Claypot lou Shu fun (RM28+) here is a moonlight dry version but packed with umami. The added egg coated the noodles smoothly, and their minced pork recipe is different from the usual hawker style salted fish taste, but nicely seasoned

Try This crunchy fried radish cake (RM 28) for a swap in taste from ur usual dim sum table menu! Soft radish cake encased in a crispy outer skin coated with fried onions, curry leaves and spices, made a surprisingly good combination on palate, you won’t stop at one

The pink hue from healthy beetroot juice is Bala’s signature daily special thosai.
Ordered one for my mom who never like thosai , and she wiped the plate clean! ‘Nuff said I supposed, yes, that good on its own or with main dishes!
(Rm 4.10)

This black rice lemak is a love it or hate it dish to me. Like it’s healthy twist, but coconut cooked black rice is slightly too sticky. The chicken rendang and prawn sambal on the side is in good portion and flavours that taste almost like how your grandpa’d do it!

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Glutinous rice on a sticky rib with abalone slices was a highlight of the meal. Flavours are bold, The portion is small with the higher price tag but you’re guaranteed with premium good ingredients and satisfaction in every mouthful !

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They serve up a good spread of pastry bar, Beef pie (RM28+, if I remember correctly) with tender meat well seasoned enveloped in thin crispy skin, albeit greedily wished it has more filling. if laksa johor is your thing, visit on Tuesday brunch buffet!

Roasted chicken in light tarragon sauce (RM38+) charred crispy skin, moist tender flesh within, the roasted potato wedges and greens ( choi tam, they used here) are subtly infused with chicken fats

Hokkien style fried noodles (RM 28+) loaded with lardy goodness, goes so well with the sambal they supplied on the side. This dish has got the old sch sense on palate, except no worries of breaking into sweat

Scallop Chee Cheong Fun (RM 18) Portion is generous where every one gets a scallop beneath the smooth, soft but not sticky, with a mildest chew wrap. Hint: top it with their fragrant dried shrimp condiment!

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It got me hook at first bite! Here they do not toss in all sorts of fatty slices for fillings, u get good tiny chunks of meat, tender to bite, cooked with dark sauce slightly sweetened; not to forget the fluffy pau skin. Steamed bun with BBQ Pork (RM18)

Yong tau foo noodles here are served with 5 fish paste varieties- pick from bitter gourd, taufu, tau kee, fish balls, fried dumplings! Price range RM 5-6, reasonable and fresh. Waiting time up to 45mins, and some ingredients run out pretty early on weekends

For teatime snack, you can always count on a Honey carrot cake slice (RM14) here. Like the cake is not overly sweet, so moist and densely packed with coconut, carrots and walnuts

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