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Others, Cheap & Good, Burgers 🇨🇦 Toronto Was here for 4 months on exchange and ate more Chinese food than ever 🤣 Toronto is so multicultural there doesn’t seem to be a particular “Canadian food” other than poutine or maple syrup!
Desserts, Cafes & Coffee 🇨🇦 Montreal Lots of pastries and french food!
Burpple Beyond I love discounts!! Check out my hashtag #bbeyondwithliz on insta for all my beyond eats if you’d like to see it there. Also use the code: ELIZ097 for 20% off the ALL DAY plan!
Local Delights, Cheap & Good CBD Eats! Food in the CBD to make work less boring!
Mexican Mexican Food Burritos, tacos, enchiladas, guacamole!!!!!