Gourmet Trip

Gourmet Trip

The better and the best of the places I've eaten at.
Russell Leong
Russell Leong

As for the crispy cauliflower ($8.90), it’s a damn good appetiser that has me reconsidering my scathing condemnation of what I have deemed as trash tier broccoli. The batter is thin & quite deliciously seasoned, and the sriracha mayonnaise was slightly spicy & charmingly creamy. The only problem with it? Not nearly enough sriracha mayonnaise. Imma channel my inner Kylo Ren and say: more. MORE!⠀

Garlic. Butter. Mussels. It’s a simple spell, but quite unbeatable. @littlepart1cafe does them exceptionally well, and their version of garlic butter mussels ($18 nett for 500 grams) is quite memorable.⠀

The mussels are fresh & thoroughly cleaned, which allowed the simple yet stellar sauce of garlic, butter & possibly white wine to shine. The sauce is thin, as expected, but there’s a myriad of marvellous flavours in it. It’s rich & silky from the butter, it’s pleasantly pungent from the aromatics of the garlic, and it’s satisfyingly salty.⠀

That’s it, that’s the review. The garlic butter mussels consist of less than five ingredients, but it’s deliriously delicious. Now, I’m gonna get Part 2 of these majestic mollusks, so you can see yourself out the door.

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@cavemen_sg aren’t just a butchery & wine cellar that cooks up your meats for you, they’ve got a a surprisingly comprehensive selection of food that aren’t beef, lamb or pork on their menu. They’ve got a broad range of appetisers, and the pancake ($14++) is a shoo-in for the most interesting starter on the menu.

It’s a Korean seafood pancake, complete with a paltry serving of prawns, a smattering of squid, and a sprig of spring onions on it. It’s tasty, but it’s definitely doughier than I’d like. The layer of flour certainly seems to be thicker than average. While the edges are still charmingly crispy, a thinner layer of flour would’ve resulted in a stunningly light & crispier pancake. And as everyone knows, dough hoovers up oil while cooking like nothing else.

The exterior is actually relatively grease-free, but all that oil is concentrated in the innards of the pancake, which does get overwhelmingly rich after a while. There’s some mildly spicy chili oil provided on the side, and I strongly suspect that it’s based off the chimichurri that comes with your main meat order. Sharing is most definitely recommended for this delicious but decadent starter.

I ran into Instagram’s character limit on the last post, but I really cannot commend the stellar service staff enough. The lady I assume to be the service captain kept my dad & I engaged in boisterous banter, and she managed to convince us to buy two bottles of world class wines home with some help from one of the ladies at the butchery, who seemed to double up as the resident witty sommelier. As for the rest of the service staff, they were absolutely on the ball despite getting slammed with the Christmas Eve throng. I did not find myself lacking for water or anything else I desired all night long.

And that, my friends, is why @cavemen_sg has eternally etched itself into the primitive, caveman part of my brain, if not the entirety of my consciousness.


I certainly wasn’t expecting to enjoy my side of Garlic Creamy Mushrooms ($5.90 nett) this much, but I ain’t complaining, quite the contrary actually. It’s essentially a mushroom soup that’s been topped off with a bevy of button mushrooms, but it is definitely delicious. The superbly sautéed button mushrooms sported a delicious, earthy roastiness, and it went down a treat with the luscious, savoury & charmingly creamy mushroom based sauce.⠀

Overall, Pasta Loft by @gastronomickitchen is a promising, big bang for your buck pasta place that competently delivers palatable pastas for relatively cheap. Sure, there’s a few improvements that could be made here & there to their dishes, but they’re still young, and they’ve got a (hopefully) bright future ahead.

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Unlike the Fish McDippers & the Fan-tastic burgers @mcdsg robbed us of, I only have vague memories of the Chicken McCrispy. As such, the return of this supposed Singapore macca’s legend had me mildly surprised and digging deep into my memories for any records of this deep fried chicken-y goodness.⠀

What’s most definitely not mild is the spice in the thigh & drumstick cut that’s standard issue for the Chicken McCrispy. It’s on the same tier as a standard McSpicy burger, which means that you will be having a massive McShit™ soon after. The pleasure is totally worth the pain, as these deep fried birds are absolutely amazing.⠀

The batter is, as expected, gluttonously greasy, but it’s oh-so-delicious with it’s captivating crunchiness. The meat entombed within is succulent, juicy and so sensationally sumptuous, with every bite you take prone to leaking coc-sorry, chicken juices into your greedy maw. The meat is, if memory serves me well, fantastically Flash Fried™ & Steam Marinated™ for maximum palate pleasure.⠀

While the return of the Chicken McCrispy is a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one, I still want my Fan-tastic rice burgers, Fish McDippers, McGriddles & Samurai Burger back permanently. To the clown(s) at @mcdsg who keep taking these beloved favourites from me:⠀

I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you that I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career at various internet forums. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my favourites go back onto the menu now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and knn I will slap you understand?

I wasn’t planning on posting about the soup initally, but @blackpearlsteak Blue Swimming(sic) Crab Bisque ($15++) was too sublime to skip. I’ve had my fair share of crab bisques, but Black Pearl’s rendition might just trump ‘em all. The ambrosial aroma of crab boiled down alongside prawn into a sapid stock greets you just before you open your mouth to accept a spoonful of sumptuous soup.

The flavours are fabulous, and they tread the fine line between orgasmic & overwhelming, masterfully managing to stay on the pleasant side all the time. The heady, briny salinity of the creamy crab bisque triggers an overloaded of unami, and the shredded blue swimmer crabmeat within adds a touch of sweetness with every sip of soup.

Seriously, this stellar soup is a must have when you pay a visit to Black Pearl. Thank me later.

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I may not have the 5Cs, but I got 3Cs at @grumpybearsg. That’s right, the Cheesy Chicken Chop, which goes for $15.90. The common cajun chicken chop gets completely cheesed on with a deluge of nacho cheese, before a slice of white cheddar is plopped on top of it all and melted.⠀

It certainly isn’t revolutionary, it’s just cheese and more cheese on a hefty chicken chop. Perfect for most cheeseheads out there, no doubt. However, I do wish that they would’ve used shredded mozzarella instead as mozzarella melts much better than cheddar does, and the moz is the one that delivers on your #cheesepull needs.⠀

Thanks for the invite, @grumpybearsg!

Remember how I said that it’s hard to make a chicken chop stand out from the competition? Well, @grumpybearsg Nasi Lemak Chicken does all that and more with its scintillating spice rub.⠀

Unlike the other chicken chops, the Nasi Lemak Chicken is served with herb rice instead of mashed potatoes. This does make the Nasi Lemak tag false advertising, as the rice isn’t cooked with coconut milk. Instead, it should be more accurately renamed as the Satay Chicken Chop.⠀

The stellar spice mix that was thoroughly marinated into the sizeable chicken fillet tastes very much like chicken satay from a reputable hawker stall. Even though the chicken was oven baked, I’m pretty sure I tasted a bit of smokiness on it, and there’s even a few spots of charming char on the skin of the chicken. The sambal chili on the side is downright delightful as well, with the salty, spicy chili paste being accentuated well with a subtle sweetness. ⠀

I certainly hope that this local special stays as a permanent menu option, as it is easily the most exciting & outstanding chicken chop option on the menu. It’s $18.90, which is about the standard price for a main course in a café, and it’s more than reasonable for a delicious dish that’s quite outstanding.⠀

Thanks for hosting us @grumpybearsg!

In all honesty, it’s hard to make a chicken chop unique or particularly outstanding from the competition. Chicken is the most ubiquitous protein, and chicken chop is the most common meat centric dish there is in Singapore.⠀

Still, that didn’t stop @grumpybearsg from giving it the good ol’ college try. The cajun chicken chop is a decently big bird, and it’s marinated adequately with a mildly spicy and slightly smoky cajun seasoning in additional to the base of salt & pepper. It does get a little thin in some spots, but it still maintains its #juicy status. The side of mashed spuds are silky smooth and brilliantly buttery, while the (surprisingly) excellently dressed salad makes this a healthy and perfectly balanced meal.⠀

It doesn’t do anything particularly mindblowing, but at the same time, it certainly doesn’t do anything awful either. It’s definitely decent, but at $14.90, it’s a very hard sell. The jury’s out on this one, but the chicken is in. My stomach, that is.⠀

Thanks for hosting us @grumpybearsg!

I promised a return visit to @donburikingsg a lifetime ago, and I finally did recently. And wow it was totally worth it. The last time I went there, the oysters were ethereally sublime. They weren’t the biggest, but they were as fresh as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Minus the entanglement.⠀

On this return sortie, they were still going at a decent 6 for $18, which works out to $3 an oyster. It isn’t the cheapest round town, but your wallet ain’t gonna take a shellacking. In case you’re counting, that’s seven oysters on the plate, not six. I was informed by the staff that the oysters were smaller than usual, and the chef, being the honest top bloke that he is, gave an extra oyster to compensate. That’s highly commendable, as just about every other restaurant would just clam up and look the other way, hoping that you don’t notice.⠀

As for the oysters themselves, they were shucking delicious. They were fresh & beautifully briny, and they weren’t all that small. Normally, the only way I’d consume oysters is with a dash of lemon and a touch or ten of Tabasco. But, their accompanying ponzu sauce was so good I ditched the Tabasco in favour of it for half of the oysters. Shuck yeah, I’ll be back for these oysters alright.

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The only time I’ll ever eat an eggplant is when it’s been tempura’d and deep fried well. The sweet potato tempura ain’t no slouch either.

@otoko_midtown tempura is decent enough as it was moderate on the oil and the batter is pretty well put together. 3.6 outta 5, not great, not terrible. It’s serviceable, but they really need to start giving out tempura sauce with every order of tempura as they forgot to season their fried foods.

Thirty two dollars for a crab tart? You absolute madman! Look, everyone knows that @pscafe is one of OG overpriced cafés in Singapore, but still. Thirty two bucks. Bruhhh.⠀

Yes, I ordered their $32++ crab tart even though my rational self said the exact same thing. However, that crab tart was more the size of a particularly ponderous pie with a supremely satisfying buttery pie crust, and it was absolutely stuffed to the gills with blue swimmer crab meat. Don’t believe me? Just look at the cross section of it. Now watch it, drink it in. I swear you’ll never see anything like this ever again!⠀

Aside from the sweet taste of vindication from realising that the thirty two buckaroos were truly well invested, the crab within was subtly sweet and daintily briny, and it mainly relied on the lush lobster bisque for depth & complexity of flavours. It does get quite monotonous without the lobster bisque, but they’ve very cleverly included a dollop of surprisingly spicy harissa to make your affair a steamy & sweaty one. ⠀

Therein lies the Achilles heel of the crab tart: it was overly reliant on a brilliant element that was in short supply. Said lobster bisque was thick, rich and astonishingly addictive. Its unbelievable unctuousness left me craving for a lot more of it, and that was a craving that would unfortunately go unsatisfied.⠀

Tl;dr? @pscafe crab tart is simply stellar, and is worth the splurge to make your special occasion just that little touch more special.


Alcohol may not be good for my body, but my body is good for alcohol.

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