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It comes with a piece of sourdough. The stew may look unassuming but it is quite filling. The chicken thigh was tender and meat can be tore off easily. The potato skin was not peeled but it helps to keep the crunch. It may get abit salty after awhile. Would be good if there is a bowl of rice!

The somen tasted abit like mee kia. As the sauce is scallion oil, the dish was abit oily. The salmon was still tender and the scallops were fresh. Although the dish looks interesting, the taste was just normal. I would recommend to try other dishes.

DALMATION ($8) was a black cold brew topped w cream & crushed oreo...a lil gimmicky. but the WHITE ($5 - 5oz) was not bad.
SCRAMBLED EGGS & IKURA ($18) were yummy though q ex for what it is.
BACON WRAPPED PRAWNS RISOTTO ($25) was q light tasting with a hint of truffle. the bacon wrapped prawns carried.

i think i'm just not a fan of AAA sorbets🥲 i didn't like their fruity and oatside sorbets so i tried this choc pb banana one which sounded SO GOOD but...sticking to nutty party...

- Crust was buttery and flakey crisp like Chinese bakery style.
- Filled with soft and ripened sweet bananas which weren’t too mushy 🍌
- Loved the combination of all the layers with coconut shreds that’s so fragrant giving a slight gritty texture and the roasted almonds on top!!

Had a weekend dinner at Sin Heng Claypot Bak Kut Teh (BKT), located along the bustling streets of Joo Chiat. The restaurant is quite famous and popular among locals in the area. I have dined here several times already, and the food quality and quantity have always been consistently excellent.

Here are my top 3 must-order dishes at Sin Heng Claypot BKT. Firstly and most definitely is the Claypot BKT, their soup is the herbal variation, with a rich and fragrant flavor that is not too overpowering. The soup is refillable, and the pork ribs are always cooked to perfection, offering the right texture and chewiness. The portion size is generous for the price. They also offer variations with pork innards and tail, and a mix dry version.

Next is the Cereal Chicken, the portion is generous, with many chicken pieces fried to an even, crispy coating of cereal. The cereal chicken pairs extremely well with the hot, soupy Claypot BKT.

Last but not least is the Cai Po (Preserved Radish) Egg. This dish features a thick and fluffy omelette paired with crunchy cai po. It serves as a perfect complementary side to the previous two dishes, making for a hearty meal combination.

Beyond the food, the staff at Sin Heng Claypot BKT are friendly and very efficient. From queuing to ordering, getting condiments, serving, and payment, everything was hassle-free. I believe the restaurant has deep heritage and dates way back, with a display booth at the front showcasing their history, which is very interesting, which you can check it out while queueing.

The dining environment is clean with indoor seating, but it is not air-conditioned. It can get quite hot and humid during sunny afternoons, which might not be ideal while eating hot BKT soup. However, on rainy days and chilly nights, this conditions are perfect.

They have a small car parking area right in front of their stall reserved for customers, accommodating about 10 vehicles. The queue during dinner time, especially on weekends, can get pretty long. However, the food wait time is short, and the turnover is usually fast, making it worth the wait.

I highly recommend Sin Heng Claypot BKT to anyone looking for an authentic, hearty BKT experience to enjoy with friends and family.

Established in the 1950s by Ng Juat Swee, nicknamed 'Janggut', this brand is the originator of Singaporean style Laksa.
The light broth has a grainy creamy texture from coconut milk, dried shrimp, and laksa leaves, less oily with savoury milky sweet herbal flavour. The chunky sambal belachan isn't too spicy, lending a mild salty savoury spice kick.
The smooth thick rice vermicelli noodles are trimmed short, soft with a gentle chew and grainy sweet flavour. Pairs with the crisp bean sprouts with vegetal sweet flavour, and the springy fish cake with sweet savoury flavour.
The crunchy deshelled prawns lend sweet savoury notes, while the juicy yet small blood cockles burst with briny salty mineral notes.
Well balanced heritage taste of nostalgia.
The Original Katong Laksa (Janggut Laksa)
@ Roxy Square, 50 East Coast Road #01-64
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Asked the wait staff what was a “die die must try dish” and she said this was a best seller … so if u love Japanese rolls, order this… chockful of Nippon flavours and their pickled ginger is the bomb!

Awesome stuff! The whole amalgamated taste is excellent and the crisp seaweed that acts as the taco shell… love it!

Comfort food - flavourful and fatty - Yums - served with yummy pickles (more pls)

Head down to Butter & Spice for their $49.90 Burpple Set on Burpple Beyond which includes 2 mains of choice (from lamb, seafood, egg, chicken, and vegetable categories) along with 2 beers.

Feast on authentic North Indian cuisine like their Butter Chicken, a rich and creamy dish bursting with flavours. Dip their garlic and butter naan into that sweet and spicy gravy and wash it down with a cold refreshing beer.

Even though I’m not a fan of chendol, I was surprised by how good this was. Even though it was not real coconut milk, I was surprised by how good this was