Curried Chicken Wrap

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Beef pastrami+cheese+tomatoes+onions+greens between grilled panini with side of chips. A sandwich that tasted like pizza. Bread was nicely toasted. Definitely a filling sandwich but it’s too heavy for me - too gelat after a couple mouthful. I much prefer their curried chicken wrap to this.

Cappuccino ($5.50) is good. I chose the single origin Lufa blend - it’s creamy, not acidic, chocolately. Will come back for coffee, ambience, service and other food.

Curried chicken with arugula, onion, some sauce in toasted tortilla wrap with chips and add on avocado. Avocado is slightly expensive at $4.50 for slightly more than half of an avocado - as informed by the staff btw. I like how they slice the avocado thinly for you so it’s very easy to eat with the wrap.

Love the combination of Argula and onions with the refreshing sauce as it cuts through the “heaviness” of the curried chicken. Curried chicken reminds me of curry puff filling.

Portions are big. Chips are just normal chips - I rather have a side of greens (especially if it tasted as good as the greens in the wrap)

Flat white ($5.50) is good. I got the single origin (Papua New Guinea blend). Strong, full bodied, not acidic - just the way I like my coffee.

Staff are very friendly and the place is not big. I can imagine how crowded it will be on a weekend. I will definitely be back for the coffee and food.


Back here for the second time after my climbing session. And having this curry chicken wrap again. It is a savoury dish - crispy wrap filled with curry chicken complete with onion slices and the greens. Served with potato chips by the side. The portion is pretty generous as it sufficiently satisfied a famished person after a workout session. Had this with the white coldbrew. A must-to-have when you are here. It is smooth and mildly sweet. My guess the sweetness comes from the vanilla cream, but please forgive me if I'm wrong.


we absolutely love their smokey oven baked molten eggs ($17.90)! served on a toasty tortilla was 2 gooey eggs topped with luxurious cheese which was crisp at the corners. the curried chicken wrap ($13.90) was also very well done! the generous amounts of arugula and red onions added interesting bitter notes, sweetness and crunch to the nicely spiced chicken.

their coffee and cold brew are also highly recommended!!

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I have been under the weather for the last couple of days and it has affected my appetite. So I made up my mind to start today off on a healthy note with a quick stop at “Brawn & Brains” for breakfast.
Instead of my usual order of their spicy Curried Chicken Wrap (which would have have made my throat worse), I very sensibly chose the avocado on whole wheat toast and half-boiled egg.
As you can always expect with #brawnandbrains, the avocado was at its perfect point of ripeness and immaculately sliced. The toast, which was cut quite thin, was nice and soft too. Complementing these, a half-boiled egg served separately so nothing gets soggy by accident.

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My fave sandwich thing here (yes, I couldn’t resist taking a bite before taking the above photo). Been eating their Curried Chicken Wrap since “Brawn & Brains” first had it on the menu. And this was when they were located in the much smaller shop unit at the back of the same building they‘re in today.
Irrefutable proof that good food stands the test of time.

Went to Brawn & Brains for some curried chicken wrap($11.90) yesterday!! Overall rating was a 9/10 with good service, ambience and affordable pricing👍🏻There is less than 10 mains on the menu however most of the food there is below $20 and the molten egg dish($16.80) is also a must try😍 Whats more is that there is no service charge or gst☺️Recommended to all!!💖


A very pleasant dish that I enjoyed the more I tucked in. Pretty generous with the chicken pieces which was covered in a boldly flavoured curry sauce (albeit just a tad too sweet for me). The greens as well as the dollop of yoghurt was a thoughtful idea that balanced the whole dish lest it got too one dimensional. Tortilla wrap was well toasted, and cracked nicely with each bite. I had fun flipping it open and eating it like a mini pizza too!

I couldn't help thinking it would have been really interesting if a more "spicy" authentic Indian curry was used instead of this sweeter version which reminded me of a curry puff. Kinda like an Indian fusion dish.
Still, a great dish that I would love to come back for.

+very friendly service though note that no complimentary water is served.

We had the best curried chicken wrap here too!

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Will visit again for sure