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Dark chocolate (~$8)🍫 didn’t have the typical dark chocolate bitterness, but I still preferred this bc it was less sweet and bolder in taste , and the contrast w the slightly salty biscuits made it work☺️

Ig @goodfomood

These were so pretty I took like 738373 photos and couldn’t bear to eat them 🌸
Ispahan (~$8.50) 🌹 a rose lychee cream eclair was light and floral, though the rose taste was subtle and did get overwhelmed by the lychee at times. The eclair was abit soft and soggy though 😫

Ig @goodfomood

We tried both the chunky’s cheesy and chunky’s connecticut at $29 for 2 sets. Lobster meat was very substantial. Very worth the price!

Milkshake is like freaking $10?! Personally don't think it is worth it. The vanilla milkshake is nice and creamy without being too thick to consume. I ordered it with bacon bits because it's recommended. It's interesting, sweet with a tinge of salty. You can also choose to mix like Vanilla with Salted Caramel etc. They have around 10 different flavours.

So, the unique thing about @fiveguyssingapore is that you can customise your burger. Order a basic burger e.g. Cheeseburger or Hamburger and choose up to 14 toppings for free (who would really choose 14?!). Choices include mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, onions etc.

The usual burgers are double patties and the little burgers are single. Of course I'm going for little burger! You can choose to go bread less too! Burgers are priced $11 and up, more expensive than #shakeshacksg .

The burger itself, the beef was quite juicy and tender, ingredients were fresh. Bread was not fluffy and neither crispy on the outside. Overall, it is a decent burger. Definitely better than Carl Juniors and Burger King but is it worth $13?. Not really.

The regular fries is $9. Apparently, there are two flavours which was spice and cajun i think but we couldn't taste the different. Fries does taste freshly made but $9? It's not PS cafe truffle fries. #justsaying

Let's taco bout @kfc_sg #kentaco

The chicken is edible but quite dry and tough.
The cheese itself is okay. Some people find it too much but personally I think it is acceptable.

KFC sg need to work on their chicken now that there are more competitors in the market.

Will not buy again.

This restaurant serves quality udon! Udon is QQ enough and their pork slices were sweet and not too fattening too. Theres also free flow of japanese seeweed which is a plus point because seaweed is my fav! Will be back for their other dishes.


The fried intestines and oysters were great. The mee sua itself could have more flavour in it. I had to add the entire saucer of vinegar in. 7/10

Was pleasantly surprised with this. It has the right amount of sugar and milk ratio. 2 cookies to top it off and the bubbles inside were soft and chewy as the warm beverages keeps it that way. 9/10

It was really quite tasty. The taro balls were soft and bouncy. The green tea sauce wasn’t too overwhelming. The soufflé itself could have been softer though. Overall, it was still good. I’ll give it a 7.5/10

Got the one for one deal and the total price for 2 sets is around $14.80 which is super worth it! The beef is sweet and tender. There are a lot of side dishes you can add on e.g. tempura, gyozas etc. We chose the gyoza and it’s crispy and nice. Overall a very pleasant experience and would definitely return!

Their Éclair is great, really. But honestly, I wouldn’t eat it if there wasn’t 1-1 deal. Price is steep and economy not good.

Ps: I love their pistachio, seasonal (pineapple) and yuzu.