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Cheap(er) tacos in sg that is saucy - could do with less sauce imo - with generous amount of meat. Both had pulled meat so the tacos tasted quite similar except the pork was spicy while the chicken was sweet - should have picked fried fish or diced meat. Not wowed but decent for the price I guess.

Yummy Angus rib eye with mixed cabbage, ancho mole, capsicum and onion salsa in a taco.

Another favourite taco is De Baja: crispy fish fillet with to die for chilli mango salsa. So good.

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6 chicken wings/drummettes but only 3 left in this picture after 5 seconds of it being served. It was really good! Tangy thanks to the lime crema and sweet/spicy at the same time from the chipotle sauce. 6 was not enough.

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Black tiger prawn, fish chicharron (basically fried fish skin) with barramundi emulsion and tomatillo. All the elements of this dish just gelled together so well. Surprisingly most of the flavour I felt came from the fish chicharron and tomatillo instead of the prawns, but I liked how succulent the prawns were.

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So apparently churros origin is debated to be either from Spain, Portugal or even China. No biggie so long this Mexican restaurant serves fresh crunchy churros! 4 sticks for ~S$14

Bare-bodied mascots holding various food items with the words β€œFood worth getting dirty for” adorn the tray liners, proclaiming advocacy for the Dirty Health revolution. If you’re looking for healthy yet tasty food this joint’s your man. Here serves flavourful healthy proteins and sides (yes that’s sweet potato fries and assortment of roasted veggies). Chicken is succulent and served with sauces to give it a bit of zing. Also expect to adjust spice expectations as these are much lower than Asian cuisines.

The Naanwich wrap was actually good. I like the texture of the naan and the mayo sauce with the fillings. The fries were nice and crisp too.

The chicken tikka wrap was a little disappointing. Quite dry and dull.

I am biased towards Guzman!! I love how it’s always so consistent and they are pretty generous with the well-marinated grilled chicken :-) also my first time trying hard shell (usually I get soft shell) and WHAA I have been missing out! Hard shell reminds me so much of nacho chips which is GREAT!! I love the guac add-on too :”)

Also was pleasantly surprise to see Guzman (@ Tanjong Pagar) having latte from common man coffee roasters at $2?!? Although the latte was rather milky (not the best compared to the one I tried at their flagship) but friend and I are both v v satisfied :-)


Came w pieces of kimchi. It tastes like how it should be. Not up my alley tho - perhaps because I’m not a huge fan of kimchi. Would just skip this next time.

Chicken was nicely charred and tasty but omg the guacamole here really sucks. Damn bland and this one tasted like it was spoilt...

Pictured are the Barbacoa (braised lamb) and Carnitas (pork belly). When I first bit into the Carnitas I was greeted with an explosion of flavour! The crunch of the red cabbage, the smokiness of the pork belly and the sweetness of the jicama lended their hands to a really good taco. Modern and with a twist no doubt, but such a pleasant surprise. The barbacoa was good too with a very strong mutton flavour, but not as a good as the pork belly. My friends who had the Camarones (prawns) also said was not bad.

If you’re still peckish, get the Totopos + Con Todos (corn chips with all their sides) and Alitas de Pollo (chicken wings)!

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One of my favourite mexican food chain. Tacos were flavourful together with their JalapeΓ±o salsa, it was extremely tangy and had e spice kick.