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Went for the Asian 'Risotto' ($10) which is, as indicated by the inverted commas, not exactly *that* Italian dish you would expect, but rather a bowl of purple rice porridge with braised pork, runny egg, pork floss, fried shallots and garlic. The consistency is very much like 'jook' (Cantonese porridge), the texture thick and somewhat gritty. The braised pork, along with the rest of the ingredients, give the dish a fragrant and savoury flavour that's not too consumed by the wet staple, although I personally feel that the meat could be more tender. The egg, described as 'runny' was unfortunately not as it was described. Maybe it ~could~ be due to the time taken to take photos, but it ended up having a thick ajitama yolk-like texture. That said, the egg mixed in well with the porridge, so I managed to overlook that issue relatively quickly; just don't expect any of that yolkporn magic. 😅

Overall, I did find myself enjoying this dish which you'd otherwise unusually find in a cafe. It is especially suitable for people who are craving for something a little bit more Chinese, with elements of homeliness, heartiness and health-consciousness. 👍🏻

😁 Saw mixed reviews about this, but got the chance to try it for myself. The tonkotsu broth was quite dilute. My friend said it "looked like water". It wasn't very tasty, apart from a slight salty taste. Didn't come with a lot of ingredients too (only beansprouts & chashu; the black fungus I added separately). But I guess for the price, you can't really complain.

Price: $6.90 + 50c for black fungus

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dropped by the neighbourhood collin’s for lunch today and got the salmon fillet with potato wedges, brocolli and corn ($15.90)! i always love having a casual visit to collin’s for lunch because it’s always super affordable (and for such a huge portion, too). whilst i can’t say it’s the most amazing, mindblowing western food i’ve ever had, it’s of relatively decent quality, given the price. it was my first time having their salmon and i had no issues with it, although it’s surely not my favourite there! that would have to be the bbq roasted pork ribs w/ sweet potato fries ($15.90), which, honestly? are to die for. 🤤 do give that a try when you go there because the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender and the sauce is delicious!! the salmon, on the otherhand, was average, but i have to say that it was cooked really well so that the fillet wasn’t too dry, and it was relatively large. it was a very balanced meal in the sense that there were proteins, carbs & veggies !!

the portions are really large and it’ll definitely fill you up be it for lunch or dinner. they have a pretty attractive weekday lunchtime value set meal too so be sure to check that out if you’re ever in the area! i also recommend the lemon and orange earl grey tea which is extremely tasty and refreshing. overall, a definite bang for buck and i’d always be glad to visit again 😋

Amazing tempura made on the spot by chef owner. At $6, this is the first time a hawker dish has made me feel like I've underpaid for my food.

The sugar crackle on top was nicely torched, but the custard inside was a little dense and too eggy for my liking. It was oookay, but not the best creme brulee. Wouldn't recommend it.

Price: $8.50

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Went touristy on this lazy, hot #saturday afternoon (well, before the rain clouds rolled in) and had a #singlescoop #cookiesandcream #gelato #icecream at #doublescoops. $3.50 for 1 scoop

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Put simply, BK's "turkey bacon" is among the worst food mankind has created. In quotes because even that's dubious.

Mushrooms are of good quality and overall better than most hawker pasta, but it's strangely bland so I'm not totally won over.

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Have been here multiple times and have tried almost half the dishes off the menu. Lava cake + clams + mussels (if you love seafood) are a must!

Their smallest chilli crab cost $68.90. But it was superb with thick chunk of flesh. Satisfied with it. I did a take away and they gave alot of gravy. Mantou was nice too.

A creamy mushroom soup with mushroom chunks and truffle oil. The truffle oil was fragrant, but I thought it was too creamy/diluted and not mushroom-y enough.

Price: $6.90 for set topup (drink + soup)

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