Others, High Tea, Cafes & Coffee Teatime Tales For all things that do not fit the capacity of a full meal.
Fast Food, Others Lunchers Simply quick stops during lunch hours.
Outdoor Dining, Interesting, Western Restaurants On My Roll Take note of these exquisite dining experiences, more or less unique in its own special way.
Desserts Stressed Inversions I literally meant what I said. Invert the stress(ed).
Cafes & Coffee, Popular, Cakes Cliché Café Composures It is what it is, the best cafés in town.
Local Delights, Interesting, Hawker Food Not-so-typical Malaysian Fares! Forget the ambiance, forget the aesthetics, forget about everything else and focus on the flavours.
Breakfast & Brunch, Cafes & Coffee Breakfast Affairs in Eights in no specific order whatsoever, presenting!