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It is so delicious, the prawn taste is strong, the pork lard is so crispy. Probably the best hokkies me for me. I ordered $4, comes with 2 prawns and few squids. Love it so much. I ate this 2 days in a row, as it was so yummy. You should try this when come to 628 Market.

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce ($5.50)

Serving of chicken used to be a much bigger portion but has shrunk over the years. Crinkle fries have a nice crunch but are super salty. Coleslaw is good as always. A small serving like this will probably not fill up most people, so be prepared to have more food after you have finished this or go hungry!


Black Carrot cake (01-76) - had the $4 option which was really good value!
It was so good, I forgot to even take a pic..
Homemade chilli was different from the norm, a highlight as were the fried egg bits. Good textural and palatable mix of slightly charred eggs, soft eggy bits, the chopped 'cake' and crunchy radish.

Absolute yum!


Breakfast of Xiang Ji Porridge (01-81)- pork meat and liver for $3.50 (add 0.5cents for extras like egg, or century egg). Well seasoned and flavourful porridge base, with preserved veg pieces - a little extra umami!
Unimpressed with pork slivers - too soft, pork ball had too much flour/cornstarch and almost felt manufactured. Pork liver and overall meat ratio was still worth the price though.
Carrot cake from same hawker was heaps better though!

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For early snack here at the hawker centre, you could go for the carrot from this Black & White stall at the center.

Although I felt the carrot cake itself was a bit soggy, but the fried egg mix well with it.

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WAITING TIME: ~5 mins on a weekday lunchtime

- no cockles
- VERY VERY VERY GARLICKY -- he likes it but it's a little too garlicky for me to taste the actual sweetness of the CKT
- Manned by an old couple in the middle row; stall also sells Portuguese egg tarts in a hot oven

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