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A hidden gem hidden in Joo Chiat! Came for brunch with a friend and it didn't disappointed. Staff was really friendly and they gave a really cute welcome drink when we arrived. Atmosphere was comfy for a nice catch up session!

The Miso Pancakes stood out and had a really unique taste. My friend and I definitly savoured every bit of it :)

Just the kind of Low fat Low carb snack to fill me up . Nice !

This family-run hidden find in Katong offers a decent range of tasty homemade traditional desserts.
Their ginger soup is homely and comforting, having a lovely sweet spice flavour.
The glutinous rice ball is a little smaller than usual, but is handmade with a soft chewy medium thickness.
Seems they alternate flavours daily, this time only the peanut paste was available. It's sweet nutty in flavour, with a grainy chunky texture. Nice!.
Ah Balling Tang Yuan
Le Le Zhan Desserts
@ Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Road #01-10
Opening Hours: Tue - Sun 12pm – 7:30pm, Closed Mon
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I was first introduced to Dona Manis' amazing chocolate tarts by @daviscng during our national service days and have been a big fan since.

Dona Manis is an old-school bakery run by an old uncle and several aunties. They used to do the chocolate tarts on a daily basis but stopped doing so due to a combination of age and lack of manpower. In fact, I probably only get to savour their chocolate tarts on 1 out of 5 visits as there are no fixed days as to when they are baking them.

Their chocolate tarts can be a little fragile so my suggestion is to eat them immediately or the chocolate gets molten and messy, and the tart gets crumbly. I kept mine in the fridge overnight which kinda explains how they end up being #uglydelicious with the little cracks on the chocolate filling.

When eaten fresh, the chocolate is slightly molten. I like that it strikes a nice balance between sweet and buttery, and is not too rich and creamy. The tart is buttery and savoury. I recommend popping the entire tart into your mouth at one go so as not to waste any of the delicious chocolate gold.

Tbh I will gladly have these chocolate tarts over any of those fancy chocolatiers in town any time, any day.

The kaya is as good as it used to be. The eggs were disappointing but the OTAH BUN is worth Dabao-ing!


Read a lot of mixed reviews about the newly renovated/rebranded CMC but decided to give it a try anyway.

I gotta say that the coffee was solid and strong - even when I had the iced version. 👍 So I really appreciated that!

Had the Kaya Buns (not pictured) as well and it was so soft and fluffy. The kaya was really fragrant. 💯

Also ordered the Cream Horn(?) and Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart. I wouldn’t recommend the former if you’re expecting a creamy, custardy texture. Was a tad disappointed because it just tasted like whipped butter. The consistency of the “cream” was slightly more runny than it was thick. Probably wouldn’t order that ever again. As for the latter, I’d buy that again in a heartbeat. It just tastes like one of those old skool chocolate wafers melted down, and mixed with creamy peanut butter and piped into a buttery tart crust. Really yummy. :)

TLDR; Get the Coffee, Kaya Bun (be sure to eat it hot!), and Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart.

Milo Dinosaur - with the classic syrup option of condensed milk, and toppings of Earl Grey Jelly, Rainbow Rice, and Red Bean.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/wan-mei-dessert/


BEST korean in the East! I have been a loyal fan of Doongji, their side dishes and stew are excellent. Love that they are always generous with the ingredients. It would be perfect if they allow free refill of soup broth.

inspired by the Nasi Tumpeng Indonesia, a ‘tumpeng’ cone of Hainan Chicken Rice accompanied by Kota88 Restaurant’s eight signature dishes, from sate babi to siobak and ngo hiang.
It’s authentic Chinese Indonesian food, Feel like I go back to Indonesia and eat Nasi Campur 🤩.

Nasi campur Babi Meriah good for 5 pax, consist of :
Fragrant Hainan Chicken Rice
Mie Goreng Special Kota88
Char Siew
Roast Chicken
Sate Babi
Braised Chicken Egg with Soy Sauce
Sio May
Homemade Ngo Hiang

My fav is the Sate Babi, it’s succulent meat that glazed with sweet savoury sauce and with light charred.


It’s available for takeaway only with 3 days advance order.
For place an order can call 6242 2645 or email [email protected]

907 East Coast Road, #01-02


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Michelin-recommended ice cream ~

Strawberry Basil - Was afraid that the basil will spoil the taste but I wanted to be adventurous and wow it was indeed quite interesting for the first bite. Can really taste the very subtle basil herb. But after a few mouths, my tastebuds got accustomed to it and totally can’t taste any basil (kinda sad because wanted to taste more of the interesting basil in my ice cream) The strawberry taste was good. As though I was eating strawberry cake. But nothing too wow about it. I still prefer apiary strawberry ice cream.

Pistachio - Ordered pistachio which is what most people recommended and glad that I got that despite being $1 more for premium. The roasted pistachio taste was very prominent and nutty, as though I was eating the pistachio nut directly. I would say it’s similar to Celine’s Gelato. Likewise, would have been better if there were some pistachio bits within.

For the ice cream texture, the scoops were of good consistency. It’s smooth and soft but not the entirely creamy kind. I don’t really like those that are too creamy because it can get jelak (as though eating cream). This was just nice!

And of course a big shoutout for the CONE! EVERYONE PLEASE GET THE CONE IF YOU EVER VISIT BOP. It’s thick with a good crunch but yet not too hard (the ice cream kinda soften it a bit) and has the nice buttery taste (like butter waffle biscuit). THE MOST AMAZING PART IS THE THYME! Never would I have ever thought that thyme cone can be so interesting. Though it might be an acquired taste, the taste wasn’t too overpowering so it was really pleasant. Every bite has the nice thyme taste and didn’t really clash with the ice cream flavours. Amazing creation!

Paid $10 for 2 scoops (1 premium + 1 standard) with cone

Ratings 4.5/5 (5/5 for the thyme cone!)
“Hands down to the most unique ice cream cone! 🤩”

A selection of Yong Tau Foo together with 2 of their signature meat noodles cost $17.30. I enjoy my soupy Hakka YTF, but when I am craving some sauced0up goodness, I will always come back here. I absolutely love Fulin for their noodles. Simmered in a mushroom broth with minced chicken meat, the noodles here have great qq texture and taste extremely savoury. The YTF will also be doused in their famous brown sauce, which I personally can't get enough of.


Sweet braided bread with chocolate filling. Instead of streusel, this babka was topped with a generous amount of salted dark chocolate crumbs which was my favorite part of this whole piece of bread. Together with a creamy custard layer, the babka was an amazing balance of sweet and savoury, soft and crunchy. As someone who is not the biggest fan of bread, I could indulge in this any time.


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