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Chico Loco

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The Loco Group opens new fast-casual Mexican spit-roasted chicken joint, Chico Loco in the heart of the Central Business District. Located on Amoy Street in the buzzy Telok Ayer area, Chico Loco is here to shake up what it means to eat healthy.

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at Chico Loco
SAVE ~$12
SAVE ~$12
Dinner Set (Main & Side & Drink)
SAVE ~$21
Dinner Set (Main & Side & Drink)
SAVE ~$21


From the Burpple community

Lean cuts of lamb. Great with the Smokey bbq sauce to bring out the flavor on the rub. Good addition of protein to the chicken!

Beets, carrots, cauliflower, cashew salsa. Love how well roasted and flavorful this is!

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Comes with choice of one sauce, Chico slaw (cabbage, green papaya, macadamia, mint, chili) and Rotisserie Fat rice (red, brown and white rice, ginger, tomatillo, sesame). Sauce options include 1) citrus, serrano & tomatillo (🌶)
2) green peppercorn & jalapeño gravy (🌶)
3) Smokey chipotle BBQ (🌶 🌶 )
4) habanero & mango (🌶 🌶 🌶)

Original price of ala carte chicken (half) - $17

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Grab a colleague (or three) for an after-work Mexican feast, helmed by the good hands of The Loco Group (behind Super Loco and Lucha Loco). Tuck into good vibes and this buck-worthy 1-for-1 Dinner Set, including mains like the tender Spit-Roasted Chicken (from $9 for 1/4) and the juicy, crisp Hot Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich ($13). The set also comes with sides like a chipotle mayo, cheese and lime glazed Street Corn ($6) and a somtum-inspired ChicoSlaw ($6), alongside tap beers and cocktails like the refreshing Frozen Chico Margarita ($14)!
Photo by Burppler Jayson Yeo

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Spit Roasted Chicken Set ($23)
The aroma of roasted chix @chicolocosg permeated the space so much that it didn’t take us long to decide having our lunch here. Prices were definitely on the steep side but the chicken is cooked to perfection and the charred skin was just too delicious to waste away. There are 4 different sauces you can pick for dips. My fave would be the green peppercorn & jalapeno gravy as it added a zesty dimension to the chicken. Also recommend to try the bone broth ($3). Tasted like all the goodness from the bones have been extracted into the broth

I know people go there for the chicken but couldn't resist the lamb + a side of legit guac. Look at that pink perfection! Amazingly tender and amazing on its own. The spices were 😍!

I did order the bone broth to get some chicken at least though! Really comforting chicken soup, would be great on a rainy day! (Also hipster af)