From late night eats to fine and wine, there must be a reason why this neighbourhood is always crowded.
Trisha Toh
Trisha Toh

Tasty express lunch at Golden Valley. Had the Hakka Lai Fun with vegetables and free flow herbal tea + dessert of the day (red bean tong sui for mine). Nothing fancy but if you want a quick lunch in an air-conditioned setting, Golden Valley is your move.


If you’ve been dying for a bar where you can drink and be super casual in singlets, save this place on your list! Total judgement-free and easily one of the best casual wine bars in KL thanks to their extensive, ever-evolving wine list full of red, whites and other alcoholic beverages scrawled across the dining room. The service is impeccable, with knowledgeable servers and founders who have been in the industry for decades. Note that wines are sold by the bottle (highly encouraged to as all bottles are priced lower than what you would usually get in restaurants). Call on your vino-loving friends to share a bottle and settle in for some ‘share-style’ food too as recommended by one of the founders, Chew.


Three words: Cast iron cocottes. Nothing says French than cast iron Staub pots. Literally everything's served in these pots, hence the name. The menu boasts classic names like ratatouille, beef bourguignon and pan seared foie gras. Their set lunch menu is one of the best deals in KL – for RM32-58, you get to choose 2-4 courses, which includes one of Cocott’s must-have homemade crusty bread. Their take on the Ratatouille was a whole pot of deliciousness! A total textural perfection with the parmesan crumbs on top. Seasoning was ace. Get that. Their set lunch menu changes weekly, so be sure to check on their Facebook page first before devising your ordering gameplan. Bon appetit!


“Craft beer is the new wave” said their About page, and damn right it is. KL’s craft beer scene is booming big time and with the opening of Paus, it seems like this wave won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Clueless about craft? Paus can help with that with its variety of bottles neatly arranged by type along with short descriptions of the beer and price. Bummed that Brewdog isn’t available on the shelf (yet, I hope), I was stoked to find the next best IPA on the shelf by New Zealander Stoke (RM25). Crisp and fruity packed with honey and citrus undertones. Pair that with Paus’ selection of small nosh (the Roast Pork, RM25, is deeeelicious) and you’re guaranteed a good time.

KL's Mee Pok King - Tang House of Fishball handcrafts one of the most enjoyable flat and springy yellow noodles in the city. The Signature Mee Pok (RM6) is served with savoury minced pork, lard oil, slices of fish cakes and pork lard topping. There’s also a jar of Chinese chilli sauce on the side (not the bottled kind), which I highly recommend perusing to heighten the flavour of the otherwise dry dish.

Alternate Mee Pok restos: Tang Pin House of Fishball, SS2 or the several Tang outposts


New York may be 15000 kilometres away, but for a surprisingly tasty NY-inspired bagel, try Bowery’s Breakfast Bagel (RM24.8) - cheesy scrambled eggs, chicken bacon, TRUFFLE MAYO (can I just say that everything tastes good with truffle?!) salad and a shareable portion of fries, OR the delightful new-on-menu Breakfast Pizza (RM22.8) peppered with beef pepperoni, eggs, olives, signature cheese and greens featuring Bowery’s take on Spring.

So much more than breakfast, this gourmet American deli also serves mind-boggling 22” pizzas presented on a marbled, floured countertop that will make you think twice of saving for that trip to New York.

Coffee-lovers will be happy to know that their coffee beans are imported from roasters in Australia (brands on rotation). Best paired with Bowery’s signature Chocolate Babka (RM9.8 per roll) or their novelty Rainbow Bagel (RM10.9) for those with a sweet tooth, and they’re just a fraction of the array of house-made pastry and dessert menu.

Good stuff!


Every now and then I would pass by this street-corner coffee shop and it has never crossed my mind to visit. Until today. Here's a promising tai chow place for some classic Chinese dishes in the evening (by day, individual stalls are set up, each specialising one dish). For dinner, try the Sizzling Japanese Egg Tofu (RM12) — steeped in thick soy, dished up on hot pan. Or the Salted Egg Yolk-style French Beans (RM13), the OG of the Egg Yolk invention. The Guiness Chicken could do a little more stout, not that I'm an alcoholic or anything. There is no printed menu here but the man who collects all orders seemed friendly enough on our visit that asking for dining advice shouldn't be too intimidating.


A neighbourhood stalwart, this watering hole channels TTDI’s casual, laid-back vibes. if it’s gourmet food you’re looking, walk on. What they have is some enticing pub grub like pigs in a blanket and the requisite porky fries - to go with a cold draught beer. Happy Hour (4-8pm) can save you some serious bucks with beers going for RM10.6 per 1/2 pint. Best time to go within those hours.


A staple of social life in Japan, Torii checks all the elements of standard Izakaya gastropubs - upscaled to fit the trendy and hip TTDI and Batai neighbourhoods.
Torii is part whiskey bar and features a wide range of quality whiskeys filling up the wall at the back of the restaurant, honouring Mr Shinjiro Torii "Father of Japanese Whiskey".
With more than 40 yakitori to choose from, the Ox Tongue (RM17) is a perennial favourite on every visit. Other modern dishes are also on offer and are made perfectly for sharing such as the Slow-Cooked Tenderloin with Fried Caper Sauce (RM27.9) and delicious runny egg in the Autumn Risotto (RM27.9) dish topped with crab claw, egg yolk and asparagus.
Skip the sweets and wash down your meal with some of Torii's refreshing whiskey cocktails.


Casual dining and drinking spot offering an array of drinks from premium malt whiskeys, vodkas, tequilas, gins, rums, to cocktails and mocktails. House pour wines go from RM23.9 per glass. Ask the bartender for recommendations.


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