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Each bite into the wings were full of crunch thanks to the light crispy batter. Yet i never found myself reaching for any paper towels since the wings werent drenched in oil either.
But the wings could have done with a bit more seasoning. Not that it was a problem thanks to the sweet chilli sauce.

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Loved that the pork had the right amount of fat and lean meat without making too dry. Flavour was good enough that you won't even need the dipping sauce!

first time here, i bought 2 americanos and it came with a small packet of 2 cookies :-)

coffee is good, very 香 and the cookies super yummy too ~ everyth was packed nicely n convenient for takeaway !!

im still thinking about those cookies though... i think i could eat a whole box of them 🤤🤤🤤 maybe i'll try their bakes next time i visit ! yay i love this place

First time trying their dirty matcha and fell in love with it! What a cute little cafe in an old town! Worth the trip!

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Haha this was really quite spicy.

Could use burpple deal but note that they charge 30ct for takeaway. Can bring your own box if you want.

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Really enjoyable moo ping! Flavourful

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Great takeaway treats for eating at the nearby hdbs. We got the iced hojicha and matcha together with these two donuts using the burpple deal!😋

Coffee is good. But staff are unsure that coffee is offered on burpple beyond and deny the offers available. Lack the initiative to find out immediately only to charge the full price. Appeared nonchalant when I later asked if they clarified about the burpple offer. Can certainly afford to do much better in terms of service quality.

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These buns from @korfe.sg were reaaaally wholesome and satisfying☺️ I got to try the Matcha, Taro and Injeolmi buns! Needless to say, I loved the Injeolmi ones; think this flavour really stands out from what we usually get! Can’t wait to try the other stuff that they have!

P.S Korfe is at AMK Hub, not sure why the tag says Djitsun Mall.

Fried Carrot Cake
White version
Available at @carrotcubes

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