Hua Yu Wee Restaurant:
#JonNoApprove unfortunately...
Booked table at 8.30pm, Carpark was full,had to wait around 10mins to get a Carpark slot. The wait was sufferable but was it worth it tho?
$10 Kai Lan: 6/10 Basic and Olden day vibes after eating,nothing spectacular. Not much salt and msg. Chunky & fibrous.
$16 Deep fried Butter Oil Prawn: 7/10 Hit me awake when I bite into it. Big,crunchy due to bits of cereals,and meat is juicy. Good but shortlived.
$74.80 Pepper Crab: 6/10 Ok. Nothing special
$81 Pig Trotter: Fatty,chewy,crunchy.
$8 Olive Fried rice: 7.5/10 Love the fried lards inside, umami. Fragrant and flavorful,salty too. Cereal bits give the crunchy texture too.

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Shin Minori [email protected]:
Sashimi is cold, fresh and fatty. Temari has sweet sauces that is just right to enjoy the dish. Sushi is flavor packed,umami and crunchy. Chawanmushi is better than average,eggy flavor. Gyoza is crispy,meaty,the oil inside tho... Strawberry mochi is sweet.

$22 Double Bacon&Cheese Burger [email protected], Suntec:
8/10 Food is fragrant. Fries are of substantial texture. Sauce is flavorful. Inclusion of onions and choice of greens compliment the flavors of burger. Beef is mushy and tender, bacon is crunchy which boosts each other's flavors. Quality of beef is worth for the price. Honey lemon is sour but got the artificial sweetener taste. Overall,it's subway but burger form.

$8.90 Ayam Goreng [email protected] Indonesian Street Food, Lucky Plaza:
Fried bits are umami and crunchy. Corn,carrot&peas are all boiled till they are nonexistent,just retaining their textures. Rice is flavorful,reminding of the rice in Indonesia. Sambal goreng is mushy yet pleasant, maciam mashed potato. Long beans are clean tasting and crunchy. Fried sotong is salty, crunchy and flavorful. Ayam is tender and Abit dry. The nutty sauce is nutty and shiok. This with chicken is like satay sauce chicken.

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Hans I'm Gluck($80.80):
1) Wolper Burger - 9/10 Patty is great. Veg is umami. Patty is tender.
2) Hans I'm Gluck - 9/10 Patty is mushy. Sauce is flavorful.
3) Zehnt - 8/10 Meaty,tender. Saucy.
4) Fries - Salty & umami.
5) Sweet Potato Fries - Salty,sweet & umami
6) Fried Chicken - Salty,crunchy,flavorful.

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Yun Nans($64.60):
1) Poached Pork Collar - 8.5/10 Spicy and pepperish,assaulting back of mouth. Pork is chewy and tender.
2) Steamed Chicken pot soup - 8.25/10 Can taste the steamed chicken in the soup. Chicken is Abit dry.
3) Chargrilled Seabass - 8.25/10 Nice,got the lime to enhance flavor.

Peperoni Pizzeria($90):
Burrata - 9/10 Savoury. Crust is crunchy.
Seafood - seafood taste is stonk. Sotong is fresh and flavorful. Savoury.
Onion rings are lemon good, chewy and flavorful.
Mushroom balls are good,crunchy,enough space to enjoy,good amount of salt. Meat is marinated well.

$4 Sungei Road Laksa:
8.5/10 Queued for 25mins. 5 cockles are legit and chewy. Laksa is spicy, authentic seafood curry flavor. Noodles are smooth. Just stonks with seafood.

Hamburg Steak Keisuke:
1)$24.90 Hamburg Prime Beef Steak with Shiokoji Chicken - 9/10 Fried Ebi breadings are good. Sauce didn't help much. Fried beancurd skin has charred taste. Tofu is not too plain, has a firm texture. Chicken is grilled with sea salt. Rice is cooked nicely. Hamburg is mushy, tender,right amount of saltiness, got charred taste too. It is really well cooked, maybe becos it is small so it tastes better. Beansprouts absorb the teriyaki sauce well. Miso soup is ok. Brown sauce can be Abit too overpowering for the hamburg. I feel that it is good by itself.
Free flow salad bar too. Wow, Can order tamago,salad. No oil dressing is Abit sour, but it complements broccoli well. It gives the acidic feels. Seaweed has a firm bite,fresh vegetables. Tamago is fresh and eggy, there is enuf flavor too. Gobo is sensitizing and flavorful. Hijiki is awesome to chew, they mix it well,not too clumpy, one is able to taste why individual elements that make the dish.

Noosh Noodle Bar &[email protected] Mall:
1)$2.190 Niboshi Ramen with Meltique Sirloin Beef - 7.5/10 Coriander and beef broth smells stonks. Soup is warmth to my body, beef flavor is umami. Tastes like pho and msg. Hanjuku egg is great. Beef slices are medium rare, tender and chewy. Noodles are Abit too chewy. Overall, noodles hinder the life of soup, if they were less chewy, experience would be so much better. They were overcooked.
2)$10.90 Butter Beer - 8/10 Foamy with vanilla, Abit gassy and sweet. Quite refreshing to drink but price is on the steep side. No alcohol,reminding me of root beer float without ice cream but foam.

Ippudo [email protected] City:
1)$20.95 Shiromaru Motaoji Special - 8.5/10 Broth is stonks, pork broth. Seaweed isn't the hard kind. Black fungus is chewy. Boiled egg's yolk is smooth and egg itself is soft. Pork is tender, umami packed pork, not too salty,the fats are sinfully good. Medium texture noodles are chewy. All in one spoon is just greatness.
2)$8.95 Ippudo Gyozas - 7/10 Small, filled with pork essence, salty and skin is Abit crispy. With soy sauce, saltiness is more enunciated. Chili oil makes it a tad spicy. Both sauces with dumplings are ok.

Ms Durian
Durian cake - Crunchy with nuts, taste is good.
Good wood park hotel durian cake - Creamy, have the legit Durian flesh.