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Ipoh the city of mountains? (山城). Had the smoooth horfun in chicken broth and prawns. Must say the horfun is so smooth you can slurp it all up and the chicken broth isnt too salty, so you can finish it all. The prawns are also a good addition, also adding a tinge of spice to it.

It's slightly pricier at $7.60, also ft the shaoxing rice chicken at the back. Tho kudos to the boss for bringing more Ipoh food to sg.

It's also having a 15% promotion as it just opened in Amk b2

Price: $4
Ordered dried prawn mee. It’s a mixture of sourness, creamy from pork lard, savoury from dried shrimp. What stands out is their soup which is strong in prawn taste, giving you the feeling of ah ma’s prawn mee.

Day 20: “Mission Completed” we browsed around AMK hub and found a few Kueh places (Bengawan, Jianbo TBR Shui Kueh, Teochew Kueh in Malaysia Boleh)but we wanna pick the special one to mark our last Kueh adventure before one of us embark on a road trip. 🏔
This Durian Salat will do it! One of us is not a big fan as the smell is so strong for this one. You can totally smell it as you devour and it doesn’t matter how delicious it is!!😆😁🙌🤘

Grilled perfectly, these delicious pork skewers teleported me back to Thailand...

How many Moo Ping (Thai Pork Skewers) do you need to satisfy your cravings? I’d say at least 5 for me 😋

Do check out their attractive lunch promos, where you can purchase any main & get a free drink at just $5.50!

The black pepper chicken was rly peppery and fragrant. Loved the onion rings, hated the coleslaw (but I hate coleslaw in general sooo) ordered their mushroom soup as well but it tasted more like a cream soup, not the best. Wouldn’t be back again tbh!

Taste: 6/10
Presentation: 5.5/10
Ambience: 5.5/10 (we were squeezed between two tables)

the tea is extremely prominent and aromatic — can tell that this is some quality chinese tea right here! another plus is that it is freshly brewed, the bottom of the cup is still hot when you get your drink. this is really lovely if you are a fan of tea & i personally enjoyed it very much. :-)

cream adds a nice sweetness to the drink which might be a tad bit sweet for some (think the cream in cookies and cream). the pearls were noticeably bigger than other bbt joints which made for a nice chew. a little expensive but worth splurging once in a while. 😊

$4.70 | 9/10 🌟

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Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat located at the backyard of 🍅🍅. Having a long history of Satisfying & Well Balanced broth with overflowing customer heading over for dinner, when the Cinderella clock strikes😂😂
虾枣 (Hei Zhou ~ Prawn Rolls)
Homemade Prawn roll stuffed with Water Chestnut/Minced Pork/Diced Prawn/Celery.
(Satisfying Texture and Flavours💕)
Giveaway coming up soon! Win up to $100 voucher 😬😬
226B Ang Mo Kio Ave 1,
Singapore (562226)
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This is one of the best steak i’ve ever tried. it’s different from the usual western food stalls where they served the typical black pepper steaks. This steak is topped with garlic merlot sauce where the chef used a bit of wine for that intense flavour. great marbling with robust flavour. Was also served with twister fries instead of the usual french fries. i highly recommend it 👍🏻

Bringing in some legit Taiwanese food to the AMK Hub F&B scene, Jiak served up some familiar comfort food from renowned Taiwanese brand 金峰魯肉飯 which was based in Taipei.

I had very high expectations of 魯肉飯 (Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice), so I thought I would just settle for their 焢肉饭 (S$5.90 for Medium size) which also looked quite delicious. But thinking that I would probably just get a portion of rice with one slab of braised meat, I decided to add on that Golden Chicken Chop which costed additional S$3.70.


Although I had not tried 金峰魯肉飯 personally, and I felt that the braised meat could be a little more tender, I was surprised with how everything came together nicely like I was having a Railway Bento, complete with some pickled cucumber and half a braised egg. The Golden Chicken Chop did not pale in comparison as it was lightly coated with batter and was sufficiently juicy. In fact, with one whole piece of chicken thigh covering the surface of the food, I was actually having slight difficulty trying to organise my food for easy consumption.

To conclude, there was definitely some components done very well for this takeaway stall. And it gave me some confidence in trying their Lu Rou Rice the next round.

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