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From the Burpple community

The mix of prawn and pork ribs comes in 3 sizes, small ($5), medium ($9) and large ($11). The price refers mainly to the size of the prawns. I like the soup. It’s the dark brown type that’s not very prawn-y but still very tasty, and it doesn’t have much MSG. Prawns are appropriately sized for the price. Not my favourite bowl of prawn mee, but this is definitely one of the better bowls around. Some of the aunties are rather grumpy, and one repeatedly chased us away from our table.

🍜 Prawns with pork ribs noodles (S$5.90). The soup is yummy and the pork ribs tender.

🌤 Ordered some ngoh hiang to go with the prawn mee. This stall is just beside the popular Blanco Court Prawn Mee. I went there at 9am weekend, so theres seats available and no queue.

243 Beach Road
Singapore 189754

Can’t remember how much was it as I had this some time back. I love both dry and soup version, will order depending on my mood 😂 I usually go for smaller prawns as I am lazy to deal with shells 🤭

Can’t remember how much was it as I had this some time back. I love the prawn mee here, be it soup or dry. Dry one comes with extra bowl of soup as well so you won’t miss out on the super shiok soup. I prefer the one with smaller prawns as it’s easier to eat (lesser shells). But portion too small for me, luckily there’s this ngoh hiang stall beside for me to 加料.

4.5 ⭐ Back at one of SG best prawn mee after 2 years. I had the 3 in 1 combo while WB had the Jumbo prawn noodle. Ordered Fried Ngor Hiang and share among the 4 of us.