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For the weekday lunch Burpple Beyond deal at Tamoya, you get to enjoy two tempura items (around $2++ each) and we decided to get the signature prawn tempura, as well as try the fried chicken cutlet. The prawn tempura was great as the batter was really crispy and the amount of prawn used in it was really generous too! However, the fried chicken cutlet was disappointing as it was rather tasteless and it was quite dry. ☹️ We would definitely not get the fried chicken cutlet next time!

Tamoya was really crowded even for a weekday lunch and we would strongly recommend you visit before the office lunch crowd comes! Otherwise, be prepared to queue outside for up to half an hour for a table!

This was the obvious choice for us since the sanuki egg beef udon is the bestseller on the menu! The udon was just the right texture as it was sufficiently chewy, and we liked that the serving of beef was really generous! The beef are thinly-sliced and they are hence really easy to chew. The soup also felt great on a rainy day and we loved the slightly sweet taste from the broth, although we would advise you not to finish the entire bowl as it might be overly salty.

While the bowl of udon originally cost $11.20++, we were here on a weekday lunch and the Burpple Beyond coupon for a weekday lunch was really worth it! You get a bowl of udon and a tempura free, so do use that coupon if you happen to be visiting on a weekday! 😁

Went during the opening promo and got the White Curry and the Collagen soup. Was a hearty meal with lots of ingredients, broth tasted good, but not sure if would return when usual price.

Thinking of this Matcha Soft Serve with Shiratama and Azuki Sauce ($7.30) because today’s stuffy weather. The ice cream’s flavor is subtle, which I find really good cause I’m not a fan of overpowering matcha taste. Didn’t expect red bean to go so well with matcha too. The mochi balls were a little tough, but good for textural contrast.

Tried their cny flavoured éclairs - yuzu and ispahan, and it was yums and so pretty. Paired with earl grey latte ☕

Soup was comforting albeit a tad salty. Tempura were also relatively crispy even though we went after peak lunch hours. Staff were friendly and provided more free flow condiments upon request.

Had this once during lockdown (takeaway) and didn't had such a good impression. Glad that I gave it another chance today (: Food really tastes better when eaten on the spot.

Worth a try with Burpple deal 30% off (:

went overboard w 3 pax and i think 3 dishes each w drinks and desserts, we could probably share and be satisfied. love how the meals are deceivingly simple but tasty and satisfying

Tried out the recently opened FuFu Pot and unpopular opinion: it’s not really worth the hype. The food was decent but we found it to be on the pricier side. Ingredients felt rather cheap and the soup broths weren’t anything to shout about. The White Curry broth was especially disappointing and tasted more like watered-down laksa than curry. However, we wouldn’t mind coming back to try the tomato broth which seems to be one of the more popular options.

Do note that you can only select items that is more than $12 and the free item is either mango sago pomelo or red bean paste.

It’s been close to 2 years since I had this TOMYUM Mazesoba. Covid was the main reason but actually they also pulled off this TOMYUM creation for over a year. Mazesoba or Taiwan style Mazesoba originates from Nagoya and is a pretty recent creation in 2008 as a dry ramen 🍜 option. The noodles are wheat soba which is thick like udon but texture unlike the soft and delicate soba. Instead it has that extra bite that is hard to compare with other ramen/noodles. What comes close was Tokyo’s famous dry style ramen-ya Rokurinsha六厘舍 which was as I recall much harder and thicker). The texture of the thick smooth soba goes so well with the minced meat sauce. The original flavor/toppings of mazesoba is minced pork, chives, spring onion, fish powder and of course onsen egg. This variant available at Kororo ❤️ Mazesoba, in my view their best creation to date: TOMYUM 🇹🇭MAZESOBA. So glad they brought this back!


i really enjoyed this!! started to taste like fruit loops after a while HAHA could be because the earl grey was reallyy strong. but i couldn’t taste the hazelnut