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We ordered the Paris Brest and Pistachio eclairs together with two drinks. Both flavours were well-infused into the cream and the texture of the eclairs matched well with the heaviness of the cream. Would recommend for a light afternoon tea or dessert!

Uji Matcha, hojicha, and black goma soft serve. Served with mochi balls, popped rice and azuki. Rich flavors of real ingredients. Worthy.

Bread roll topped with lobster pieces and melty cheese. Bread was a little too airy to fill full from it. Lobster bisque was flavorful - notes of shellfish flavor, not too creamy but has a thick consistency.

Soft fluffy bun (very airy) lightly toasted, filled with shredded lobster flesh and a few larger pieces of pincers. Fresh but couldn't taste much of the "seafood" flavor. Comes with lobster bisque and soft drink.

$4.50 for this was... It really depends on how you look at it. Very cheap for a giant cup at a bubble tea shop, but also not that cheap for a regular drink. Winter melon wasn't too sweet, which is a common problem, so that's great. But the amount of ice for a giant cup meant it diluted soon. Came with aiyu.

For $29 for two, I think it was quite worth it. Lobster meat was fresh and the bun was fragrant and well-toasted. The bisque tasted good but was unfortunately clumpy. Wish they had more drinks options (only 100plus and iced lemon tea). I understand that its a takeaway stand but it might be good to consider not using so much plastic (the lids are quite unnecessary) for dine-ins! A good deal with Burpple but I wouldn’t eat this on an ordinary day without the promotion.

Soy based stewed chicken with crispy flaky sesame sticks. Appreciate the hot pot plating that keeps the gravy and pastry hot. Flavorful and homely.

Thick substantial pieces of chewy tendons with chunky leek slices. Great dish but pricey for the quantity.

The "not so brave" me ordered their chicken thigh in lemon & herb heat level from their 6 choices on the PERi-ometer! Yummy 😋
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DIY mega san ($11.90)

Get to choose the wrap, rice, 5 ingredients and sauce. Very filling and the ebi fry is nice!

We really loved the BBQ pork buns so that is highly recommended ($6.30 for 3). The sesame salted egg balls was something we didn’t try before and we really loved it ($4.50 for 3). Another recommended dish would be the Hong Kong pork chop noodles ($8 promotion) because the pork chop was very flavourful and you could taste the garlic spices which went well with the thin noodles and light soup base.