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Nana’s Green Tea remains unrivaled with their extensive range of green tea beverages and sweets. Their Matcha Azuki Shiratama Latte (S$8.50) contained that authentic bitterness of Japanese green tea. On top of that, there is the freshly made Shiratama and a nice scoop of Azuki red bean paste. I love it when everything comes together to create that taste and texture. Good enough without even having to order desserts.

The star of this dish was definitely the fried chicken wings . The wings were done so well - well seasoned , juicy and perfumed with unique turmeric and galangal spices - it was not the usual flat tasting fried chicken wings .

The nasi lemak rice was well cooked and light and fluffy .

Overall a pretty good dish .

Papa rich ( plaza Singapura )

Never expected this to be sooooooo good

This was like literally eating on the streets of Penang . It could be one of the best Penang char kwey Teow I have had in Singapore .

Wok hei was to the max and the kwey Teow texture was of such a high quality ( so Q Q).
Full of umami goodness ( possibly from a good stock that was used to fry the kway teow ).

Very very very impressed .

I might have ordered the wrong flavour OR I might have hugeeeee expectations but this Watermelon Popbar ($4.90 for 1) was disappointing. The watermelon was watered down and was rather on the bland side. I just had one in Bali (of a different brand) and the exact flavour was just so rich and sweet. It’s a pity that this one just can’t compare.

However, the adage you get what you pay for rings true here. Rice is rather unseasoned with the lightly marinated cubed fish doing little to compensate. Service was brisk and the bowls came flying out, minutes after ordering which was nice but on hindsight also led one to wonder if they were assembled prior and kept chilled.

That being said, it being close to SOTA and SMU makes it a strategic place for students on a budget to get a quick no frills Japanese fix.

$14.90++ for 100g of Beef steak slices is definitely a steal.There's also option for 200g of beef steak slices ($28.90++). The beef slices are juicy with melt-in-the mouth tenderness, and a unique combination of condiments to complement it . Definitely a recommend.

Value for money and nice! The staff are friendly and good service. Their beer also good! Will come again.

If anything, Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen’s set lunch menu is something that would work well with the office workers around the area — the main courses are affordable, coming at below $5 while a drink is at a top up of in between $0.50 to $1.00 depending on the choice of drink.

It’s a rather decent plate of Pad See Eu with nothing to shout about. Leaning a little on the sweeter side, the noodles were slurpy and (satisfyingly) greasy, coming with chunks of pork. That being said, it does lack the wokhei, thus tasting a tad flat overall. Still decent enough if one isn’t quite as picky (or for my case, spoilt by Kra Pow’s spectacular rendition of the same dish).

We went ”Wahhhhh….” when this dessert was carried to the table.

There was a cut fresh mango sticking up at the top.

Inspired by the famous Thai dessert, on top of the Bingsoo was whipped coconut cream.
As you dig further into the shaved mango-flavoured ice, you get some sticky rice below for a surprise.

We are big fans of @mujisg & @muji_global yesterday night can't resist checking out its flagship store in search of a comfy bean bag and some cool deals from their 15th celebration in Singapore (5th April-2nd May).
Of course afterwards we were having a sweet time at their 'Cafe & meal Muji'
🍮Caramel Pudding $4.90
No fuss looking dessert with comfort velvety texture. No regret ordering this! 👌
🍵 Green tea Cheese cake with black sesame ice cream $7.90
Elegant dessert-would love our cheese cake a bit moist but the combination of green tea & black sesame goes very well.
We are definitely coming back to taste their Hokkaido soft serve & their healthy mains. 🤤
Enough said, don't forget to check out their stores & share with us your cool finds.🙏

Finally tried Matcha-ya! The hojicha soft serve is rich in taste and very creamy.

With the ongoing Sakura season, @beardpapasg has just jumped onto the bandwagon, serving up Sakura cream puffs and softserve (only available at the Plaza Singapura outlet)! Though the portion was pretty tiny, it came with a pocket-friendly pricing. Good to indulge in when you are feeling pecking and craving for something sweet. Texture was smooth albeit a little icy, with only a mild and barely detectable Sakura flavour, unfortunately. The characteristic floral flavour and fragrance was lacking greatly and the flavour somehow just resembled a milk based softserve dyed in pink. The only fortunate thing was that it wasn’t overwhelming or saccharine and hence suitable as an after-meal dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings .
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