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Pork Sandwich

$14.00 · 30 Reviews

Yes my friends, the Pork Sandwich ($14) is bloody good (with an English accent). Served from 11:00am onwards on weekends and public holidays, the sandwich comes filled with ROASTED PORK with CRACKLING, orange marinated red cabbage with parsley, red apple and mustard mayonnaise. This is one sandwich I would definitely wake up for during the weekends.

Address: 21, Mccallum Street, The Clift, Unit 01-01, Singapore 069047

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Not easy to find, and I do like their signature pork sandwich, worth another visit

there are super cripsy and cackling pork bits in the sandwich, and the pork is just the right amount of salty. I really really loves the sandwich, wished I worked in CBD so I could eat it everyday

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If I work in the CBD I'd come here once a week, buy a sandwich and eat half then leave the other half for dinner. Ok that may be a bad idea. But yeah it is that huge (for me at least). Generously filled with crackling pork (not as crispy as I'd like but yum) red cabbage and surprising bits of apple slices, sandwiched between two sourdough toasts. Great balance of sweet and salty. At $14, I'd say it's pretty worth! And friendly staff's a plus point.

it was a rather good sandwich but i felt it was a tad bit too salty...

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Wonderful crackling... That crunch... Oooh!

Heard so much about this and it didn't disappoint! Possibly one of the best sandwiches I've eaten. Crispy, crackly pork with sweet purple cabbage and apple - the right balance of every flavour 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Best sandwich you can ever get at Tanjong Pagar area! Amazing crackling skin with slices of red apples! Sweet, sour & salty! YUMS 😍


Like its name, this sandwich just got potatoes inside with some veggie and sauce. The sauce make it tastes good. I think the pork sandwich will taste better! The price is around $15+