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Firstly, kudos to the staff for your friendly and attentive service! We had a pregnant friend and just as we were discussing about the doneness of the beef steak, the staff offered to split the beef into half medium-rare and half well done. Thank you and we really appreciate it! 😊😊😊

Grilled to perfection, the beef ribeye steak was tender and tasty. Topped with chimichurii sauce, it was a great pairing that added freshness and zing to the grilled meat.

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Mexican Torta Burger ($18)
Chicken Quesadillas ($12)

Messy yet satisfying, the burger had an interesting taste thanks to the generous amount of avocado and onions. The zesty chipotle aioli in it elevated the burger to the next level, giving it a smoky, spicy flavour.

The quesadillas turned out pretty tasty too with chunky pieces and I think there was jalapeno sauce in it as there was the occasional spicy bite. There wasn't the gooey-ness from the melted cheese but the acid tomato salsa added a nice freshness and balance.

Anticuchos are a popular Peruvian street food. The marinated grilled beef skewers ($16) were well seasoned and the meat was chewy tender. Served with chimichurri sauce, the bold savoury flavour was further intensified and the side heap of fries were super tasty. Dip some green hot sauce made from habanero peppers for an added tanginess with a hint of heat. Shiokness!!!

While this mac and cheese looks like a plain Jane on the outside, it's actually rock star material. The cheese was really light and creamy which made the whole experience really pleasant. The addition of Parma ham also added more flavour to the macaroni allowing for an unforgettable experience. By the way, make sure to go early at night because it's a hotspot for those who work in the vicinity.

A halal Mexican eatery serving tacos, burritos and burrito bowls which is also on Burpple Beyond. However, the Butter Chicken Bowl is on the exclusions list so we ordered that separately.

After ordering, we were informed that the food would take approximately 15 minutes to be served. Quite a long wait for a restaurant that’s not very crowded, but overall not too bad. The food was served warm but not hot, so I guess it wasn’t freshly cooked.

Afterwit puts a spin on Mexican food by incorporating local flavours as evident in the butter chicken flavour. In addition, long grain biryani rice is used which adds to the flavour of the bowl. I thought that the taste of the thick butter chicken gravy was good, but the chicken itself was on the dry side. For $16, the amount of chicken was also quite sparse, but the tomato salsa and cucumber salad were not bad, and the whole dish was quite good overall. While I wouldn’t pay $16 for a bowl or burrito again, I’d consider coming back with a friend to use the 1-for-1.

*Note: Afterwit accepts Chope reservations!

A decadent moist Chocolate Lava Cake served with Vanilla Ice Cream. Yep. That’s the description on Afterwit’s Dulce or dessert menu. Unfortunately, that’s definitely not the case.

It looks like the supposed lava cake is retrieved from the fridge when ordered. It’s not warmed up, but some crushed Biscoff cookies are topped onto the cake. When we cut into the cake, it was surprisingly sturdy, dense and solid. There was no trace of lava, just a chocolate interior that was more like about-to-melt chocolate.

The vanilla ice cream is pure white, with no trace of vanilla seeds inside, it looks almost like coconut ice cream instead. That said, it does taste slightly of vanilla and not coconut. It is quite frozen though, and I could feel some ice crystals as I was eating the ice cream.

This is definitely not what we expected when we ordered this dessert, and we probably wouldn’t order it again. Nonetheless, it’s still a very chocolatey dessert that chocolate lovers would probably enjoy, so get this if you love chocolate, just don’t expect any molten lava and you’ll be fine.

Lean cuts of lamb. Great with the Smokey bbq sauce to bring out the flavor on the rub. Good addition of protein to the chicken!

Beets, carrots, cauliflower, cashew salsa. Love how well roasted and flavorful this is!

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Comes with choice of one sauce, Chico slaw (cabbage, green papaya, macadamia, mint, chili) and Rotisserie Fat rice (red, brown and white rice, ginger, tomatillo, sesame). Sauce options include 1) citrus, serrano & tomatillo (🌶)
2) green peppercorn & jalapeño gravy (🌶)
3) Smokey chipotle BBQ (🌶 🌶 )
4) habanero & mango (🌶 🌶 🌶)

Original price of ala carte chicken (half) - $17

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Free-range sunny-side eggs, frijoles, quesadilla, salsa roja, guac, sour cream. Packed with flavor! Wish there was more guac and the salsa roja! 😋 and I really love the addition of dill here!

Felt that the pulled pork could have been better seasoned and have a greater flavor. It was on the dry side. Does not help that the yolks were not as ooozy as they should have been! Loved the pickled onions and the use of dill (rare to see this on a non-seafood item) though!