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Quite impressed a hawker stall grills with charcoal in front of your eyes. This giant bowl with premium and indulgent pork neck, and even an onsen egg, was only $7. Unbelievable. Unfortunately, it's spoilt by macaroni, which I dislike.

Quite impressed a hawker stall grills with charcoal in front of your eyes. Giant bowl with big servings of vegetables and chicken. Smoky meat as expected.

Located at Blk 529, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, unit 01-2359, Singapore 560529. .
Chocolate Rice Buttercream Cake, $1.70. #StayAtHome and enjoy the nostalgic traditional chocolate rice butter cream cake from The Pine Garden! Love to eat it cold and the sponge cake is still so soft even when it’s just taken out from fridge! Simple traditional cake but we are full of happiness! 🍰🍫 .
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Enjoying my Green Tea Mousee, with the cream on top🤤can sip without sraw. Love their packaging so attas and nice! 😍🙊I choose my sugar level 50% just taste nice! 😍 #bobatea #bubbletea #burpplesg

We ordered a cajun chicken and sirloin steak using burpple beyond, and its so affordable (prices stated on the menu are nett!!!!!)! The chicken is juicy and tender, seasoned perfectly and the sauce (on the side) is slightly spicy and tangy. The steak is average, he felt that there was not much flavour to it, but the meat isn’t tough and there is no gamey taste. Not the worst, but not outstanding either. You are able to choose a side that comes with the main, so we both got the potato skins. The skin is crispy and they even added cheese to the potato, totally delicious. For the price you pay, it’s quite worth it! We would definitely go back for the chicken and to try their pork chop! Also, it might get crowded during dinner time as it is nestled under a HDB block (and surrounded by HDBs), so do come earlier or make a reservation :)

Wide variety of food available and the dishes are mostly good!

used burpple 1-4-1 deal to get their signature acoustic milk latte & a "dreamy" tea which was served in a cute teacup set heheh. brownies were delightfully warm (& not too sweet!) which was paired well w the ice cream (+$1). croissant w scrambled egg was maybe bit more average, but overall still a peaceful place w a nice ambience for studying/chilling in the cosy aftn ((:

Price includes the addition of fishcake and egg. Standard has dropped so much. Rice was mushy and clump together. Duck meat was tough and miserable. More skin than meat. Disappointing meal.

Over the past few months, you probably would have noticed this brand expanding into many of the shopping malls, offering pretty affordable bowls of wanton mee.

The noodles were great and had a springy QQ bite. After giving a good toss with the sauce, I felt that it was a tad too oily for my liking. For those who can handle the heat, you definitely had to add their chilli sauce but please go easy on it😂.

Apologies for the gross-looking photo, but I wanted to show everyone what a lovely medium-rare this steak was! While it coule have been seasoned a bit more, what it lacked in taste was fully made up for in texture. Each bite of steak was so deliciously tender, I was truly sad when I finished the whole thing.


I paid an additional $1 to swap the house salad for another side dish and I am glad I did, because the onion rings were truly great! It was very firm yet light, and the onion flavour was very prominent throughout. The truffle pork was also extremely enticing, especially as the fragrance of truffle perfumed the air even before I got to dig in. Though the portion may look quite small at first, it is actually a very sizeable portion because there are quite a few slabs of pork chop stacked on top of one another!

The owner and service staff were very friendly and attentive as well, making this a restaurant I would definitely visit again.