The Atlantic

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The Atlantic [RM27]⁣⁣

✨: The only thing I’ll give credit to the Red Beanbag is their perfectly poached eggs.
Otherwise, I found the dish I got rather lacklustre. ⁣

💬: The element I anticipated most -- the smoked salmon, lacked flavour and was presented in thin, sad strips. Also, despite the unconventional use of french toast over the traditional English muffin, the former managed to be drier. The mushrooms and spinach too failed to add any elements of salt or acidity I was anticipating in the dish. Overall, I was disappointed. ⁣
I hope I’ll be compelled to re-visit, but as of right now, I don’t see myself going back anytime soon.⁣

[pork-free but alcoholic drinks served]⁣⁣

Fresh salmon, perfectly cooked poached egg, spinach, mushroom, hollandaise sauce and the bread go so well altogether! Nice!! Recommended


The egg-iest place to be, The Red Beanbag located within the premises of Publika placed a great sense of an incorporation of aesthetic and culinary appeal into their dishes. The aptly priced and hassle-free servings keeps the crowd coming back for more. Despite having a two-page menu, the range is not to be belittled, as the fair range of diversities meant that there is always something for everyone. The Atlantic and Bella and The Jets are highly recommended, as well as the sweet and savory Bacon Pancakes served with maple syrup.

Finally made it to #TheRedBeanbag after hearing so much about it. Tried the Eggs Benedict, Atlantic-style with roasted mushroom, spinach served over a French toast. #burpple #instafood #foodporn #latergram

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Salmon, spinach, and eggs.


Poached Eggs! RBB's Egg Atlantic ... Om Nom Nom ...