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Ajumma's (The Cathay)

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Ajumma's is a casual Korean dining restaurant that serves fresh, home-made and delicious Korean favorites at pocket friendly prices!


From the Burpple community

I went into egg coma after.
Too much for one to handle hahaha

Korean honey pancake. The outer layer is very crispy but a bit oily. If you’re a fan of crispy fried food then this is your thing! Also the filling is sweet honey with a bit of cinnamon. I got this for free by reviewing for the restaurant on Google.

Boneless tender ribs marinated in their secret sauce. Comes with rice and 4 banchan. I really like the juicy and tender meat. The sauce is nice too.

Can be topped with chicken bulgogi! Comes with 4 banchan (side dishes).

A side note from the restaurant service: the staff can only speak Chinese so it was quite difficult when we ask them certain dishes or promotion details in English. Also, the 20% off is only for delivery and the 10% off for member’s 1st time order is for the next order.

Crispy fried chicken and rice cakes tossed in a sticky sauce for only S$9.90!

Can be shared between a group of 2-3 friends!

Seafood Pancake $11.90++
Jjajangmyeon $11.90++
Japchae $9.50++
(1-for-1 deal on main dishes, Tuesdays 6-8PM)
* Iced water is served F.O.C

Queued at 7.40pm, ordered at 7.55pm, all dishes arrived by 8.30pm

- Loved the Seafood Pancake
- Jjajangmyeon portion is huge but...seriously does not taste authentic. Could not finish and will not order again
- Japchae flavour was good but noodles were overcooked and lacked chewiness
- Banchan was served in little plastic disposable cups. Both the corn and kimchi smelled bad and tasted off, so we returned to the staff. The sesame seaweed Banchan was good. Mixed it into my Jjajangmyeon to try to mask its weird herby taste.