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3 deli set: 2 cold, 1 hot side dish, grain rice, carrot soup is $14++ but adding on a coffee and dessert is ard $23, it’s kinda expensive considering its size and there’s nothing super special about it. The portion is similar to portion sizes in japan so if u’re a big eater this might not really be a lot for you. It’s ideal for small eaters like me, presentation is rly pretty and minimalistic too. Service is good. The place is quiet and ideal for those who enjoy a quiet place to talk

Yole (Plaza Singapura)

Yole Matcha Ice Cream (Limited Edition) (3 Toppings for $5.90) I chose strawberries, almond and dark chocolate sauce (always favourite sauce after all) :") I didn't really taste much matcha taste but the topping especially dark chocolate covered up taste of matcha flavour already. So I expected it already that after seeing some reviews out there, I managed to try on last day before it ended for limited edition under Christmas Season. I missed it out on some Christmas Drink but it's alright because it still have next time (such a optimistic mindset).

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I got 2 of these for the price of 1. Just order from the app and choose collection outlet.

The float was okay, nothing great. But no complaints.

We tried their Matcha and Black Sesame ones, and as good as they sounded both were unfortunately exceedingly disappointing. For one the choux was dry, limp, and stale — basically lou hong so it was honestly a struggle to finish it. A good cream filling would’ve helped salvage the situation, but sadly both cream fillings were overly stiff and lacklustre in flavour. The matcha cream was way too bitter (not in the pleasant way mind you), the powder not completely dissolved so there was a very unwelcome grainy texture. The black sesame one had a much better flavour, but it wasn’t as rich and luscious as I would’ve hoped for.


Comforting bowl of pork udon with a runny egg and smooth chewy udon noodles. Personally, I prefer the sanuki beef udon over the pork udon as the former is more flavourful. Nevertheless, a decent and reasonably priced bowl of udon with value that's hard to beat.

There is usually a queue at the stall, so you may wish to head down during early lunch or early dinner hours to avoid the queue.

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Comforting bowl of sanuki beef udon with an umami broth, runny egg and smooth chewy udon noodles. The price is reasonable too.

There is usually a queue at the stall, so you may wish to head down during early lunch or early dinner hours to avoid the queue.

I think the milkshake was our fav food item from Five Guys! We went with double servings of Oreo and one serving of vanilla and we got a really enjoyable Oreo milkshake :) it was the right amount of sweetness and the vanilla flavour further enhanced the drink. $10 is a bit pricey for a regular-sized drink but it was a really good shake so we didn’t mind it.

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The cashier recommended for the both of us to go with the regular size as it’s meant for 2 pax but man... we barely finished half. I’d say downsize your fries because the burger is quite substantial already. Cajun spice was a bit too overwhelming for us too, they were too generous with the powder which makes the fries really dry.

First time trying Five Guys which has been highly raved and often compared to the other popular burger joints like Shake Shack. Went with a little cheeseburger and chose the following toppings: lettuce, grilled onions, onions, grilled mushrooms, and A1 sauce.

The little size was just nice for us because the original size would mean that the burger will come with double beef patties. Toppings are unlimited but they would recommend you to go with a maximum of 5 if not they’ll start overflowing. If I can reorder, I’d do away with the A1 sauce as it was a tad bit too sour for my liking. Maybe BBQ sauce would have been a safer choice. Burger wise, it was quite satisfying and the beef patty was v well done. They’re v generous with the toppings and I notice that they slice up their toppings (instead of giving you one huge slice of lettuce or long strips of raw onions which might make it harder to chew). Overall, good experience! And definitely more worth it than Shake Shack if we’re comparing.

Bought the Black garlic and Beef Onsen egg curry Udon with Burpple beyond. The black garlic Tonkotsu had a strong garlic flavour to it which mildly overpower the taste of the Tonkotsu broth. However, the overall dish and presentation was superb and would definitely recommend garlic lovers to try this. The curry udon had a mild curry taste to it. The onsen egg really complements the curry to a rich and creamy broth. The broth has a mildly sweet side to it compared to real japanese curry.

Furthermore, the set consist of tempura which was delicious! Its light and airy texture made me want every bite even more. Would definitely come back again! 9/10 😳😁

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