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Resumption of bigger groups for dining in makes mookata all the more enjoyable! @phukettownmookataamk offers up one of the better mookata deals - approx $26 for their 2 person set which comes with quite a wide variety of meats. Their pork belly is a highlight!

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Not bad, worth it with burpple beyond! Could do with more sauce on the rice though, was a bit dry.

Curry is such a versatile component. It can be eaten on its own (curry soup), over rice (hainanese curry rice), with noodles (chicken curry noodles) and as a bread dip.

@jianzao_ipohcurrynoodle seeks to introduce the Ipoh-style of curry noodles. Unlike the Hong Lim chicken curry noodles, their curry is a lot more robust (a lot more spices are used I reckon), thicker and richer. It also comes with an array of toppings from roast pork, char siew, shredded chicken and French beans.

I personally found it a little robust and rich (too much spices for my Chinese tummy to be honest). I will however recommend that you squeeze the lime provided to add a zesty flavour that cuts through the richness of the curry gravy and bring it to the next level. The siew yok is really good too.

This is good and reminds me a little of the chicken cutlet curry noodles from Cantonese Delights at Hong Lim FC. My personal opinion is that Cantonese Delights is still the gold standard for curry noodles!

Bailey's brownie
The last I had bailey's gelato was...... many years back and am glad to locate another gelato house that serves similar! The brownie bites certainly added some texture to the ice cream but in terms of taste, there really isn't anything to shout about and would prefer no brownies! It's kinda like, extra calories without incremental satisfaction on the tastebuds. This is a gourmet flavour, so top up +$2! Still pretty much value-worth if you're on Burpple Beyond (:

'Cos we utilized burpple beyond 1-1 deal and I selected the Bailey's brownie (gourmet), it made sense to order a serving of the Pistachio, the only other flavour in the gourmet category. I hesitated at the fiance's choice - insisting that pistachio gelato is quite common everywhere else, and he should really go for the Honey chrysanthemum (premium) that he enjoyed v much at B.O.P. Unsurprisingly this was yet another time he stuck to his choice and I'm so glad he did - the pistachio gelao was so, so, so incredily rich. In terms of creaminess, it's on par with the likes of Creamier/Venchi. In terms of quality and generosity, it surpassed both solely based on the fact that every other bite came with a generous crunch of WHOLE pistachio. Yes, you read that right. not pistachio pieces but pistachios in WHOLE - in the same way you see it when you shell off a pistachio kernel.

Went on a Saturday, it was quiet and not crowded. It’s nice to just hang out with friend and have chat there.

Cheesy chicken have sides of fries and salad. Fries are like usual thick fries, not that consistent with the crispiness. The salad is nice and basic with Japanese sesame sauce. The cheese on the chicken is amazing! Two types of cheeses: nacho and slice cheese torched to slightly charred. It adds so much flavour. However, there’s the fatty layer on the chicken that’s quite thick and a little bit of a turn off for me.

The carbonara is topped with an egg yolk and ham. The egg yolk was runny and adds creaminess to the pasta. This is one of the good carbonara out there thats not overly milky but still creamy at the same time. However, should eat it fast while it’s hot. A bit jelat when it’s cold.

Overall, 7.5/10.

With burpple deal this was worth it. I love the waffles, it’s crispy & soft (inside) and goes really well with the maple syrup. However with whole combination of maple syrup and ice cream, it’s too sweet for our liking.

Not bad! On par with G7 frog porridge at bukit timah. Tho I prefer the porridge in bukit timah coz it has ginger and tasted peppery 😋

Delicious! Tried the nor hiang (the brown strip u saw in the pic) not very sure what the meat is, probably pork liver 🤔 it was well marinated and tasty 😋

A satisfying bowl of tom yum soup with seafood such as squid ring, prawn, fish, tomato and mushroom with a good balance of spiciness and sourness. The tangy flavour makes it so refreshing and wanting to have more 》$6

The phad thai is fried with seafood, eggs, bean sprouts and chewy rice noodles, topped with peanut, chilli flakes and lime. There is not much wok-hei in here but the texture was moist and not overly greasy or sweet. Decent enough for a quick and simple fix when there is any Thai food cravings 》$6

Ohhh this is Soo good! It is Malaysian style Herb bak Kut teh. Serve best with red chilli and garlic.

Very lucky that came here without waiting for seat. Recommend that come here during weekday otherwise have to wait for the seats. The food here is superb yummy!
Must try!

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