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Chicken curry was superb! Generous portion and chicken was super tender. Mee Pok Carbonara has a unique fusion taste- very interesting but would personally much prefer the chicken curry.

The communal place was a very nice place w card games for big groups. I really liked the flaming pork ribs, but the salmon miso was slightly underwhelming. They seemed to be short staffed so customers may need to be more patient during peak hours. But otherwise it was a lovely experience.

First time to Katsuya and was blown away by the quality. The menu featured how the Chef was trained in Tokyo and the philosophy behind Katsuya - quality, clean, freshly made food. The pork Katsu was delicious, as was my wagyu Katsu - so tender and juicy. Will definitely come back again!

PRICE: $6.50

WAITING TIME: Real fast on a weekday late afternoon

PARKING: Parallel parking lots right outside and across the road

- Place is small but not tiny
- Coffee by Common Man Coffee Roasters
- I was okay with the milk in this cappuccino. Didn't get me gagging like the other cuppas.
- Iced black ($5.50) was not acidic, he likes it

We were awed by the welcome drink mocktail ($8++)! Such a pleasure for the palate 👍 The coffee lemonade ($8++) was pale in comparison. My taste buds said: do not try to marry coffee and lemonade.
Both miso salmon $20++ and yuzu butterfly chicken $18++ gave us pleasant surprises. The salmon and mashed potato in the former were so delish and the latter had a sweet, aromatic yuzu flavour in it! Nice!👍👍
Will be back!

Both Kazan guy don and unagi don ($16.80++) were tasty and generously portioned. The only improvement I hope to see is for the restaurant to provide miso soup or a small salad or some pickles along with their dons.

i like how this vegetables dish tastes so sweet and crunchy, brilliant dish!

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My palate wants what it wants especially when I am sick. May be just me but I craved for random things after inhaling so many pills over a span of a week. The above was one on the list and Dad took effort to drive me to his favourite place for it at Parkway.
The protocol here is to choose a slab of fish charged per gram and they’d slice it up for you. Dad thinks they serve one of the fresher sashimi around; while I don’t have these often, I had my fill and was satisfied after I finished almost 2/3 the plate

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Don't be fazed by the queue snaking out of the basement of Katong Shopping Centre. While the moist chicken is excellent and comes doused in a savoury sauce and topped with fried garlic bits, it is really the unusual complimentary sidekicks that people are queuing for. Each portion of Chicken Rice ($5) comes with free flow achar and a big bowl of soup cooked with love. The soups change from time to time, but standouts include the chicken cabbage carrot soup and the lotus root peanut soup.
Photo by Burppler Jasmine L.


Both rare, one with truffle fries and another with mashed potato. Both sides were great!

Steaks were awesome, though we expected it to be a lot less chewy. Seemed better the last 2 times we were here!

$30.90 is really worth it for 2 steaks though!

A little on the salty side and dry, this tortilla had obviously been sitting out for too long. Thankfully the flavour partially made up for its shortcomings.

Taste: 3/5

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