Soft boiled eggs were really fresh & done precise to get its runny taste.
Nasi Lemak Bungkus is like a mini size version with fat anchovies & peanuts in sweet sambal.

Note: This is the main outlet in KTM Station, Jalan Station, Kluang, Johor. The others are franchises which uses oven instead of charcoal, and does not taste the same.
GPS : N02 02.024' E103 19.062'

Hokkien braised duck served in flavourful dark herbal sauce. Add braised egg or bean curd along with rice or noodle, either 幼面 or flat Foochow noodle. Don’t miss the dip in the special homemade chilli.

The braised pork belly (lorbak) so tender the fats melt in your mouth, without any oily feel.

The slow braised trotter has a generous portion of fat that is smooth n just a bit chewy in texture.
Both were braised in dark sauce but each had its own unique flavour.

Signature Lorbak $9
Slow Braised Pork Trotter $8


Mango Sticky Rice ($10), a good portion with roundish sticky rice n honey sweet mango.

Red Ruby Ice ($10), topped with jackfruit strips add a lovely flavour to the generous portion of chewy-crunchy red rubies.

Phad Thai Noodles with Prawns ($19) was springy and a bit stickier then the usual but still flavourful with medium size succulent prawns.

Tom Yum Seafood clear Soup ($20) was authentically spicy with a kick bit too fast for my sensitive stomach to signal a stop so my lunch partner finished it all!

Thai green curry with just enough lemak, fragrant n flavour.
1 serving for 4pax @$17

Also in photo is the Thai Fried Rice with Crabmeat ($18); with not a lot of crabmeat but fried rice was done well.

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The Thai Prawn cakes, a starter we will not miss in any good Thai restaurant n this did not fail is with its firm and generous bite.
4 pcs @$14

Also ordered the Baked Honey Ribs, it was a bit too dry. We all agreed we I’ll give this a miss the next time.

4pcs @$24