Double Bacon Cheeseburger

$27.40 · 2 Reviews

This was quite the joy to eat. I LOVED the mix of cheese that they used and it was so oozy and good. It was sinful, but not too greasy and all I want in a burger. You can choose your cook on your patty, and mine was quite on point, although the other burger we had was not. Anyhow, quite enjoyed this. It reminded me of Shake Shack, although a teeny bit better imo. But the fries were pretty meh and also pricy- go for Macs fries instead.

I also loved its “hidden” location - they have no sign on the door. Only a neon sign of a burger outside with an arrow, and you walk into this corridor with velvet curtains and another neon burger sign and you go into their restaurant- it’s a wooden cabin-looking place with graffiti written by people everywhere. It really sets the mood for a great burger.

P.s. it is quite pricy though. I used the entertainer app, but wouldn’t be as happy if I’d paid the original price haha.

The patty was awesome, juicy and tasty. And the price is quite reasonable, around $14 for a Cheeseburger (The one I ate, that's pictured above, is double patty and double bacon at $27.) Apart from that, the bun was normal and the fries were underwhelming. If you have a one burger a month quota, it'd still be better to spend a little more and get your fix at Omakase. (Rating:😀)