Note: this is a takeaway/grabfood place.

Pretty decent philly beef sandwiches at $8.90 each! Can't beat that price. Good quality beef, wished there's more cheese though. $3 for beef chilli fries add-on is a steal!

Update: The shakshuka and smoky pulled beef is good too!

Truffle cheese cake is like $10 and crumbles too easily. Wish it is a little denser!


Decent waffles and ice cream! Cakes are slightly overpriced though.

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One of the more authentic thai restaurants at affordable prices. Love the sea bass fish and otah wrapped in seafood. Plus it's less crowded than Nakhon which is overrated. Egg Omelette is super well fried and yummy.

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Seriously one of the best yet underrated BCM in the middle of the hawker (Blue Star Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles). Order set #9 and you get a huge serving of fishballs, meatball, hee giao and mushrooms. Yumz.

Pretty normal food for its price

Pretty normal food for its price. Nice place to chill