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From the Burpple community

Jumbo prawns are abit overrated cos u know how they're gonna taste imo. The pig tail and pork ribs were v tender, but what's most stunning about them was their intense porky flavour. Sambal was decent but not great, while their yellow Noodles were thinner than normal and had some Spring, though it still got that sticky starchiness. Their soup was absolutely intense, though more porky than seafood-tasting.

We liked that the mixed bowl had pork skin on top of the usual ribs and tail. The broth tasted of rich prawn but this wasn’t our favourite so far, whether for a light and sweet broth or rich one that didn’t have too much of the prawn head roe taste.
They also offered Ngor Hiang which was a good side to go along with.

🍜🍤 Popular Blanco Court Prawn Noodles. I got the basic bowl (S$5.90) with mix bee hoon mee. I like the soup, its not too sweet or salty, just nice. The prawns were fresh. Recommend 👍

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Blanco Court prawn mee has always been in the running for best prawn mee in Singapore. Came in with high expectations and it didn't disappoint. The soup was umami enough with the prawn stock and they definitely used a good amount of pork giving the soup a certain bit of sweetness. The prawns were relatively big even though I did not get the upgraded prawns. Would come again.

Ordered the $5.80 for for mixed pork ribs and prawn mee. The queue is insanely long when I was there during the lunch crowd but it's worth a try! The ngoh hiang stall next door is good too as it doesnt come with an oily aftertaste!

Had a craving for this ever-popular prawn mee and ordered their prawn and pork ribs noodles ($5.90).
Their highlight is of course their intensenly concentrated prawn broth, with that mouth-watering murkiness. But I wanted to try the dried noodles.
The dried noodles were actually really good too. The noodles achieved the right amount of firmness and chewiness, whilst the chili was absolutely flavourful and robust, also delivering a strong potent kick of heat. Topped with some fragrant shallots and pork lard, the crunchiness of these components brought out a delightful mix of textures.
The pork ribs were also immaculately cooked to a crazily satisfying tenderness. The prawns though, were decent but nothing special. It is really a great bowl of prawn mee, and you can understand the crowd it draws.

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