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Had the pulled pork and chicken tacos, not bad at all. I wish they had an option for hard shell tacos as well though.

Also had their elote, grilled corn with mayo and cojita cheese. It was okay, I wouldn’t order it again though.

Lastly the steak quesadilla was average. A cheese lover like me should enjoy this, but the cheese inside was half melted while the other half was a mushy, crumbly mess that resembled goat or cojita cheese. Not a pleasant texture at all.

It’s never really a Mexican feast without some tortilla chips. You must get some of their gratuitously crispy tortilla chips to go around the table. Be warned: they are addictive.

Guacamole is normally the popular choice but I found their pico de gallo  ($6) equally appetising. Piquant and fresh, it was a perfect pairing for some margaritas.

IG: @indulgentism

If fish isn’t your thing, the beef brisket in the tacos de suadero ($15/2, $20/3) might be up your alley. Flavourful and dripping with juices, with a touch of earthy herbs to balance. Sadly, whilst the brisket was enjoyable, the tortillas were too delicate to hold the juices in, resulting in a less enjoyable eating experience.

IG: @indulgentism

Papi’s Tacos are touted by many to have the best tacos and I’m inclined to agree, from what little tacos I’ve had in Singapore. Their tacos de pescado ($13/2, $19/3) are ample proof of that.

The dory was lusciously soft from grilling, and the smoked chipotle alioli provided a punchy depth of flavour. That eye-catching mound of purple cabbage added both a freshness to the flavour profile as well as a crunchiness to layer over the fish.

Textures were eloquently conveyed, as the layers of fish and cabbage crunch were tied together by the soft and lightly chewy tortilla skin.

IG: @indulgentism

Burritos were served nice & warm & this salad had a generous portion of nicely grilled prawns! Free churros for a FB page like & recommendation. Food is good but service attitude can be better

Love the combination of korean and mexican cuisine here. The baja fish tacos and the kimchi fries were the highlights. Their draft beers were great too! Will be back

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price: 7.80$

includes choice of 2 sauces and five toppings along with the base of vegetables and protein.

honestly one of my fav salad joints/food shops ever HAHA 🥴🤤 i would say the food items sold are pretty decent in terms of taste. pretty sure they're know for their chicken but i had gotten the smoked salmon instead for my daily bowl.

service is nice and i love that i get to choose my own toppings. it's vv filling as a meal too!!
10/10 would buy again HAHA 🤪 (also @stuffd pls sponsor me 🥺)

The place had a fun vibe. Good happy hour drinks. However better Mexican food elsewhere. Some of the choices were interesting, but felt the food lacked a bit of oomph. Had the Jalapeños poppers which had too much batter, the ceviche which was good, the shrimp taco also good and the beef quesadilla which was average.

Simple and taste really good. The portobello mushroom is so juicy! With the crunchy veg, perfect match. Good thing the filling is juicy as I realised there seems to be no sauce. It could have been dry for bite. Worth the try! I’m going back for the other flavours

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I loved how well toasted and cheesy the quesadilla was inside. More importantly, there was a considerable amount of crispy fish! Definitely more than Guzman y Gomez but not by a lot.

I also thought the portion size was quite big until I realised that 50% of each half is actually just the tail end of the tortilla with no filling inside... 😭 Also, the fish didn't taste that fresh.

Just wish that they could take their pricing down a notch because $12 for this is pretty pricey.

The other tacos are okay.... a lot of dance enthusiasts here. Our order was “forgotten” for 40 mins....???!