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Topped with feta cheese, honey baked ham, rocket salad, sunny side up and mozzarella cheese, this pizza is said to be their bestseller. Well it has the standard ingredients that make a good "local pizza", and I don't deny that it's tasty too. I like that their handmade crust is thin yet still retaining some chewy bite to it.

That translates to pan fried rosemary chicken with white wine mushroom rosemary sauce. The chicken was tender, the asparagus was a nice surprise (since it wasn't mentioned in the description), and the sauce was pleasant and not too creamy. Decently delicious though not extraordinary.

I heard that the chef from this stall used to work at Putien, and now he's dishing out similar dishes from that restaurant in this humble food court! This noodles had that wok hey - so tasty and flavourful (though very salty)!! Comes with a variety of ingredients like clams, sotong, mushrooms, prawns, veggies. Definitely a steal for this quality and quantity!

A simple dish but well executed, loved the texture of the vegetables! Definitely worth ordering. Just a bit too oily, but will be back for this!

Served quickly, with a robot! Tastes good, and rather reasonably priced - possibly cheaper than some of those in coffee shops.

These bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms were deep fried ⁣till a crispy golden brown and served piping hot. While tasty, I felt it was a tad dry, so do pair it with the sauce for a more hearty flavour and experience. 😋

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Reasonably priced at $1.80 for majority of the plates, there’s an assortment of ingredients you can choose from for easy sharing. While there’s nothing much to shout about for their marination of the meat, because there are better ones out there that are way more flavourful, I do think the pricing is value for money and worth giving a try if you are looking for a simple dinner nearby. ⁣

Wouldn't say it's the best la...wok hei taste wasn't really there and the noodles weren't exactly as chewy as I wanted them to be. Also there doesn't seem to be much difference between the regular and large portions ($4.50 and $6 respectively) yep
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Fried chicken burger with Salted egg sauce. This time the chicken is fried nicely, no hard corners that will do some damage to the teeth. Salted egg sauce is balanced nicely, not too sweet and not too strong.

Ebi burger looks plain in comparison. But surprisingly the burger taste good! Ebi Patty is filled with chunks of prawn and cheese adds a good flavour overall.

Adventure at Seletar Corner this morning and this bowl of Sheng Mian is decent to say the least. Yesterday was really gloomy so there sunlight this morning is a nice welcome to Sunday. Good morning!

Its been ages since I came back and it still taste as familiar. Overall, its taste may not be the best but the family friendly vibes they have and the warm customer service does make a mark. We had the beef and chicken steak & the mushroom pasta.

The chicken steak is the most memorable, perhaps the cut for the beef steak was slightly too tough. The pasta was also somewhat more chinese. Its good how they are sprucing up their menu with "Taste around the world" and having a monthly menu featuring a different country - it was Mexico when i went.

Also, the panna cotta is a delight!!