Crispy skin on the outside n flavourful stuffings on the inside that went really well with the Thai chilli sauce. A dish we’ll order again.
4 pcs @$10

The Iberico Ribs Platter includes 2 racks of spare ribs, Honey Rum Ribs 350g ($30.90) and Spicy Barbecue Mala Ribs 350g ($30.90), German Sausages Platter of 4 different flavours and 4 or 5 side dishes.
The ribs were well marinated and really tender. We love the shoestring fries too !
Good value at $100 for a family of 4.

Good size bowls of mee pok, mee kia n 老鼠粉 served with chewy fishballs, extra large meatball n bigger then usual yummilious fish dumplings.
$6 or $8 per bowl

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1 Opal Crescent
Opens 7am to 2pm, closed on Tuesday

Each bowl of noodles is cooked till al dente, served with sliced pork, minced meat, pork liver, braised mushroom n slices of fishcake. Special recipe braised mushroom sauce is added at the end to give a strong flavours of tanginess from the addition of black vinegar.

The boys liked theirs with generously scattered pork lard n requests will be granted!

I’m not a noodle fan but I love my mee sau nicely done here 😍😋

p.s. be prepared to queue for at least 30mins after 7.30am

Tender braised pork belly that melts in your mouth with the flavour of the marinate still in tack despite it was serve in the soup udon. The udon was thinner then the norm you get at other Japanese restaurants but it was silky with a good texture, like it was handmade. Broth was just nice the right amount of flavour for me; not too salty.

$18 from the ala carta menu, but I will order this again.

Waitress replied they do not serve the Pork Belly separately when requested on ordering.

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The signature dish Ayam Penyet (smashed fried chicken) was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.  I got the breast meat today so it wasn’t as well-marinated and juicy as the thigh. The chilli paste, unique blend of chili padi and diced tomatoes was suitably spicy without being overpowering.  The set supposedly comes with rice and a piece of fried tofu, veggies and some tempeh. But these was no tempeh in any plate on my table this time; very disappointed as I was looking forward to it.

If you love food from Indonesia, the ayam bakar set is also 👍🏻

We also ordered the iced chendol ($3). There was a generous dollop of gula melaka in the small glass, but there was only the green chendol and black grass jelly in it, no red beans or other ingredients. 

Also don’t bother trying the sambal Kang Kong as it really does not taste like it at all; just Kang Kong in the dilute sauce; a disappointment.

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I had the dried version of the old-school handmade M’sian wanton mee. I’m not a noodle fan but the springy/QQq of the noodle texture was great with the black sauce instead of tomato ketchup.

Also ordered some Yong Tau Foo items in the usual clear soup version although there is also the curry version.

Nice breakfast place to stop by with plenty of parking just along the building and clean toilets.

2 Jalan Bunga Raya 5, Pekan Baru Layang-Layang, 81850, Johor

The Classic Salmon ($9), a slice of sourdough bread spread with herbed cream cheese, layered with thinly sliced zucchini, and smoked salmon, and finally topped with slices of pickled radish.

The zucchini gives the toast a unique texture different from the usual cucumber.

The Mocha ($5) was a bit too milky for me but still ok for the price.

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Lovely presentation with the stacking and garnishing with edible flowers; but the rosti was uncooked.

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Creamy egg yolk mashed with avocado and stuffed in hard boiled egg white, over sliced tomatoes on scones.
Nice savoury mash. Was expecting a small scone to add butter or jam on but it like a halved scone topped with the mash which can a bit too much for a small eater.


Crispy light refreshing taste of BBQ pull pork arugula on a mixture of russet n sweet potato rosti, topped with sunny side up.

Tender slow cooked beef in rich beef flavoured tomato sauce and thick