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salmon daily bowl w mash potato alw hitting๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ the beetroot quinoa was meh at first but the taste grew on me after a while!

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Went to Chimichanga for dinner 2 days ago and ordered their Pico De Gallo Quesadillas and their Loaded Nachos Chicken for 2 pax!๐Ÿ˜‡

Overall ratings 7/10! Portion size for the nachos were generous, Quesadilla is good too but service is pretty bad...โ˜น๏ธ

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Very generous portions here! Had a lamb ($12) and chorizo & beef brisket ($10) taco. Unexpectedly hefty in terms of the meat portions so two was enough to fill me up where Iโ€™d typically need three smallish tacos to do the trick.

Preferred lamb more, it was seasoned well, though my only gripe itโ€™s the whole 1/5 tomato inside it. Iโ€™d have preferred if it was diced as it made the eating experience a bit tricky. Otherwise thought it was reasonably priced for the amount of meat given!

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Took a chance ordering something I've never encountered before and was rewarded. Chilaquiles are a breakfast dish comprising corn tortillas cut into quarters and fried in a salsa/broth, then topped with cheese and eggs.

I thought the corn chips would be soggy after being doused in the spicy sauce but they still retained a mouth-watering amount of charred flavour. The proportion was also quite reasonable for the price โ€” I'm definitely getting this unique dish again if I'm back.

This was another rare dish you don't really see in other mexican places in Singapore โ€” elotes are a mexican street food involving roasted sweet corn covered in salty cheese, fragrant herbs and creamy sauces. I was really excited to try these because they sound so good! Alas, the elotes I got were actually flavoured very well but the serving size was so tiny I really don't think it's worth it for $9.

This might seem simple but it was quite delicious! The roasted corn provided me with pops of juicy sweetness and went well with the white cheese. I love it when something tastes as good as it looks.

I thought going for the quesadilla is quite a safe choice but I was kind of miffed how small these were! Could also barely taste the chorizo and avocado.

Hmm can't say I enjoyed this much. Maybe it's because I'm only just figuring out I don't like mole โ€” it tasted like fake curry sauce, and the whole dish was drenched in it.

The price of the wagyu ribeye fajitas might be eye-watering but it was arguably worth it in the end. The meat really melted in our mouths! The set also comes with house mole, ember-roasted chiles & onions, mezcal butter, lime, crema, and warm corn tortillas.

Heard lots about the chicken here being to die for but I really regret ordering this -- granted it was tender but after all I found the chicken really nothing special...

No meal at Nixta is complete without their giant churros! These were indeed one of the best churros I've tasted though I needed some getting used to dipping the churros in the gamey milk sauce.

+ 1for1 Frozen Mango Margaritas

Magaritas was refreshing.

Generous about of truffle and cheese. With bread toasted to a crisp.

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