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We ordered the cereal prawns, sambal kangkong, honey pork ribs, chaipo beancurd & salted veg soup. The cereal prawns were nicely cooked & they were very generous w the cereal. We really loved the honey pork ribs too, it was well-seasoned & the pork was tender so it came off the bone easily. The sambal kangkong & chaipo beancurd however, were just way too salty. We tried to finish as much as we could, but it was just too salty & we found ourselves reaching for our drinks after every bite to wash the salt away. Really disappointing :( the salted veg soup was just average. However, the value set came w these 5 dishes + 4 drinks & 4 desserts for $88++ so I guess it’s quite worth. Just be sure to avoid the sambal kangkong & chaipo beancurd the next time u visit this outlet! (Maybe it’s just the chefs today but the saltiness was really horrible) 😫

This salted egg crab was to die for! Salted egg sauce was creamy but not too heavy at the same time so it wasn’t jelat & it went really well w the mantous (6 for $3.80). The mantous were also well-fried, soft and fluffy on the inside but crispy on the outside! Would definitely recommend this!

Great authentic Thai food, serving was super fast too - perfect for our starving stomachs!

(Daytime only)

AVAILABLE IN: $4.00/$5.00

WAITING TIME: Less than 5 minutes at 3pm





NOODLES TYPE: Yellow mee with thick beehoon

- Surprisingly good! We both loved it.
- Very eggy
- Both felt that it was "like a very nice homecooked kind"


AVAILABLE IN: $3.50/$4.00

WAITING TIME: Less than 5 minutes at 3pm

- Small bowl of prawn soup (not super strong prawn taste, kinda on the sweet side)
- $3.50 portion included 2 prawns and pork slices and fried onions
- Can be slightly more flavorful
- The lady at this stall told us most shops close by 3pm here

Some light and savoury tea time treat!!! $1 is the best thing (any 3 items to get the price of $1 each)

This had a long queue, and is pretty affordable! However, wasn’t too impressed by the mhk. It was too thick for my liking. While it was chewy, it was borderline doughy if I were to nitpick. I did like the soup though!

Very affordable western food at a hawker centre! Baked pasta was topped off with generous amount of cheese!

as shown in the pic i succumbed to takagi due to ungodly hour hunger pangs and doubt i’ll return for their mediocre ramen. only commendable thing is their takoyaki (although not very worth it) is super soft and melts in your mouth~ apart from that, their broth lacks the umami and is pretty bland, do not recommend unless you’re looking for a quick & cheap fix. they offer free upsize for noodles too if you’re hungry

Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($8.30) was using fresh grated coconut topped on the Ondeh Ondeh Cake but the layers of the cake is much more than normal cake.

Chocolate Matcha Cake was quite strong and rich bitter taste for chocolate covered up to the bitter taste for Matcha.

Had the cheesy chicken and i rlly like the combi! esp love the potatoes which are seasoned very nicely that i don't even need any sauce to go with it :D pretty good meal and worth it with burpple also - it's a nice place to head to when we are around the hood (:

Handcrafted stack pan fried Roti John with chicken.
Deliberately drizzle cheese over.
Satisfying portion.
Happy place to dine.

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