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10/10 would come back here again just for this.

Initially was a bit skeptical because we don’t always hear of octopus in tacos but this turned out really great! Octopus was nice and tender and blended really well with the other flavours.

second time here!!! i love their food! both visits they were served hot and staff are friendly which is super important too ☺️

pretty not bad! preferred the quesadilla tho. the white wine taste was present but not overpowering quite subtle and complementary

pls their pulled pork is SO good and juicy and tender. living in my head rent free

Always had a good time dining here. Great family-friendly atmosphere. Staffs are friendly and attentive, make you feel warm and welcomed! Food are always consistent and flavourful. Fantastic dining experience that won't break the bank.

Go just for this mountain of churros - the rest are quite pricey.

This is not the most aestherically pleasing photo, but I dream about this almost everyday.. Imagine crunchy, soft, cheesy, all in one, and then a burst of flavour in your mouth once u dip your birria quesatacos in the consomme. The birria quesatacos were amazing in its own right, but dipping it in the consomme makes it a whole new world — juicy with a whole new level of flavour. This was a whole lot of spice-y, smoky, and savoury tingling on your tongue. I could not get enough of this.


[Burpple Beyond] Beef Quesadilla ($18) very cheesy, it gets gelat towards the end, so the salad and the sauces helped a lot to get this down.

They got three kinds of sauces, sorry only remembered by the colours, green, brown and black, be sure to try all!!! One of them is very very spicy 😂

[Burpple Beyond] Fish Tacos ($18) is a must-order on the menu! The fish is so fresh that it just melts in the mouth the minute you bite into it.

Chief is creative to combine Ingredients, local & oversea cuisines, spice & herbs, seasoning from across the world to come out with an excellent meal. Service is friendly too.

I think everyone knows how stuffd taste, it's not particularly good but it's decent enough for its price.

What I want to say is that the add on almost doubles your protein for 1 buck more, so I don't see why anyone wouldn't :)