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This could be the tastiest and most value-for-money avo toast ($9.90 nett) 😍 in SG.
Place is minimalist. Clean, comfortable and simple with enough seats 👍🏻🎉

Got this with 1-4-1 on burpple beyond. Udon was chewy, soup was clear but pretty salty and sweet, please don’t drink too much of it haha. Beef slices were vv thin, shabu shabu style. Was alright, nicer than the pork slices in my cousin’s pork egg udon. Tempura was crisp, onsen egg was nicely cooked and flowy. Overall, decent but nothing outstanding. Might try the kake udon if I do return, think that's more to my palate.

Was pretty bummed by how Degree Celsius Cafe is located pretty conveniently from the work place, but was previously only open in the day and only on weekdays, rendering it a spot that was impossible to visit unless special arrangements are to be made — so I was pretty glad that they had since extended their operating hours to weekends so that I could check them out.

Perhaps almost everyone else was checking out Edith Patisserie Cake Bar just several units away when we made our visit to Degree Celsius on a weekend brunch service — the cafe only have two other tables occupied during our visit. Hot food selection was fairly limited but the Smoked Salmon Toast was something that appealed to me that sounded a little bit more substantial compared to the croissant sandwiches they had to offers. Whilst some may argue over the “basic” nature of the item, the Smoked Salmon Toast at Degree Celsius Cafe is actually immensely satisfying — a surprisingly well-made rendition of a very easy-to-make offering that left a good impression. For one, I did enjoy how they have seemingly used the right sourdough toast here — one that comes light and fluffy with a slight tension for some bite for the inside, but a crisp crust that did not take too much effort to chew. Spreading the right amount of cream cheese on the toast, I enjoyed how the cream cheese was not particularly thick nor cloying; complimenting the savoury notes of the smoked salmon perfectly while the capers gave a tangy, earthy burst while the raw onions were zesty and provided a zing to cut through the heavier-tasting elements for the dish. Coming with the “standard” mix of “cafe greens”, the arugula came accompanied with cherry tomatoes with a slight drizzle of vinaigrette for the dressing — gave a more wholesome feel to the item.

Some may comment on how they are located on the wrong side of Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station but I would say that’s the charm — conveniently-located without being too buzzy; a respite from the crowd with simple cafe fare and decently-pulled cuppas that make it an unpretentious hangout that is peaceful and conducive to get some work done or have quality catch-ups with friends.

This was pretty good for the price, had a one for one. Angelhair was a bit bland but I guess it’s to match the huge piece of Foie gras.

Signature Koicha Azuki Roll ($6.00)
recommended by @matcha.nomster's favourite swiss matcha roll cake so I did wanted to give a try for a long time since last two years ago and just nice matcha yuzu tart just sold out that time :"). I realised that swiss roll cake got a lot of matcha powder topped with the cake and didn't get to eat red bean also (felt that red bean was too little already for me already) I really like their swiss roll to be moist, not that dry and quite bitter aftertaste. They also released other flavours at Paragon.

Strawberry Sakura Tart ($8.80)
I felt that sakura flavour was quite plain similar to sakura soft serve but adding with strawberry, it gave off some of sweet taste but I didn't fancy whipped cream hidden inside the tart.

Our second time having kooks’ molten lava cookie! Preferred the Hokkaido milk ice cream over the milk cereal (which was quite bland in our opinion). The cookie was still as tasty as what we had previously. Good dessert to go for in town!

Was craving for mazesoba and decided to give menya kokoro a try (Cha Shu $12.80++)! The noodles were chewy and thicker compared to kajiken’s and were also less spicy. The Cha Shu tasted tender and fragrant too. Bonus points for their friendly service staff

There's quite a few restaurants selling Souffle pancakes at Plaza Singapura. I end up decided to go with Typhoon Taiwanese Cafe, as they claimed that their pancakes are certified fluffiest in town.

Ordered their Soufflé Stackers with Strawberry, Almond Biscuit & Strawberry-Cheese Sauce ($17.90). I would say the warm pancakes had good volume and fluffy but smell and tasted overly eggy, and on the slightly wet sticky side. Pancakes were also kind of on the sweeter side.

Menu photo and description says it's paired with Almond Biscuit, but turned out to be different from Menu, it's more like biscuit crumbs 😅. Strawberry Cheese Sauce tasted just like normal cream sauce. Can't really taste any cheese flavour but it's ok lah still goes well with pancake and I like cream anyway. Ice cream was ok and pretty normal. The best thing about this dessert was the fresh strawberries! Complement well with the sweetness of the dessert and made it less jelak.

Might not come to this cafe again just for their Soufflé pancake. Over priced and no wow factor. Haven't try anything else on their Menu. Would be interested to know whether their Taiwanese Mee Sua, Lu Rou Fan and Golden Chicken Fritter tasted authentic like the ones I love in Taiwan.

Priced at $1.60 each
Filled with mango puree and sago pearls

6 Apr’21, Tue🌧
📍Menya Kokoro (Plaza Sing)
- Zenbu All-in Ramen (Red) 全部のせ豚骨ラーメン (Regular)🍜

Decent tonkotsu soup base, not too heavy, but couldn’t really taste the spiciness given that this supposed to be the “red” ramen, other than that, the soup base was fine.

As for the cha shu, well marinated, quite decent. The ajitsuke tamago, aburi babycorn and bamboo shoot were not bad too, but nothing to be surprised of.

Quite disappointed with the ramen noodle, thin noodle (like mee gia), but wasn’t expecting them to be lumpy, and this kinda spoiled the whole bowl of ramen in my opinion.

Doubt will be back for their soup ramen again...

Damage: $18 (inclusive of svc charge & GST)