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Risotto Al Granchio

$15.00 ยท 2 Reviews

My last mealpal :( but this was really good! Look at the generous servings of crab meat ๐Ÿ˜‹ the pasta was a bit harder than usual but the meat and accompanying sauce made up for it. Mushroom soup was great too! This set comes with a bottle of mineral water.

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The Wicked Garlic's newest outlet on the 2nd floor of Clifford Centre serves up the exact same menu at the exact same quality as their International Plaza outlet.

Being a risotto man, I went straight for their Al Granchio variant ($12.70 nett) of everyone's favorite arborio rice dish. The tomato cream sauce had none of the usual acidity of a tomato sauce, but was delightfully creamy and thick without being over the top, and there was just so much superb flavor in the sauce alongside the abundance of garlic that didn't overpower the flavors. The arborio grains were cooked to perfection, and there was an abundance of juicy crabmeat that had no trace of fishiness (yes, actual crabmeat! Yeah baby!) hidden among the risotto, patiently waiting to be excavated.

I'm glad to say that $12.70 gets you a damn good crab risotto at The Wicked Garlic. Be warned though, they do live up to their name. If your garlic tolerance level is about as high as Count Dracula's, you may want to give this a miss.

Edit: bugger me, they got the spanking new geotag up and running already. That was pretty quick.