Startin' Monday Right! What's there to fuss about Monday when a blend of 4 different types of beef- grass-fed Angus neck, Aomori Gyu ribeye, Toriyama Umami Wagyu A4 tenderloin, and Sendai Wagyu A5 brisket were sandwiched in between 2 Buns and Sits infront of you!.

Coating of @burgerlabo housemade bone marrow "butter" somehow made the burger taste even better! It's beyond perfection!.



Shang Social (香聚 ) marks @shangrilasg Group's first venture in standalone dining establishment outside of a hotel setting and pays tribute to three distinctive Chinese cuisines – Cantonese, Huaiyang, and Sichuan!.

Two Main Highlights Or Must Haves would be - 生煎包 & Dry Bamboo Noodles W Char Siew and Shrimp!.

At [@shangsocial], Prepared to be "WOW" by their culinary journey conceptualized by three of Shangri-La’s highly acclaimed master chefs. The extensive menu features traditional and contemporary interpretations of classic Chinese cuisine while staying true to their authentic flavours and roots and that's what I'm craving for tonight!🤤.


It's been quite sometime since I've last had a good bowl of Tendon! Chance upon, [@akimitsusg], An Award Winning Tempura and Tendon Restaurant which originated from Asakusa in Tokyo! With over 128 Years Of History And Experience in this field!.

I was Mind blown by it's a generous bowl of Tendon! My whole bowl was literally filled with Tempuras which includes- Fish, Prawns, Egg and Assorted Vegetables And I'm paying only $14 ish for these, Along with a small bowl of Chawamushi!.

They're available in @plazasingapura , @vivocitysingapore and Now in @northpointsg


Awarded Michelin one-star, Savour classic Cantonese dishes and an extensive selection of dim sum delicacies at Summer Palace! Yes, We've Opt For Executive Chinese Chef Liu's Tasting Menu [$60] Which includes A Cup Of Tea! Menu offers weekly rotational of the menus featuring Chef Liu's signature wok-fried dishes, traditional dim sum delights and a selection of nutritious double-boiled soups!.

The only regret was not booking early because all the window seats was fully booked!


Tucked along Yishun Industrial Street, You'll find a humble ZiChar Establishment- [] Situated Inside A Posh BizHub!.

It's really hard and rare for Zi Char Dishes to go wrong! Especially it's always those few dishes you can find out there! However, Chef at Yishi Kitchen went beyond and create something extra-ordinary, Being really innovative and curating dishes that you'll rarely see out there!.

Featured in Frame are Yishi's Signature Crispy Crackly Egg [$8/$12/$16] and Champagne Pork Ribs [$14]. Well, Who would actually thought of Presenting dishes like these! Ice cream on Pork Ribs? Haha! Most importantly, Flavours goes pretty well!.

Thanks and @sqtop for the invitation!

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Sweeten Up Your Afternoon Tastebuds With Cakes and Pastries From This 3 Weeks Old [@voyage.patisseriesg]!.

Voyage Patisserie Feature French Pastries, Helmed By Chef Benjamin, With Years Of Experience at Fine Dinning Restaurant! So expect beautiful plated dessert served elegantly in front of you!

Thanks for the great service earlier @voyage.patisseriesg


Can't wait to Slurp on Oysters and Chuck on Sapporos 🍻 On Thursday!.

Le Coq is a Bar+Restaurant Tucked among the bars along Church Street! Not just Serving Delicious Bar Bites but Also Scrumptious Mains Such As Salmon Mentai Pasta [$22], Chirashi Supreme [$30] and Cold Spicy Salmon Udon [$17].

Those Drinking and Dinning With A Bigger Group And Budget, Do Consider their Meat Platter Which Consist Of Crispy Pork Knuckle, Sweet Pork Skewers and Bratwurtz Sausage @ Only $58. To add on a lil seafood touch to your Experience, You May Also Consider having Le Coq's Premium Tapas Platter Which Consist Of Oysters with Uni and Ikura, Foie Gras Mousseline, Parma Ham, Bone Marrow, Duck Rillette, Mixed Olives @ [$49].

Happiness Level Went Up a little higher when Uni bomb [$15/piece] Was Served With Oysters with Uni and Ikura ($22/2 pieces)! It's been so long since I've had a seafood feast!.

Thanks @lecoqsg For Having Us! And @sgnomster @makanwarrior For the invitation!.


Whenever We're around Jalan Besar Area, Is either we're too full or we've other plans in mind! Hence, Didn't really have a chance to give 88 HK Roast Specialists A Shot!.

Well, Since we're around the Area With No Plans today. We've decided to give them a call to double check on their Roast Availability cause it's running kinda late and their items might be already Sold Out!.

Unfortunately, We've only Roast Duck and Char Siew as our options. Duck was lusciously presented upon and was drenched in their glorious sweet sauce! I have to say their Meat was really well done in texture W a great bite to it, However their Sauce was a little to sweet to my liking!.

I guess i would definitely patronise then again! Next time, I would definitely be early for their Sio Bak!🍴🤤


What's better than having Gelatos & Waffles On A Saturday!.

Check out this 2 Months Old Gelato Café - [@pobosg]. Tucked Away In The Quaint Neighbourhood Of Clementi West!.


Tucked Inside Rochester Park, We Have Beerfest Brewery & Restaurant. A traditional restaurant, famous for its craft beer and classic Western and Slavic cuisine!.

I'm here Mainly Because Of their Huge, Large polished beer tanks with fresh brewing beer! Yes, Beer is always live, fresh and unfiltered at Beer Fest Brewery. Made according traditional German technologies, BeerFest's beer contains live yeast culture, which makes Beerfest beer a healthy drink.

Here at BeerFest, Not Only You'll enjoy Varieties Of Beers, But also delicious Western food such as BeerFest's signature German pork knuckle, Crispy Pork Belly, German sausages, Beef stake pizza, pasta, seafood, beer snacks and Appetizer!.

With lush green atmosphere, Pleasant Background Music, BeerFest's Ever Friendly Crew and Your Great Company, Make BeerFest Brewery & Restaurant Your Next Gathering Place!.

Thanks @vincentfoodstagram for the invitation and @polianskiisergei for having us over!


Immersed and Indulge Your Afternoon Cravings At Alter Ego Where you'll find Artistic Hand painted murals, industrial walls and ceilings all around you! Tucked Within Singapore Iconic Landmark- Esplanade!.

Yes! Alter Ego, Second Self Of Of A Poke Theory Features Hawaiian Poke Bowls And Mouthwatering Brunch Items in the day and Served Bottles Of Affordable Craft Beers & Bar Bites During the Night!.

Best Place to Wind Off and Chill Out After A long day at Work, Especially On [#MondayBlues] Or During [#TGIFs].


Evening Folks, It's Finally Midweek!.

Craving for something light yet satisfying this evening! Hence, We've Decided to pop by Famous 3Rd Floor Kway Teow Kia Which is Tucked Along Jalan Stulang Darat!.

Yeap! It's rather inaccessible, Out Of The Way and Looking Run Down! But that's the kinda Traditional Hawker Stalls We're Looking For Where Good Food Exists!.

Full With Nostalgic Flavours! 👍