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The Social Kitchen is truly a hidden gem at Orchard/Dhoby Ghaut. Nestled on the 4th floor of the YMCA building, TSK is a social enterprise that partners with community organisations to operate their kitchen and cafe to optimally benefit the disadvantaged. I chanced upon them while scrolling through Grab, where their 1-1 offer on their vegetarian series caught my eye.

The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente with an addictive tomato based sauce on the sweeter side. Not quite sure how I feel about the “NoMeatballs” as it is my first time trying them. I was served by a really sweet waitress and her friendly supervisor who quickly whipped up another portion of pasta when they realised they had gotten my order wrong ☺️.

Have been wanting to try this forever since I saw it at Jewel. One éclair is around $7.50-8.50~. Decided to try it out using the 4 for 4 deal with Burpple Beyond. So the total bill was $33 for 8 pieces of the eclairs + an extra box to split them into two boxes of four.

Paid $0.50 extra for another box to split them into two boxes of fours to share them with a friend.

It was worth trying with the deal. Overall, I found the Lavender flavoured éclair to be the nicest and I would purchase that again. The other flavours I tried did not impress me.

I don’t think it is worth buying them at $8+ but definitely try it out first with the deal, if you have Burpple Beyond, and then decide if it is something you enjoy☺️

Will go back to try the other flavours (the rose lychee one looks interesting), using the burpple beyond deal of course 😋

Flavours in picture (From left to right): Lavender Milk Chocolate, Pistachio, Paris Brest, Vanilla & Caramelised Pecans

Seasonal favourite and the most unique of all that I've tried. The green and red colours simply looked Christmasy. Due to the strong flavours of basil, strong whiffs of basil hit the nose the moment my box of 3 was opened. I'd say this is an acquired taste tho! Not for non-basil loving fans (just like Bird of Paradise's Strawberry basil ice cream) but defo a hit for basil-loving peeps out there (ME!) And oh my, it's so herb-y and health-y sounding that one might think it's some sort of supplement. To some extent I do agree this is one of the healthier bombes around - sweetness level was 4/10 and possibly naturally sweetened from the Rhubarb to a large extent! How much sweeter can this bombe deal get~

Touted as the signature - and a mainstay on the menu, I had high expectations of this! And yes, expectations were met! The lemon creme was so rich, luscious and tangy! Blueberry jam was a tad underwhelming tho - wasnt pronounced nor 'wow' in terms of taste. Ratio of blueberry jam: lemon creme was easily 3:7 (phew!) It could've been better with some real blueberry bits baked into the sourbombe dough I guess? Also, noteworthy mention to the dough-y doughnut that was adapted from sourdough recipe, resulting in a chewy and airy, slightly less dense texture (yay)

Seasonal doughnut! Fragrant whims of sage hit the tastebud upon first bite - you could easily spot the tiny green leaves within the creme. Again, as with all herbs and spices, be warned that this is an acquired taste too, not for those who arent fans of sage! Caramelized walnut was tasty. There wasnt so much of a 'burnt' taste tho. Also, noteworthy mention to the dough-y doughnut that was adapted from sourdough recipe, resulting in a chewy and airy, slightly less dense texture (yay).

I've been a loyal connoisseur of the wonderful eclairs from L'eclair Patisserie by Sarah Michelle since before they even had a physical outlet. Golly gee, I think that was way back in 2015 - back when I was still doing food blogging. How time flies lawd.

One of the OG eclairs that started it all from L'eclair is none other than the Ispahan. I love love love this flavour combination of rose mascarpone cream, lychees and raspberries. It just works and it's pretty much one of my top favourite eclair offerings from them. Still as good as ever 6 years ahead! Perfectly pretty and delectably sweet, this never fails to be one of my choices when getting eclairs from L'eclair.

Of course, the one downside is that such a pretty little thing also costs such a pretty little penny. Just make sure to check out those food apps for dem deals. [Not sponsored - but I'm opened to be sponsored. Hello Burpple. Hello Chope.]

Really great thin crust pizza, egg was runny! The truffle oil wasn’t very distinct though

($22) got this as part of the weekend brunch 1-for-1 promo; the chicken skin was very crispy but the meat was still tender & juicy! the waffle was also very good :-)

($19) very good !!! ‘m usually not a big fan of salads but the sauce made everything very palatable, the portion was also very generous :-)

Redeemed whole chicken at @nandossg in @plazasingapura with expiring chillies points
Trying out no sauce version
Addon coleslaw (S$6/ large)

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Sourbombe = Sourdough + Italian Bomboloni! Unlike the traditional bombolinis, these sourbombes are made with a sourdough starter that gives these babies a little more chew and an extra touch of tang. Tad pricey, but you will also find a very fun + unique line-up of flavours - hits and misses, but our picks of the 9s we had were the Basque Burnt Cheesecake, Black Sesame Peanut Butter, Houjicha Caramel Crunch and the tangy Passionfruit & Caramelised Banana!

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First had this way back when they were at Clark quay Riverside. Back in the early 2000s

Definitely more affordable now.

I always have my curry seperate in another bowl. 😋

Always my favourite, have never eaten another kopitiam pang gang that taste as good in the whole of singapore.