Roast Crispy Pork Belly

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I placed the order in advance, asking specifically for the fatty cuts of Char Siew and Shio Bah. Both meat turned out to be leaner than I expect which is a little ๐Ÿ˜ž. I prefer the one I had at their previous location. But, got to give it to them. The skin of the roasted pork belly was still delightfully crispy after 2 hours, without turning hard. For those who love thyme in your food, you will love this Shio Bah very much. #FatFatMeatSeries #Char #PorkBelly #Chinese #Pork #Keto #Burpple
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This would be how an order of 600grams of Roasted Pork would be like at Char. Meat was a little on the leaner side during our visit today; definitely prefer a fattier cut. Despite so, it is hard not to like the biscuit-y crisp skin here which makes their roasted pork a notch better than most.



Crackling skin and tender fatty pork is awesome ๐Ÿ˜

Given a choice between this and Char's signature Special Char Siew, I'd pick the pork belly anytime of the day for it's superb crackling and perfect ratio of fatty to lean meat. I just wish they'd provide more of that nostril burning mustard.

Taste: 4/5

Late-night cravings. Those succulent, fatty chunks of pork belly, each one complete with a perfectly crunchy, golden-brown crackling.

Planning to bring the boyfriend here for his birthday dinner because I know he'll freaking love this stuff. And also because I want to eat it again.


Can you believe that I never used to like fatty meats and hardly ate anything with pork in it? Now, give me all the pork belly, the crackling and the lard in the world and I'll be beaming to the moon and back.


*drools* We swept these off the plate and into our bellies super quickly!

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Ordered another 300g of this (6 of us!) and this was good too - crispy crackling skin, fatty part was melt-in-the-mouth goodness. If I come here again I'd definitely order this and the charsiew!!! We also had other dishes like beef hor fun which was pretty good (the beef was so tender! And the hor fun itself was tasty) my personal favourite was the aubergine. Everyone else liked the butter chicken but it tasted a little strange to me. Overall, I think it's worth a try! Decent place for a nice meal plus service is good. (Hop over to The Tuckshop for some post-dinner beer if you'd like)