Fried Oyster Don (Lunch)

$12.00 · 2 Reviews

You will be glad to know that there is an affordable Japanese place in Boat Quay, nestled amid the many restaurants in the CBD area. $12 nett gets you a main, salad and miso soup.

1) Fried Oyster Don
5 plump juicy oysters fried to perfection in a crispy batter. Freshness is key here and the oysters nailed that. Simplicity at its best.

2) Unatama Don
Used to adore unagi (freshwater eel) as a kid but grew out of the taste. Eating this bowl here brings fond memories of this delightful fish. The eel here is fresh, thick and juicy. Enough said. I will only eat unagi from this place. Period.

Will definitely return. $12 nett for set lunch is a steal.

Drizzled with mayo and teriyaki sauce, each juicy piece of oyster was encased in batter and fried to crispy perfection. Bringing me back to my short school exchange at Hiroshima, the deep fried breaded oysters were a must-have there. Kaki (Japanese for oyster) also being one of the first few words we learned, I came to enjoy them in Japan whereas before I usually avoided them. Still loving Katanashi's lunch set menu, the Fried Oyster is just as satisfying as those I had in Hiroshima.