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The Signature Tendon set ($14.90) came with a mini chawanmushi, 2 prawns, super long piece of fish, long beans, pumpkin, egg, seaweed, mushroom, baby corn and eggplant. First 2 bites were quite yummy but it got real greasy real fast, and I couldn't finish it. The egg plant was soaked with oil and the seaweed tempura was so unbelievably hard, you could cause serious damage with it.


Waffles at Roosevelt's have never disappointed me before and I am exhilarated to still be able to get hold of them by the same team at Montana Brew Bar. I really miss Roosevelt's!

Honestly, I am Team Sweet when it comes to waffles. I never liked fried chicken on my waffles, but this signature mac and cheese waffle changed my perception of savory waffles. It's been revamped several times, and now you have jalape帽o, truffle oil, Mac & cheese all whisked into the buttermilk waffle, finally draped with mozzarella cheese.

Tear the waffle, pull the cheese. I don't even have to describe how soft and fluffy the waffle is, as you could have probably observed that from the standing piece in the photo. See the macaroni? I really like the idea of hiding them in the waffle batter, a surprise element. Fortunately, it's not as cheesy as expected. Though light in flavor, I'd still recommend this to be shared to keep monotony away. Afterall, it's carbs in carbs.
Thank you @montanasingapore for hosting and @burpple for the invite!

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Thanks so match-a @shotsandscoopssg for the heads up and I m glad I managed to satisfy my cravings from my previous failed visit 馃槄. And much to my pleasant surprise, there鈥檚 also a new ice cream flavour- HOUJICHA! 馃挍 Matcha ice cream was also churned on that very same day but still undergoing fine-tuning and hence not available for sale at the moment. No doubt houjicha was my pick for the flavours, along with raspberry lychee rose for a refreshing (and colour) contrast. The ice cream are all homemade, freshly churned with a smooth, creamy consistency and a pleasant melt-in-the mouth texture. The houjicha ice cream managed to meet up to my expectations, with a distinctive and lingering roasted flavour and aroma that I totally adore. Intensity was spot on, though of course as a hardcore houjicha fan, I would certainly not mind a stronger roasted flavour. On the other hand, the raspberry lychee rose was tangy, a sweet fruity note coupled with a subtle floral aroma. On the downside, the matcha waffle had barely any hint of the characteristic earthy flavour, despite the promising green hues in the batter (swipe to the end to view). However, the texture was an ideal one that was consistent (judging from my previous try on their buttermilk waffle), with a crisp exterior and a soft, fluffy interior that carried a lingering buttery fragrance of batter. Looking forward to try the matcha ice cream next time, which I believe would be more prominent in flavour as compared to the waffles! .
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The best gyoza i've had so far in my life! I would think the gyoza has more filling than any other gyozas i tried previously. The dumpling skin was perfectly crisped and the right thickness, with the delicious meat and vegetable filling. It was the highlight of my meal there despite just being an appetizer. Had the pulled pork burger as well, but it didn't really satisfied my taste palette as the sauce marinade was a tad too sweet for my liking. Overall I would go back again for the gyoza and try the other mains such as the Grilled Chicken with Rice/Soba:)

Part of their 13th birthday celebration, head down to try this crazy flavour combo 鈥 Miso Sesame Brittle! 馃槤

Definitely one for the adventurous, it's a savoury/sweet marriage that isn't for everyone but I found myself going back in for more. Somehow, the sesame kinda created a bridge between the flavours, reining in the miso flavours. I don't know if I'll get this again but The Daily Scoop always has a special place in my heart. 馃槢

Miso Sesame Brittle ($7.80 double scoop cone)
This was part of a series of new flavours created for @thedailyscoopsg 鈥榮 13th birthday celebrations! Think aromatic black sesame swirled into a mildly savoury miso ice-cream base. Flavour is not love at first bite but definitely grows on me! The other flavour launched so far is the orange maccrumble.

I love this dessert, especially that it came with coconut ice cream that was creamier than many others I've tried, mixed with almonds and peanuts, and those red rubies! Still rather sweet though, so I'm glad that I could share this with 3 other friends @wishuponatart @tiara_star and @shermyyy.
This is taken during a tasting.

3.50 per scoop!
Raspberry lychee rose - you can taste the three tier favour which is light yet refreshing ( not like perfume haha)
Hojicha - MUST GET :) taste it and you will know it:)
Matcha waffle - it's like matcha lava waffle馃槏

One of the few classics ice creams at Swensen's.

Macadamia ice-cream drizzled with chocolate sauce, macadamia nuts and topping it off with whipped cream, cracker and a chocolate-coated cherry on top.

You can't go wrong with ice creams (can you?) 馃槢

Price: Free (Because we dined during birthday month and the membership privilege entitles you to a free ice-cream 馃槉)

This thin crust Hawaiian pizza consists of your usual toppings like pineapple, capsicum, onion, and stringy mozzarella cheese 馃崟

Texture wise, it's great! The crust still remains crispy even though we left the pizza aside for a while. The crust also doesn't crumble or breaks apart that easily.

Taste wise, it's kinda lacking a bit. Doesn't have enough taste and the cheese wasn't salty either.

Service is pretty fast and staffs are courteous 馃槉

Definitely will return but probably not for this pizza!

Price: $15.50 (before service charge and GST)

My usual truffle scented mushroom and egg pizza ($22) was still as good. Lastly, you may skip loaded mexican nachos ($14). 馃憤馃徎4/5
馃搷The cathay, 2 Handy Road #01-21 #yybffdhobyghaut

Has a crust, the condiments were nice mixture of crunch and tangy yuzu and yoghurt. The inside was fluffy, but really do not absorb the batter 3.75/5