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There’s a variety of meat for you to choose from. I got the spicy grilled chicken and spicy pulled pork, which both I really enjoy. They are generous with cheese too, perfect for cheese lovers. Love it! Even though it is a bit pricey. The queue moves really fast too despite the lunch crowd.

Generous serving of nachos with medium serving of guacamole. Delicious quesadillas which was really tasty and flavourful. A very peaceful place to dine at, albeit the casualness of the place. Hidden gem in a quiet area, away from Novena station. Definitely recommend.

Highly recommend the baja (fish) ($17 for 3). The chimichurri chicken is good and meaty too. My friends and I enjoyed also the prawn a previous visit.

The carne asada is quite chewy and too spicy for us. Braised carnitas has a lot of meat but nothing special.

I like soft flour tortillas and these were warm and super soft.

Sundays happy hour is 12 noon to 7pm one for one certain beers.

Really good value using #burpplebeyond

One of my fav versions of mocha ever bc this is a real unique rendition of the drink 🤩!! Slightly spicy n v chocolatey, I rly love the balance of flavours n gotta say Chico is pretty generous w the amt of dranks too. Would order again

I balked at my friends’ suggestion to order wasabi mayo shrimp burrito ($15.90+), because why order fusion at a mexican joint?! But my skepticism was unfounded and this proved surprisingly good - the prawns were fresh and the mayo a burst of spicy tangy flavour. Also tried this in a bowl, rather than the traditional wrap: the components were slightly different, with slaw being a big component. Wasn’t a big fan of that but I did like the flavoured rice in the bowl more than in the burrito! Again, this is a good deal under burpple beyond but I would love to see more options available for redemption.

This chipotle chicken burrito ($15.90+) sure packs a punch. Filled to the brim with guacamole and mexican rice, the chicken was tender and well seasoned. The burrito was also stuffed with black beans, salsa and spices. A good meal (and halal to boot) especially with burpple beyond, but would love to see more options available for redemption! The restaurant is also pleasantly empty on a weeknight, but service can be a little slow and the music loud.

I hardly ever purchase from Guzman, so it’s always surprises me by how good the food is. There are a plethora of choices between their burritos, tacos and salads - and best part is that it is fully customisable! This burrito bowl was a great pick-me-up on a dreary work day - loved the tender cajun chicken pieces, and the avocado & tomato salsa hidden within. Only downside was that the cheese had hardened and the nachos were soft, so best not to wait too long before eating!

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