Just the right dose of sweet, sour and spicy in this tom yum. Wouldn’t say it’s fully authentic but it will surely satisfy some tom yum cravings! And look at the heap of udang in this small bowl of soup! The fried squid on the other hand didn't blow me away but they're well seasoned and not overly greasy so order that for a solid appetiser to share.

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Tasty express lunch at Golden Valley. Had the Hakka Lai Fun with vegetables and free flow herbal tea + dessert of the day (red bean tong sui for mine). Nothing fancy but if you want a quick lunch in an air-conditioned setting, Golden Valley is your move.


Breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, get them all sorted here. There's a wide variety of food with over 30 dishes to choose from, it’s a dream for picky eaters. Enjoyed the Fab Five pasta dish, which is a combination of five mushrooms tossed in a creamy balsamic sauce. Almost like eating hot butter. Very delicious but it is a very dense dish afterall and portion is huge. Would totally recommend sharing this with someone and maybe also get the Patong Beach Pomelo salad (RM29) to balance it out.

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Italian food served omakase-style or in other words, "stress-free", where the menu changes daily and decided by the chefs to ensure only the freshest produce is used to dish up mouth-watering italian food. It’s all pretty experimental right now, from the service to the plating, and lunch was 50% off when I visited so I knew what I was in for.*

The three-course chef selections is compact and effortlessly classy, starting first with a simple plate of antipasto and mini mushroom soup, followed by steak with creamy mushroom sauce and light cherry tomato pasta with sword fish and cuttlefish. To quote chef Carmine who had gone on various stints at renowned hotels in the States and Australia before settling down in KL, “we want to serve Italian the way it should be served — with love!”.
To be safe, give it some time to warm up before making your way there.
*promo ended 12 Nov 17


Love a good curry and Isabel’s red curry with duck did not disappoint. An instant fave, the fragrant coconut-based red curry combines so deliciously well with succulent five-spice roasted duck and sweet lychees. Although a little pricey at RM46 for a bowl enough for two, it’s truly something spesh that will please your dinner date. Best enjoyed simply over hot egg rice.

Opened by the same folks behind Alexis, Isabel has a focus on Asian food (mostly Thai and Malaysian) and share plates, as well as a delightful selection of cocktails. The dishes are made with fresh ingredients, and it really shows in the curry, as well as my other orders of the Ulam Platter and Steamed Okra with sambal belacan (this was yummy!). Decor is stylish and it gets packed with expats (thanks to the location), so be sure to book a table if you’re counting on your next date night here.

That crunch factor when you load up a heap of keropok onto steamed rice drenched in thick sauce and fried chicken on the side? That’s the deal here at Ilham which has earned a reputation for dishing up one of the best nasi kukus in town. Meal is cheap, setting you back at just RM6 for a pack of nasi kukus served with tangy pineapple acar, three types of gulai (gulai ikan, gulai darat & kuah kerutup), sambal and ayam goreng. Opt for the keropok (that’s an additional RM3) to complete your meal. What I liked best about this dish is the rice. And while the gulai didn’t soak through the middle, the rice was cooked to my liking; a little wet and a little sticky. I’d close one eye on their skimping of the curry for this 🍚 This and the keropok.

Service is canteen-style, so queue up for your pack of nasi kukus first then grab a pack of keropok and order your drink, before making your way to the counter for payment.

A welcoming addition to Jalan Sultan, this beautiful and airy cafe is part of Tian Jing; a new boutique hotel with an old Shanghai vibe. For now, no savoury food yet as the building is still under reno, but there’s a huge range of simple but delicious-looking housemade cakes on offer as well as coffee with beans from Illy. Keep an eye on their Facebook page — you might just find yourself with a too-good-not-to-miss buy cake, free coffee deal!

Kill two birds with one stone at this new Little Food Shop. Part grocery store, part cafe, brekky is served till 11 and the nasi lemak is sourced from the owner’s favourite nasi lemak seller. I had a go with their Chicken Rice for lunch. It was filling but not a very stellar dish to justify the price tag. Maybe the beef noodles would be a better dish to try.


This Buddhist temple’s canteen in the heart of KL will keep both your tummy and pockets full with their vegetarian buffet-style food. At Dharma Monastery, you can get a quick hearty meal of rice or noodles of the day (I got bihun), topped with your choice of veggies and tofus (brinjal and okra are my faveeee) and a drink for less than RM10 a meal. Total score!

In essence, a cheese-wheel pasta is a style of pasta made by tossing freshly cooked pasta into a hollowed cheese wheel. There are two very common kinds of cheese used in making this dish, 1) the Parmigiano Reggiano, 2) Grana Padano. A layer of cheese will then be scraped off inside the wheel and melt together with the hot pasta. At Neroteca, the hallowed cheese part of the Parmigiano Reggiano is lit with fire, giving it a slight edgy burnt taste. Super good.
Being a big fan of Neroteca's, I had similar hopes with Nicsmann. The promise of delicious pasta tossed in a giant wheel of Parmesan seemed enticing coming from the banner in front of the restaurant. Sad to say I was disappointed. The topped parmesan was served slightly room temperature, tasted musty and strands of pasta could be found clinging together like a clumpy, gummy mush. It tasted a little too bland after a while — the flavour was just lacking depth. Hate to compare, but this dish totally lacked in that mouth-filling wonderfulness I had at Neroteca. Decor-wise, it's simple and contemporary, lots of pub vibes, more of a salaryman's weeknight spot than a sunday dinner with the parents.


Grilled salmon with sweet soya sauce, served with chawanmushi, adegashi tofu, potato salad, pickles and miso soup.

Uroko have got all the Japanese staples like sushi, yakitori and bento sets covered on their menu. My choice of the lunch set was not mind-blowing but definitely filling and well-worth the affordable price tag. The staff are friendly and the space, sleek and stylish yet untimidating, making Uroko ideal for lunch and dinner without worrying about dressing up too much.