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One of the greatest envies I possess would be that of having access to cheap and authentic ramen options to decompress, akin to the humble diners and izakayas settled along a Yokocho. In Singapore, ramen has been established as a dish that is served in specialty restaurants, so it was with an open mind and a vested interest that I decided to try out the self-proclaimed “Ramen for the Average Singaporean”.
Just a mere stone’s throw away from Ang Mo Kio MRT, situated along an inconspicuous corner, the incarnadine facade whelms your vision, tunnelling you into a bar seat or a booth while your mind fixates on the idea of yet another bowl of ramen.
1️⃣ Takagi Ramen ($6.90) - the namesake bowl features Hakata-style ramen served in a well-rounded tonkotsu broth, as well as subtle additions of shio, kombu and bonito
2️⃣ Black Tonkotsu ($7.90) - namely the most popular ramen sold here, the slow-roasted black garlic tonkotsu broth is sure to awaken one’s senses, as well as knock out any date foolish enough to enter your personal space
3️⃣ Butashoga Ramen ($7.90) - one of the more unique ramens, featuring hand-pulled pork sautéed with sweet soy sauce and fragrant ginger, sweet and umami with a supporting herbal quality
Definitely the best ramen available at its price point in Singapore. Also, who wouldn’t want a free additional serving of noodles?

Tender juicy steak done just right. Medium steak that's tender, not chewy or rubbery despite being a thick cut. Flavourful throughout entire steak not just the seared parts on the exterior. Butter truffle topping was flavourful and fragrant, though falling a tad on the salty side, but somehow the combination works well. Couldn't taste the truffle however. Will I return? Yes, steak quality is good!

Burpple one for one. Serving size was good for both, and both dishes taste great as well. The use of angel hair pasta for granchio was a brilliant move as it allowed each mouthful to remain light and palatable. Squid ink pasta, as quoted by my partner, was amazing. The addition of chilli padi was a pleasant surprise.

This takeaway concept had recently attained their Halal certification, which means that they had extended their reach to a larger customer base.

From S$5.00, one could get a box of Egg Fried Rice that was cooked “a la minute”. The chefs stood behind a glass window, showing the whole process of cooking the fried rice in front of customers. As the short-grain Japanese rice was tossed in the wok with hot oil and egg, I could not help but marvel at how these chefs could stand there all day, frying rice and noodles non-stop.

Apparently, their fried rice was quite an impressive product, with television viewers voting Wok Hey as the best among hawkers in conjunction with the premiere of Fried Rice Paradise serial drama. While I must admit that the fried rice was not as consistently cooked over my few orders, the flavours of their Egg Fried Rice was on point and outstanding from most hawker stalls. To mark the double celebration with their certifiation, Wok Hey offered a free Tobiko (flying fish roe) topping for every pack of fried rice purchased on 6, 13 and 20 Sep. Very premium, I must say, but somehow I still preferred my fried rice as-is — it’s good enough!


Chicken Rice Balls are so rare nowadays in Singapore, so you can imagine my excitement when I chanced upon it recently.

Traditionally Chicken Rice Balls are made by the Hainanese, and are basically Chicken Rice being mounted into a ball. It's selling at 30cents each, with a minimum of 3pcs per order. Chicken Rice Ball sets are also available starting from $3.60. The chicken balls are firm, fragrant and packed with flavours. Chicken wise is quite decent, but not outstanding.

Visit here if you want a taste of traditional chicken rice balls.

Joyful Chicken Rice
AMK 347 Food House
347 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 560347
(Just Opposite Ang Mo Kio Hub)

With the add on ($1.00) for the egg. Total is $8.90 nett.

Pretty dissapointed after reading good rave on this small little outlet.
After taste of The soup is kinda slight bitter. The noodle is a turn off. Is definitely not springy and It actually taste of 'gian' which yellow noodles hav!!

Place is small and ramen is not that fantastic. Hmmmmmm... Not going back.

This has nicely diced cubes of daikon radish carrot cake / chye tow kueh, studded with a generous portion of preserved radish bits, steamed till soft, and stir-fried with eggs, diced carrots, and strips of pork bacon.
You get the soft moist bite of the daikon radish cake, the light crunch of the carrots, and the chewy bits of the pork bacon. Has bold savoury salty sweet flavour. Unique and tasty.
Carrot Cubes
More details in profile & blog

Apparently famous, but disappointing. Apart from generous duck and decent herbal soup, most braised duck stalls can match this.

Tucked in a little corner of AMK, pretty delicious and filling dishes! Salted Egg Burger, Mala Mac and Cheese, Wings and Truffle Fries. Very very full!

I've always loved their "limited" tontoro, which is fatty pork. Their chicken, not so much. It's not marinated beforehand so you'll get clean-tasting chicken.

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