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Yummy ice cream, tried Grapefruit Beetfroot egglet, Salted Caramel + chocolate cone and another scoop of Blue vanilla.
Friendly staffs...
Only felt abit uneasy when 3 persons (look like owners) walked in n kept looking around.

Delectable. I don’t often eat pork chops cuz i always get the those meats too tough. but this really puts the tender in tenderloin. it wasn’t tough to eat at all!! the mac and cheese looks like a small portion but it’s just right before it gets too gelak!! overall a very pleasant meal! :-)

Was there previously for their flat white and this time round, we got their iced latte and dirty matcha, which is a great beverage to cool down under the sweltering heat.
✨ Brew & Co.
📍 716 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, Unit 01-4030, Singapore 560716
🍴 [Self Funded]

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We ordered the Milk+Earl Grey Swirl. That combination works very well for me! My gf thought that it was a bit too sweet for her as she doesn’t have a sweet tooth. We requested the complimentary sauce for the ice cream to be put separately so that we could try its original flavour. It was great on its own, and great with the homemade berry sauce too!

Wanted to order makisan from grabkitchen @ aljunied initially. But after I loaded my cart and hesitated for a few seconds, I got alerts saying makisan was temporarily closed as "store is busy" 😭 continued browsing the grabkitchen menu and decided to give @elcarbonsg a go since there was a special $9.9 set menu discount for this black pepper chicken and shrooms pasta and mushroom soup!

The pasta portion was hugeee and I struggled to finish it. The pasta sauce was so well loaded with spices black pepper and chilli 👍🏻 The sauce wasn't too jelat for me. Chicken chunks were huge too. The mushroom soup came with some toasted croutons and there was a strong taste of truffle too. Enjoyed my meal!

First time ordering from grab kitchen, and won't be my last! 🤗

Really decent neighbourhood claypot rice found here, heard that they have been selling for over 30 years already! Chicken meats were tender, while the rice was pretty fragrant with lots of charred bits (锅巴) at the bottom. Other ingredients include lup cheong and salted fish. They offer two kinds of chicken here, normal or kampong chicken (additional $1), will try the latter version next time.

Tender chicken drumstick. Roasted pork skin was crispy but the bottom part was a little hard to chew. Love it when stalls have the ginger for me to put on the rice and meat. Yum

Ever seen an egg tart bun? I haven't. I was full from lunch but I couldn't help but buy this. Bread was soft and egg tart wasn't too sweet. Just the right combination. Might go back to try their other buns, some were also interesting.

Feature :
💕Grilled Moo Ping ($8).
It's tender, tasty with light Char.
💕Tom Yum Talay ($12).
My fav, I always order this, it's more spicy than normal Tom yum talay, tangy and savoury.
💕 Pad Thai ($8).
💕Mango Salad with Homemade Sauce ($6).

If compare to Dee tongue, price slightly more pricey and portion smaller. But I'm ok with that, its nearer to my house.
So easier to satisfy my craving for Thai Food. I should move back to amk 😆.

📍 Khao Hom by Rung Mama
5 Ang Mo kio Central 2, #01-06.
Djitsun Mall.

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For some reason I keep eating this. I liked white previously, but wow, black is better! Really nothing to nitpick. The white cake though was disappointing this time, having the yuckiness sometimes coming with white carrot cake.

Quite a standard donburi, average serving size. It was nice that they separated the curry in our takeaway so the rice and chicken don’t get soggy.

We got this as part of a Shopback Go deal - if it’s your first time purchasing one of their deals, you can get this bowl for only $2.90, which is quite a good deal. I wouldn’t pay for this at original price though.

💕Fresh Cockles with Special Paste.
The cockles really fresh and served with special sauce that towards to sweet. We squeeze the lemon, it gives a sour tangy flavour to the sauce. It's really refreshing.
💰$11.8 (small).
💕Braised Pork in Soya Sauce.
It's tender with the right amount of fat.
💰$9.8 (small)
💕Chai Poh Omelette.
Cant go wrong with omelette 😋.
💰$6.8 (small).
📍Springleaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant.
18 Jalan Leban.

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