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Reviews at Batter Fluffy Flaps

Reviews of good food at Batter Fluffy Flaps

If im not wrong price was $17+!
Unlimited toppings ( ie fruits , nuts , granola, m&m chocolates , koko crunch )
1 scoop of ice cream
Quantity was quite large, great dessert for 2
Avail for pancakes as well 😢
Really nice ambience and aesthetic cafe 😌
Will visit again!

A great ambience for a friendly get-together with friends! For this cafe, it is unique and stands out due to its LARGE selection of toppings and flexibility of customisation. On TOP of the pancakes being really yummy, the ice cream is a plus point too!

Quiet atmosphere with little to no customers. Love the high sheep statue and the food were pretty well done as well. Juicy Beefy Patty and Breakfast Mambo Combo priced at $14.90 each.

Choose the type of pancakes you want, unlimited toppings and even your choice of icecream and syrup for $14.90.

Wanted to try hoqla but realised they were closed on Wednesday. Wanted to try carver&co's brunch but to realised it's only for weekends. So we settled for pancakes at this cute meh meh pancake cafe that we always walked past numerous times. And it started with a cute magazine menu.

I guess the egg already won me over alr, plus the pancakes in replacement of burgers and Beef patty for tender. Imagine cutting a slice of pancake, stacked with beef, cheese and egg, drizzled down with maple syrup.

The portion is not too big or small. Food is ok, concept is cute. Haha

Situated at Katong, the name of this cafe sums up the taste of the pancakes, fluffy and absolutely delicious! Good for a group of friends to hang out, and the ingredients in the pancakes can be DIY-ed! Very delicious and great atmosphere!

Tasty pancake with ice cream, walnuts and banana butterscotch! 12.90 dollar

A lovely place to be at ,away from the weekend buzz to chill , relax and enjoy your pancakes. Vibrant colors of the cafe brings you back to memory lane. If you are craving for truffle fries, do not hesitate to try. Best of all,I get to choose how I want my pancakes to be with my favourite toppings, sauces and ice cream on it. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ savory!

You can custom your own Pancakes! What kind of Pancakes you would like be it Original Flavour or even Oreo Pancakes. You also can choose as many types of fruits and toppings you would like and it comes with a choice of the ice cream you want and syrup and for a plate of your Create Your Own Pancakes it cost $14.90

Although this is only our second attempting to eat truffle fries at other cafes,this fries,can honestly say,way way way better than one at butterscotch cafe!

I feel it tastes better than Strictly Pancakes to be honest! Pancakes under the "Sweet" category, truffle fries and chocolate banana milkshake. Yum!

4 mini smiley pancakes to brighten your day. Accompanied with marshmallows, vanilla ice-cream, raspberries, granola & chocolate sauce. Deliciously recommended. Pricing at $10.90. Worth the penny πŸ™†

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