Banana Date Loaf

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Let's rewind a little to my time at Percolate. On top of their mains, I also tried one of the widely-recommended items, the Banana Date Loaf.

This comprises an unbelievably moist banana loaf that melts in your mouth into quite a divine sensation. It is veiled with a layer of almond butter and a dollop of mascarpone cream cheese. You might find it to be overwhelmingly rich at parts, but the permeating taste from the loaf and the lightness and the neutrality of the mascarpone brings everything together and make it bearable, if not really gratifying. Most importantly, it will have your palette dancing with flair. It's also worth mentioning that the berries were fresh and sweet.

Truly an jet-setting experience, this one! (8.5/10)

yesterday's brunch situation when the far west dwellers decided to travel to far east. banana date loaf with berries, honey, dollop of mascarpone and almond butter from hunters kitchenette (cheers to local produce man!). ideally to share because while the quality spread is uber rich, it was a tad heavy to continue after a few mouths, saved by the much needed mascapone to wet down things a little. that said, loaf was exceptionally homey fragrant.


Fluffy, sweet and has that rustic, homemade feel to it. With all the commercialisation and mass production going on, i now have a greater appreciation for such things.

Banana Date Loaf was moist and sweet. Pair it with a cup of latte to wash off the natural sweetness from the banana and date. Crowd is good after lunch. Good place to relax. Coffee is affordable too!


Mushy bananas and generous amount of chewy dates; definitely something that suits my palate!