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Will come back again if I’m still using the 1 for 1. If not for burpple I wouldn’t come back

Love love love the tacos there!!! Favourite place for tacos so far and you must get the fish tacos! Had 4 sets of double tacos, fish prawns, chicken and pork and 2 beers at about $80 plus.

The fish tacos were my fav of this meal, as they were lightly battered and crisp. The burrito and pork tacos were pretty good too, with a good balance of fresh and hot ingredients. I feel that they do Mexican better than vatos!

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Discovered this place through Burpple Beyond and can’t stop coming back! Plus, its a good place to come after working out to get gains on protein. Chicken is tasty and tender, sauce could be spicier (I ordered the spiciest) but the star of the place is the guacamole!

My go-to place for Mexican food or whenever I feel like eating something cheesy! I have been here 3 times and I simply love the food! On this occasion we tried one of their specials, which is the kimchi pork grilled cheese, and OMG - to die for! Perfect blend of flavours, cheesy and the pork was tender and flavourful!

Would highly recommend the cheese quesadilla as well - it’s our favourite!

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$11.9. Think this place is known for their burritos but I was hungry so gave this a go. Was pretty good - can choose brown rice, nice meat options, super filling. Only downside is the range of veggies you can choose from is relatively small haha.

Got the mild grilled chicken with the burrito. We liked it much more than the pan seared barramundi (+$1) as it was better seasoned!


Picked the pan seared barramundi (+$1) for our burrito bowl. The base had rice, black beans and salsa, while the cilantro, onions and sauces were available free flow at their self-service counter. Got to say I loved the free flow cilantro, but the portion felt a bit small for the price and we would have appreciated more fresh veg. Base was tasty, but the barramundi was a touch dry. We definitely liked the grilled chicken more for it was better seasoned.

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Happiness is Enjoying the little things in life!
These made the Chicken Daily Bowl ($7.50) and Beef Burrito Meal w Cheese & Mash ($10.30) from Stuff’d even more yummier 😂😘😋 #burpple

Filled with favourite fillings (brown rice, grilled mild chicken, australian jack cheese, black beans, corn chips, pico de Gallo (a fresh-chopped salsa) and house-blend salsa) without the tortilla which was perfect for anyone looking for a lighter option.
Everything really went well and balanced each other out. So much going on and I love it.

I am thoroughly impressed by the hearty and flavourful Latin American cuisine served up by @tonito_jewelchangi . Definitely a party in my mouth🎉
Swipe left to check out some of the dishes we had:
▪️Ceviche Tonito- Jap baby scallops, octopus, crab meat and fried calamari
▪️Mexican Ceviche- octopus, baby scallops, crab meat, pick de Gallo, limes, guacamole
▪️Pork Tacos- Crispy pork belly and sausage with caramelised onions, chipotle mayo aioli and soft corn tortilla
▪️Beef Quesadillas- This was SO GOOD! Crispy tortilla with tender beef slices, coriander aioli, avocado puree and melted cheddar.
▪️Latino Seafood Rice- Crabmeat rice with crispy sustainable fish, calamari and prawns. Another of my Fav dish. The rice on its own was a winner. Fresh seafood was a bonus!👌🏼
▪️Fish Moqueca- Another of my Fav. Fish stew with coconut milk and sweet paprika. I can totally see myself drinking the sauce
▪️Tres Leches- Moist coconut cake with passionfruit compote and crispy coconut flakes
📍#02-248 Jewel Changi Airport. (Opens daily from 11-9pm)
Thank you @tonito_jewelchangi @brandcellar for having me 😘
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