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Black Garlic Tonkotsu Udon $12.40

I alr tried Truffle Tonkotsu Udon previously. So I decided to try something that I never ordered b4. So the broth was quite creamy, milky and full of black garlic oil similar to truffle oil also. It was so good that I do recommend for trying it out. But the udon was usual (not that soft or hard) but tonkotsu was slightly hard a bit to chew. I realised that they add tempura bits into the soup.

Recently I eat much tempura on last week and my sister she didn't want me to eat too much and choose only one tempura.

Shitake Mushroom ($1.60) I want to order Kakiage (mixed veg tempura) so I prefer more healthy tempura but in the end sister didn't know what is mixed veg tempura and order shitake mushroom instead for me) not that hard and crispy.

Crabstick ($1.60) also not that hard and crispy. Usually they r huge size for seafood and really enjoy 😅.

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Love this laksa pizza topped with lots of prawns, squid, clams, quail eggs, fish cake and laksa leaves. Often pair this with a pasta to share between 2 pax


A generous serving of spaghetti, crabmeat, spicy Pomodoro sauce topped with saved parmigiano


Beard papa now offers Mochi Mochi, their new Mochi puff with peach cream (season of peach!!). The Mochi texture is nice on first bite but after a few mouth, it gets a bit too stick for my liking. Nonetheless, the peach cream is delicious, light, not too sweet with a tinge of tanginess.

Expected Damage: $3-$4

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Expect long or long-waiting queues for this place! But it’s worth the queue for their beef pho. Very rich and earthy broth that’s very comforting to the soul. Bahn Mi is dry and would prefer Nam Nam’s.

Expected Damage: ~$20/pax

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A very interesting and good match between matcha and yuzu. There were so many layers in this cake, from the top the yuzu jelly layer which had jelly texture but really thick and strong yuzu flavor. There the matcha cheesecake layer, which was very rich in matcha flavour, not so much on cheese taste, and was not overly sweetened so the matcha flavor could still be tasted. There was some almond biscuits with white chocolate as the base, which was really the sweetener of the cake. The almond biscuits part was really fragrant and so familiar in taste. White chocolate was crunchy and sweet. A good balance for those who wants some sugar in their cake but I felt it was slightly too sweet.


The first burger that I have tried with a steak in it! I chose medium rare for the steak, which was served in the buns together with cheese, tomatoes and dark yuzu sauce. The steak was decent, but not the best if you are looking to eat steak. The yuzu sauce was interesting; overall flavour was strong and tasty. It also came with curly fries which was really crispy! It remained crispy even after a while. There was also some salad at the side. Worth a try but I prefer the pizzas here.


Their signature Fire Bu Jian Tian Char Siew ($21.80) is a recipe perfected over the years, made using the “bu jian tian” cut of the meat that has a good ratio of fats to lean meat. When served, the meat is enhanced with the sweetness and flavour by the torched mixture of brandy and lemon extract. Additionally, you can pair your noodle or rice with the Triple Roast Meat Platter ($21.80), which you can get a combination of their Firewood Roasted Duck, Crispy Pork Belly and Char Siew.

In addition to their roast meats, they have an extensive menu of zichar dishes that we have sampled, including the Signature Beancurd ($13.80) which comes bubbling in a claypot, filled with ingredients such as mushrooms, carrots, snow pea and roasted pork. For a balanced meal, the Trio Egg Spinach ($13.80) is a great complement together with the Salted Egg Prawns ($18.80) that is always a great addition to the meal.
✨ Roasted Story
📍 264 Middle Road, Unit 01-01, Singapore 188990
🌐 https://www.roastedstory.com/
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First time coming here but bad experience. Staff did not even inform us about food wastage prior. Poor service, food was so so. Unhygienic as we were told to reuse the bowls for picking our food items. No tissue was provided. Generally an unpleasant experience for first timers. Do not recommend.

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My second visit here for their high tea set!

The Degustation High Tea Set consists of the following items:
6 assorted mini eclairs
2 mini chicken bacon pie
4 assorted quiches
2 mini savoury scones
2 Parmesan Onion Crostini
2 Egg Mayo Choux
2 Mushroom Vol-au-vent
2 beverages (1 per person)

For the beverage, you can choose from drinks like iced cold matcha and hot teas too!

The high tea set is only available at the Dhoby Ghaut outlet. A very lovely and nice place to chill and relax. I also like how they have high tea set timing for 12pm, great for ppl like me who love to have high tea for lunch, instead of during afternoon high tea hours.
You will need to pay in advance upon reserving your slot online though. This set for 2 pax costs $68, one of the more affordable high tea sets in Singapore, and the best in terms of taste for this price point in my opinion!

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The extensive menu serves a variety of classic Hong Kong fare from your Cantonese roast to stir fry dishes. The Peking Duck ($78) came with the crispy duck skin that you wrap with the other accompanying ingredients in the egg crepe while the meat is used to braised with rice vermicelli and preserved vegetables.

Other dishes that we have tried include the Marinated Cold Jellyfish Head with Shallot Oil ($16) that brings a tang from the black vinegar, Double-boiled Fish Maw and Shark Cartilage Soup ($40) that is packed with collagen goodness and Whole Fish prepared 2 ways, fillet is sautéed and fish bone is wok fried.
✨ Pi Food
📍 9 Penang Road, Unit 01-18, Singapore 238459
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@tamoyasg's black garlic tonkotsu udon is my type of comfort food with creamy tonkotsu broth and the silky smooth udon noodles that was easy to slurp 😋 loving the tempura bits that add that extra crunch too!

They have discounts and 1 for 1 lunch sets on burpple beyond for a good deal!