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From Sweet Mary's, a new concept by the folks behind Montana which took the spot of South Bronx Burger.

Ordered the swirl; supposedly soft-serve ice-cream that was half Sea Salt Hokkaido Milk and half Pink Coconut. Needless to say, I have no idea what sort of soft serve looks melted/unset the second it comes out of the machine, not to mention the audacity of serving something like this to a paying customer. Also needless to say, I paid, and threw it away after two bites. Never again.

Do not sit on the right side of the ship because that‘s where the boiler is!

Mentaiko Salmon Don - S$13.90
📍: @thebettershipsg The Cathay, Singapore

Surprisingly good food by Nanjing Impressions. Other than it was a little salty for our Singaporean taste bud which would be best with their steamy white rice.
I felt the must order dish would be their braised duck, braised trotter and glutinous rice. .
Their duck wasn’t tough and packed with the braised sauce. Totally not fatty and perfectly chopped up. .
Braised trotter was more than good. Especially the side sauce was sichuan pepper. Tongue numbing taste which countered nicely with the fatty trotter. If there was be some cucumber to refresh the taste, it would be even better. .
The glutinous rice soaked up all the sauce from the braised pork belly and made the every grain of the rice so fragrant. If the steam basket was warmed up before serving, it will be the best dish of the day. .
Nanjing Impressions .
🏠: # 04-46 at Plaza Singapura .
⏰: 1100H to 2200H daily

Located in 68 Orchard Rd, #04-65 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839. For varieties, you should order their Akimitsu’s Signature Tendon that has everything - Prawn, White Fish, Egg, Seaweed, Assorted Vegetables!! Huge bowl full to the brim!! For prawns lover, you can order Ebi Tendon! All set comes with a Miso Soup and Chawanmushi!! This is pretty good! Golden deep fried, not too oily and very savory! Another mouth-watering Tendon we enjoyed very much! @akimitsusg #hungryunicornsg #akimitsutendon #akimitsu #akimitsusg #shitamachitendonakimitsu

As the franchise owner of llaollao decided to discontinue the business, llaollao takes a good break from the local market. For now or for good, nobody really knows for sure.

So as the llaollao stores are taken over by Yolé one by one, it makes sense to give a shot at their equivalent to the Sanum — the Large Ibiza (S$6.95). This cup comes with 1 sauce, 2 crunches and 2 fruits, and that is one fruit short from the Sanum. As for the taste of the yoghurt, it’s relatively the same to me, so we’ll need a die-hard llaollao fan to compare the taste of both.

Maybe there’s more frozen yoghurt to make up for the lost fruit, but if the froyo is going to melt as quickly as this visit the next time I come, then I guess the answer will be quite obvious whether the demand for llaollao remains unrivalled, or not.


Pumpkin broth and hint of curry powder, asparagus and chicken fillet.
Comfort food for cooling weather like this 🌧

Just when I was getting used to the idea that I can have llaomango anytime! 😞 I'm gonna terribly miss my favouritest froyo with the bestest cookie sauce. #meiyoullao

As the saying goes, diet starts tomorrow. 😅 Yes my brunch was made up with slabs of meat, potato and salad for only $14.50 at Astons - the place to get good hearty portion of food without breaking the bank. 😉

For the affordable price you get a perfectly cooked egg, crispy chicken cutlet that is not oily with pretty tender meat, and a Thai sweet chili that is not too spicy (works for people like me who cannot take spicy food

Aesthetically pleasing food appeals to me in particular, just like this bowl of Korean shaved ice topped with kiwis, strawberries, nata de coco, red bean and somewhat mango-flavored jelly. While the red bean was overly sweet, the rest of the fruits were refreshing especially that cute little egg of peach slices and creamy vanilla ice cream. Some thick strawberry sauce by the side for your drizzling, not any less sinful than the usual condensed milk I would say, but what's dessert without being sinful.

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What better way is there to spend a rainy weekday afternoon than indulging in a giant toasty tortilla wrap, stuffed with a mish-mash of ingredients that one desires? 😉 With a smorgasbord of healthy toppings and sauces to choose from, this is one eatery in town that you’ll never get tired of! Standard options are also offered (e.g.: Mediterranean, Singapore-style) but it’s definitely more exciting to create your own concoction!

Love the smooth and intense matcha soft serve the best in this dessert platter. The other frills are frankly missable. Will stock with the ice cream and puffed rice next time.